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A Groh-ing fear in Tuscaloosa

No doubt this is among the lowest of low hanging fruits, but after reading the announcement that Alabama and Georgia Tech have agreed to postpone their two game series to some unspecified date in the future (I hear that 2100 is still open, boys), I knew that somebody posting on one of the Jacket message boards would have the real poop on what went down.

I wasn’t disappointed.

My friends in Tuscaloosa say Saban admitted that Bama wimped out. He said when they scheduled us they thought they’d face a Chan Gailey-caliber team, but now they don’t think they could handle us on top of their SEC schedule. They’re going to postpone the series until after Groh is too old to possibly coach our defense.

And Negative Grohmentum takes on a whole new meaning…



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Envy and jealousy: losing my religion edition

While we’re on the subject of one-liners, I hate to return to the subject of that incredibly lame Notre Dame video, but I have to admit I got a chuckle out of this reaction to it at College Football Talk:

Ego te absolvo, my son.


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Oversigning is an affront to Bobby Johnson’s mathematical sensitivity.

Over at Team Speed Kills, Year2 did a nice summary series of what the SEC head coaches had to say during their recent conference call.  Some of it was interesting, a lot of it was about what you’d expect, but the Vanderbilt head coach did get off a great one-liner about his program’s uphill battle to keep up talent-wise:

… The SEC’s reputation has helped in recruiting, especially in the southeast. When asked about the gap between the elite and Vandy, he replied, “they can only be signing 25 per year, supposedly” and that it’s his responsibility to keep the gap from widening.



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