Sunday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…

  • Oregon is having a hell of an off-season.
  • More mid-major dreaming about conference expansion.
  • Somebody needs to learn how to use Facebook better.
  • Mike Hamilton opposed reeling in Tiger Prowl.  That may be all the convincing I need that it was a good rule change.
  • Speaking of Tiger Prowl, Shakin the Southland is impressed with the way Auburn’s administration supports the coaching staff in comparison to Clemson’s.  All I can say in response is be careful what you wish for.
  • If David Paschall’s right about this, expect a lot of night games in Georgia’s future this season.


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11 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Dawgaholic

    Have to say Paschall’s overplaying UT’s appearances on CBS.

    The Ole Miss/UT game is really a stretch. I’d suspect UGA/Auburn will be a much bigger game.


  2. Will Trane

    CBS, ESPN, NBC, and other broadcasters have these three little letters that mean everything…TBA. If you want to be televised you do one thing and you do it well…win.

    Sphann, Sain, and days of rain. That is how you keep your worst ERAs from getting worse. Is there any pitching in the future for the Diamond Dawgs? Since the CWS appearance, this program has been in a steady decline. Some tough decisions will be made in the off season by Perno, a good coach.


  3. Macallanlover

    Many Dawg fans prefer day games, but I like the late afternoon and night games. It is cooler and gets a broader audience due to all the regional broadcasts around the country during the middle of the day. I just hope it doesn’t mean more 12:00-1:00 starts, those are the worst. I agree we may earn one more CBS slot for the Auburn game as well. Just win baby!

    I do hope we get an early time for the Colorado game though. A 1:00 Mountain time start would allow fans at the game to be back in the pubs to see the Bama-Florida game which should be at 6 PM Boulder time. I don’t think missing the TN/LSU game will be much of a loss, and there is a chance of seeing some of the Texas/OU game before or after. Good CFB day on October 2. Couple of other matchups of interest as well.


  4. rg

    pls. foward NYT article (Oregon)to cmf to foward to D. Polee
    or to Conner for his blog…


  5. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Applauding the Auburn administration for supporting their coaches? Now there’s irony.


  6. shane#1

    ” A touch of class”. How ironic.


  7. Jim from Duluth

    Senator, thanks for picking up the Paschall article. I had some TV stuff ready to go not long ago but held off due to all the noise with our QB situation. My draft projection agrees with CBS’s twoDH weekends but has two differences in games – I had UGA-Auburn in the 11/13 DH but have LSU-Ark. on 11/27 (with nats at UGA at night on ESPN).

    Paschall’s CBS “projections” last year after talking to Aresco turned out to be spot on. So I will either post what I had and note the exceptions or make changes as I see fit.



  8. Vious

    The night game argument is hilarious

    Just before last year, we end MANY fans wanting more and blaming Adams and blaming whoever

    Then we had a bunch and many fans claimed night games were TOO much for them and that the next days were too hard, etc….

    Make up your damn minds


  9. I hate the night games.

    I like to TiVO the game, start watching it an hour or so after it starts, and then skip all the commercials.

    Oh, and for the last few years, I’d start 2-3 hours late, and also put our defense on double speed so it wasn’t as agonizing watching them suck.