Oversigning is an affront to Bobby Johnson’s mathematical sensitivity.

Over at Team Speed Kills, Year2 did a nice summary series of what the SEC head coaches had to say during their recent conference call.  Some of it was interesting, a lot of it was about what you’d expect, but the Vanderbilt head coach did get off a great one-liner about his program’s uphill battle to keep up talent-wise:

… The SEC’s reputation has helped in recruiting, especially in the southeast. When asked about the gap between the elite and Vandy, he replied, “they can only be signing 25 per year, supposedly” and that it’s his responsibility to keep the gap from widening.




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3 responses to “Oversigning is an affront to Bobby Johnson’s mathematical sensitivity.

  1. It is still my opinion that Vandy & UGA do the best job of doing what is best for the student/athlete & are the schools that I would want to go to if I was a player that was interested in doing what was best for me over a long life span. They keep their word, they do not oversign, & academically they are the most difficult to get an athletic scholarship to.


  2. Vious

    Vandy has done an excellent job bringing in talent that makes them capable of winning most of their games if they play well

    I am still mystified at why they try to play smash-mouth football with the big boys every year.

    I don’t get why they don’t try to run a pure-spread O and open up the game.

    I figure they will win more games doing this then trying to run the ball down UF, UGA, and UT’s throats


    • Hackerdog

      Vandy doesn’t, and never will, have the talent to run the spread. You have to have Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow to make it work in the SEC. They will never have those guys.

      3 yards and a cloud of dust is easier to recruit for than the spread. But I think their best bet would be a triple option attack. It sometimes works for the service academies, who have similar recruiting obstacles.