Take his word for it.

Chris Low moves Arkansas up to #3 in his “SEC post-spring power rankings” because “Coach Bobby Petrino is convinced that his defense will be improved and said the competition between the offense and defense this spring was the best it’s been.”


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  1. heyberto

    Wow.. Bobby Petrino doesn’t lie.. ever… so that must make it true.

  2. ruteger

    “6. Georgia: Even though the Bulldogs lost a few key players this spring, namely quarterback Zach Mettenberger and outside linebacker Montrez Robinson, they get the nod over South Carolina and move up to the sixth spot. ”

    Geez, imagine how lofty our ranking would have been if we still had our 3rd-string QB and backup DE.

  3. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Am I just blind or are we really going to be that bad?

    • Low’s picking Georgia #2 in the East. And he qualifies his list by saying that 3-6 are fairly interchangeable.

      I just don’t get why so many pundits are relatively high on Arkansas’ and Auburn’s defenses in comparison to Georgia’s.

      • Brandon

        I don’t know about pundits generally but as for Low most Tennessee fans have an overinflated respect for Arkansas rooted in their nostalgic reminiscences of their 1998 season in which Arkansas gave them such a close call. The only way their psyches can handle the fact that their dream team should have in fact lost that game is to project a heightened sense of tenacity and doggedness on the Arkansas program in their subconsciouses.

        • Hackerdog

          I think you’re reaching. Many (most?) championship seasons come down to a lucky play at some point.

          Do UGA fans feel badly about the 1980 season because we needed a fluky play to beat Florida, or because we needed Tennessee to fail a 2-point conversion to beat them by 1?

          It’s just part of the game.

          • Brandon

            Dude, that was very tongue in cheek if you couldn’t tell from the psychobabble references to “psyche” and “subconsciouses”. That aside I do know several Tennessee fans who will tell you anytime they see the Hogs on the schedule, that they remember that game and and know not to take it for granted. I posit that the Georgia fans of today (particularly the younger ones) are much more keenly aware of how Kentucky can slip up and kick your a** than many younger Dawg fans were pre- 2006. And no I never challenged the proposition that most every championship season has a close call or two, that is certainly true.

      • Ditto. Arkansas couldn’t stop anybody, and they lost their best defensive lineman.

      • Aligator

        he is a dumb ass and honestly Arkansas is going to be this years Mississippi

  4. Macallanlover

    All SEC teams below Alabama are pretty closely stacked so I cannot argue the exact spot we should be put in, but I think 2-6 is the right range. We could easily win the East and look to be as strong as anyone in the West located outside Tuscaloosa. At the same time, if we get injuries at a couple of key spots, or struggle with the assignments of the new defense, we could just as quickly fall to middle of the pack.

    No problem with Low’s evaluation with several pieces near the top being interchangeable, but cannot agree we should be excluded from the 2nd spot based on what everyone has coming back.

  5. Cojones

    “_because competition between offense and defense is the best it’s been” WTF? “the best it’s been” since when? since Tubby left? since their last scrimmage? since the 2 years he has been there? since we kicked their butts? Now I know what “sinking to a new Low” means. That is the most unanalytical statement to pin reasoning to that I have ever read!

  6. I agree with Macallanlover but I am a little more optimistic than he is.

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’d rather be a little under the radar rather than having everyone pointing at UGA as the favorite.

  8. Dawgfan17

    Good thing Low doesn’t cover Tech, he would take Johnson’s word for it that they are the greatest team ever and he is the smartest man to ever coach football.

  9. Vious

    It really is not that far out there

    I agree their D will still blow AND their O will not completely dominate against good D’s

    But they will still put up points and honestly, the West is wide open so them being average and STILL getting 2nd place in the West is not THAT hard to see.

    Auburn is going through some changes with a new QB, LSU has miles coaching with JJ or Lee at QB, and MSU/OM won’t win the West but may win a few games.

  10. Aligator

    Mark my words, Alabama is going to have at least two collapses i.e. just like the Utah game a couple of years ago.

  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bobby Petrino gets a lot of love. Ryan Mallet too. I can understand the love for Petrino but Mallet’s arm is still an unguided missle. Parse out his completion % and INT ratio in crunch time.