Tuesday morning buffet

Plenty of offerings.  It’s not banned in Valdosta, either.

  • This came out of nowhere:  CFN, in its (by its own admission) ridiculously early bowl projections, puts Georgia in the Orange Bowl.
  • A meme gets legs“Now, Farrell said he’s talked to recruits that have been told by other schools in the SEC that Richt’s job is in jeopardy after this season.”
  • Matt Hinton dissects one of the dumbest expansion rumors out there.
  • How do you write a story about the Geathers family without a single with almost no mention of Georgia?
  • With regard to that silly post at Tomahawk Nation about LeMay and the Georgia program, I played the picador to Kyle’s matador.
  • I predict right now that this becomes a bigger story as the year goes on.  And that Bill Hancock is going to sound like an idiot about it.
  • Head coaches may come and go, but it’s good to see that some things never change at the University of Tennessee.
  • How hard is it for people to understand that the NCAA doesn’t control the D-1 football postseason?  This post is stupid, even by Bleacher Report standards.


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16 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Geathers article is a good example of writing to a theme regardless of the facts. Most of my Gamecock Club amigos here in Georgetown County say the rap on Clifton was that he played for Geathers, Inc., not South Carolina, and was only interested in working toward his draft choice. I’m sure there are fair retorts about Robert and Kwame out there.

    The Sun-Newsletter isn’t exactly Atlanta or Birmingham when it comes to SEC football.


  2. David

    They finally mention Georgia by mentioning Kwame at the very end, but how they fail to mention Georgia earlier is beyond me.


  3. MWO

    I heard some of Paul Finebaum’s show yesterday. They were asking their callers who would be fired first – Richt or Miles. The results were about 75-25 saying it would be Richt after this season. I would bet Saban will leave Bama of his own volition before Richt is fired. These people are obsessed with putting Richt on the hotseat. I hope Richt stays as long as he desires, am I being naive?


  4. Dog in Fla

    “I predict right now that this becomes a bigger story as the year goes on. And that Bill Hancock is going to sound like an idiot about it.”

    “This is a sporting event,” Mr. Bill said. “We’re going to leave Arizona politics to the people in Arizona.” Roger that.

    ‘Arayanzona – It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.’



  5. Chuck

    “Dooley said Myles’ incident was his first since the new head coach arrived in January, and he said the player hasn’t had any issues since.”

    That’s damn near three months with only one incident. That kind of track record deserves a little leniency at UT.:)


  6. gernblanski

    1. I think Richt is probably more on the “hot seat” than we care to believe. We could be very good next season (hopefully scary good) if four things happen – our OL plays up to its capability starting Game 1, the RB tandem plays really well starting Game 1, the new QB reduces turnovers and is a decent threat in the passing game, and the defense improves in turnovers and the passing game. However, half of those four things are REALLY unproven. If the QB position struggles again and the defense struggles again, we could be looking at another subpar season which could mean the end of the Richt era. I think it would be a long-term mistake unless you have unearthed the next Jim Tressel.

    2. The Arizona thing is not a story yet in college football because the law does not play to the demographics involved with the game. 30-35% of the MLBPA are Latin American and this new law is directly targeting Hispanics. I would expect MLB to be in the epicenter of this issue. Now if MLB decides to pull the All-Star game or, as was noted on ESPN, teams start moving their Spring Training sites out of AZ, then I could see where the BCS might get some pressure.


  7. 69Dawg

    Once again the State of Arizona is faced with a Federal government that refuses to enforce the law. May I remind you guys that it is and always has been against the law to enter this country illegally. The state is trying to give it’s officers a legal way to enforce a Federal Law, believe it or not the state usually does not enforce Federal Laws (lack of Jurisdiction). This is just a political football because the Dem’s and the Rep’s all want the new Hispanic vote and will do anything to get it, including not enforcing the current Federal Laws. MLB has it’s own problem from the Black community for the lack of African-American players, this is their chance to deflect the issue.


  8. When you are 1 of the top 10 coaches in the nation & you are the CEO of one of the top 10 programs in the nation, it is difficult to believe CMR (or CMB) is on a “hot seat”. Neither one is going to be fired or asked to resign. In fact it is exciting to think about how good the next 4 years are going to be for Dawg Fans.


  9. gernblanski

    69Dawg – If anything this is largely in-state dispute between the state government of AZ which is controlled by Republicans and the municipal government of Phoenix which has a Democratic mayor. Phoenix is one of a handful of “sanctuary cities” which basically means that they will not notify the federal government of illegal aliens status if they arrest an illegal immigrant for a minor offense.

    Illegal immigration is a misdemeanor under federal law. The new AZ law is tacking on an additional misdemeanor to the federal law. The maximum fine under the AZ law is $100.

    AZ enacted the law despite mixed reviews/concerns about enforcement from major law enforcement organizations and the original law was already amended to try to limit racial profiling.

    However, the bill’s sponsor Russell Pearce and a major supporter of the bill Chuck Gray have some eyebrow raising incidents related to supremacist figures/organizations.


  10. Greg

    CFN’s national championship game: TCU vs Ohio State. Wow, I’ve got chills up and down my spine. Not. Would be exciting for the Buckeyes…an opponent(non-SEC) that they might be able to beat.


  11. Vious

    Shocked to see someone have so much faith in us

    We are running a D with less talent than our fans think along with a QB who can’t get hurt and is a freshman with 0 experience.

    We will lose a few games


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The key is the QB position. If Murray can avoid injury we might not only be OK, we might be damn terrific! Murray possesses a great arm and tremendous leadership ability. He may not have actually played in any games for UGA yet but he has 2 spring practices under his belt and will have had 2 summer practices plus he has been in countless game-type situations in practice.But now that Mett is gone we are in trouble if Murray gets injured. Logan Gray is a different type of QB and has demonstrated he is not the guy to run the existing UGA offense. The only other real option will be a true freshman, Hutson Mason who, while talented, is still a freshman with no real college experience even in practice. Murray is a tough kid. He demonstrated that in HS when he came back from a broken leg his senior year to lead his team to the state championship of Florida. But he stays hurt. Maybe that will end. I certainly hope so. UGA has in the past produced really good teams with first year QBs. 11-1 in 1971 with Andy Johnson is one that comes to mind. SEC Champs in 2005 with Shockley is another (although he had some game experience). By the end of 2006 the Dawgs with Staff at QB were about as good as anybody. But if Murray goes down all bets are off.