And, in another edition of pot, meet kettle…

I wasn’t going to comment on the horrific Notre Dame video being relentlessly mocked on the Intertubes, but sometimes when life throws you a fastball down the middle, you have to turn on it.

…white people “dancing”… I could go on all day. Suffice it to say, “you ARE Notre Dame” and we count our blessings every day we are not…..

Yeah, here’s what you are.

That was too easy.



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13 responses to “And, in another edition of pot, meet kettle…

  1. Tommy

    Ah, the Internet. Where stupid is forever.


  2. NCT

    Uh, yeah. Put that rock down, grab some Windex, and start cleaning your walls.


  3. Moggs

    I think its pretty entertaining- mostly due to the high presence of selfdepricating humor.
    They are making fun of themselves, right?


  4. Corbindawg

    That would be really funny…if it was a joke. Now, it’s just as funny, but for far different reasons…


  5. Zdawg

    Tommy–I never read a quote that rang so true.


  6. Sternkid

    It appears these doinks have giving us even more artillery to further illustrate your point Senator.


    • Sternkid

      giving = given


    • 81Dog

      Could this be any cheesier? Sadly, this is what passes for wit and savoir faire amongst the pencil necks on North Ave.

      Even the Village People would recommend these two to butch up a little bit.

      And Tech people wonder why normal folks consider them to be socially inept, awkward losers…..

      Well done, nerds.


  7. 81Dog

    Now, all you naysayers hush. According to these doinks, all of us will be working for them in a year or two.

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And monkeys will be flying out of my ass any second now. There’s a reason stereotypes become stereotypes, nerds. If testosterone was gasoline, you couldn’t get enough from these two studs to power an ant’s motorcycle around the nucleus of an atom.


  8. Ricky McDurden

    Things like this make me glad my parents raised me to be a dawg, and my dad took to Athens instead of Durham, NC. Hence I’d like to offer up a prayer:
    I pray my faith in the dawg nation isn’t harmed by one of our own doing something so stupid. Please god, please dont let anyone in OUR fanbase find this to be cool/funny/envy-inducing to the point of making their own version. Please don’t ever let us be grouped with the Gators/the Nerds/the Irish/the Cowboys/ the Vols in “teh h@ll of st00pid f@n int3rweb videos!!!!1!!!111!!!11!!” Instead, direct the loyal fans of Auburn/Clemson/Bama (kind of surprised this hasn’t been done yet)/LSU (this one too) down this ill-fated path of humiliation and self-deprication.
    In Vince Dooley’s name I pray,
    Go Dawgs!


  9. dboy

    I like this one.


  10. BMan

    So let me get this straight. In this, their wildest dreams, where they pull up in an expensive sportscar to a crowd (biting lip…want to say herd) of adoring women, the car is yellow and they can’t get past the 1:02 mark before showing a fat chick.

    From the dream within a dream marriage montage, I’m guessing the tall skinny guy (Swaff?) is the boyfriend of the aforementioned fat chick. Well, her figure does resemble a bee hive.

    The bees, God bless their nerdy little hearts.


  11. ChicagoDawg

    These douche bags are clearly the illegitimate offspring of Vanilla Ice or one of the dorks from New Kids on the Block. They are so earnest and convinced that they are doing something really edgy and hardcore — straight outta Compton.