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Sunday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…

  • Oregon is having a hell of an off-season.
  • More mid-major dreaming about conference expansion.
  • Somebody needs to learn how to use Facebook better.
  • Mike Hamilton opposed reeling in Tiger Prowl.  That may be all the convincing I need that it was a good rule change.
  • Speaking of Tiger Prowl, Shakin the Southland is impressed with the way Auburn’s administration supports the coaching staff in comparison to Clemson’s.  All I can say in response is be careful what you wish for.
  • If David Paschall’s right about this, expect a lot of night games in Georgia’s future this season.


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They still miss Richt in Tally.

I’ve recently come across the FSU blog Tomahawk Nation, and a couple of posts I’ve read there puzzle me, to say the least.

The first of these was a post in response to my post about the new NCAA recruiting rule that limits multi-coach evaluation visits.  Here’s the part that caught my eye:

… This is a big deal because schools, including FSU, will send 4 or 5 coaches (UGA was sending 7, the maximum allowable under the previous rule) to see a kid at the same time to show how interested in him they are. Georgia and Auburn, however, are the prime suspects here[Emphasis added.]

Say what?  The part of Weiszer’s article I cited in my post made it pretty clear that the rule had Auburn’s Tiger Prowl as its target, and if the FSU poster had bothered to click on the link in my post to read the article in its entirety, he would have found this tidbit:

… The rationale for the rule, according to the draft of the proposal that was approved by the NCAA Legislative Council on April 13 before it became final Thursday, specifically mentioned the use of limos and “extravagant buses.”

Georgia’s never made use of those, of course.  But this is even better.

… Six Georgia assistant coaches were at Carver on Monday without the fancy ride, but coach Mark Richt got word by Thursday evening that his staff won’t be allowed to do that anymore because of the NCAA’s action.

“We knew if we were going to do it in numbers at a certain place, we better do it right now,” Richt said before speaking to the Greater Augusta Bulldog Club, “but next week was kind of a time for everyone to disperse anyway. So it worked out about how we hoped it would.”

In other words, Richt knew the rule was coming down and decided to get his licks in while he still had the chance.  I dunno – maybe the NCAA has fortune tellers on its staff now who foretold that Georgia was going to do this, which is how Richt’s staff became “prime suspects”.  Because otherwise, this sounds like it’s being pulled completely out of a certain blogger’s arse.

But that’s mild compared to the pompous bullshit contained in this post, which purports to be an analysis of why the LeMay commitment is good news for Florida State.  It’s equal parts arrogance and ignorance, as this excerpt indicates:

… But this announcement has positive implications for Florida State.

The most important of these is that it affords Mark Richt greater job security.  Mark Richt is a good coach, but good is the enemy of great and FSU fans should realize that Richt at Georgia is a very good thing for the ‘Noles.  Florida State does very well recruiting in South Georgia and routinely beats UGA for players within a 40 mile radius of Valdosta.  Richt might talk a big game and could even win a few battles against the ‘Noles given his renewed efforts in the region.  But consistently beating the state school for highly prized prospects in Georgia is an important part of the ‘Noles plan to get back on top.  And Richt is much, much better than the alternative.  What’s the alternative, you ask?  Why none other than Kirby Smart of Alabama.

Smart is considered the heir apparent to the UGA job whenever Georgia decides that Richt simply won’t do.  Granted, the Dawgs seem pretty content winning 8-9 games per season, but most consider Richt on the hot seat.  Smart is a beloved figure at Georgia…

There’s a whole bunch there that needs being taken down a notch or two, but in response to your last point, I think the Smart train done left the station, pal.  Toying with a $750K/year offer from your alma mater and then turning it down has a way of souring relations.  And who is this “most” you speak of with regard to a hot seat?

Can I offer a small piece of advice here, from one blogger to another?  If you’re going to act like you’re particularly informed about the situation in Athens, it might help to spell the name of the subject of your post correctly.

Oh, and don’t miss the comments that follow there, as the fun goes on.


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