The SEC, post-spring practice

If you’re looking for a handy snapshot of where each SEC schools stands after spring practice, you could do worse than these summaries at The Times-PicayuneSEC East rundown; SEC West rundown.

Two notes of interest:  (1) the Auburn beat writer lists the linebacking corps as both a spring strength and a spring weakness, which is a pretty neat trick when you think about it; and (2) “The Vols will barely have 70 scholarship players to work with next season.” Wow.  That includes, I presume, true freshmen.  Not a recipe for success…


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9 responses to “The SEC, post-spring practice

  1. No reason to play the season, Tony Barnhart has already anointed the Gators as the SEC east winners.
    I guess that since I believe both the Cocks & the Dawgs will do better than the Gators, I should just keep my opinions to myself. Leave it to the experts.

    • Honestly, it’s hard to find fault with Barnhart on that. Florida is the safe pick for the East right now.

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t think anyone can seriously say there is a safe pick in the East for 2010. UGA/SC/UF look like a dead heat at this point with every one else scrambling for fourth. I cannot fault anyone for picking Florida if they have to make a guess and identify one team, but defending that pick is difficult when put under a microscope, and isn’t a safe bet. There are as many cons as there are pros for all three front runners, imo.

        • Well, to pick S. Carolina means you’re predicting something that’s never happened before and to pick Georgia probably means you’re predicting something that’s happened rarely over the past two decades.

          Doesn’t mean either can’t happen, of course. But saying Florida will overcome its loss of talent isn’t as a big leap of faith, IMO.

  2. My problem was “THE GATORS WILL WIN THE EAST’. That means no other team has any chance. I have a problem with that.
    This non-expert thinks the Dawgs talent wise (Not Experience) matches up with the Gators at every single position on the field. Again, Maybe I should leave it to the experts.

    • Macallanlover

      Yes, saying the Gators will win the East in 2010 is over the top, because it sounds like it is a done deal. Better to have said UF has as good a chance as any one, and I am not even sure that is accurate. Florida has to play both Bama and LSU from the West which may make them a slight underdog to Georgia. At this point UGA does look as solid as Florida so the head to head could go either way, but UGA seems to have the easier conference schedule this year.

  3. Vious

    I have read the TP for years and their college writers are absolutely terrible

    Multiple times they do rankings but they admit that they haven’t seen teams played, etc….

    They put bias in them and just have fun with it rather than put actually effort in it