The next big thing

Non-football related, but still worth sharing:

I have to admit that when I saw the caption “Better Marriage Blanket”, I was expecting something different.

And by the way, the female couldn’t be portrayed as the offending party?  God knows it’s not like they’re immune from the problem.

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)



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10 responses to “The next big thing

  1. If only they had it in a Snuggie.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    American innovation isn’t dead yet. I’m still not sure if that’s serious.

    The woman couldn’t be the offending party becuase they know who’s the boss, and how you gonna get into women’s pocketbooks by showing them breaking wind.


  3. RusDawg

    How well does it prevent Dutch Ovens?


  4. Corbindawg

    Can I get trousers made of that material?


  5. dboy

    That is going right on to my registry list. Thanks Senator!


  6. Chuck

    The female cannot be the offending party because while they get a little gas every now and then, their poots don’t smell. Well, that is what my wife says, anyway.