Don’t remind me.

Marc Weiszer directs us to this Palm Beach Post story about Reshad Jones in which the former Georgia safety has this to say:

“We had an older guy on the team who was kind of struggling at the corner, but they wanted to keep him on the field, so they moved him to free safety and me to strong safety,” Jones said.

Of such decisions are 8-5 seasons made.


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  1. Bulldog Bry

    I noticed that the other day. Egad. And I stopped blaming Evans long ago.
    Something tells me this will be the lead argument when people are having the “why-was-Willie-fired” discussion many years from now.


  2. Greg

    The sad truth of the matter is that Evans looked better in the first part of his Freshman year than any other time that he wore a UGA uniform. I’m glad the draft is over so we no longer have to see Dez Bryant running past “Toast” Evans for the long TD that turned that game around.


  3. 69Dawg

    This statement came as a surprise to whom? RJ was just stating what the fans have known for years, UGA is a union shop, seniority rules.


  4. The Realist

    I’m surprised the Raiders didn’t take a shot at drafting Bryan Evans. The dude has all the measurables, but not an ounce of discernible football instincts. He would fit right in with that organization.

    Using the power of inference…

    Willie must have believed that Richt wasn’t going to fire him. Otherwise, why would he have allowed inferior players to play with his job on the line? A rational person in his situation would do whatever it took to maintain his employment… which would be pretty easy in this case: play the best players. Instead, he willingly went into a game with a liability at important positions in his scheme. Either Willie is totally inept at player management and self-preservation, Evans had pictures of Willie doing despicable things to stuffed animals, or he thought he was untouchable. It’s probably not #2. It probably is both #’s 1 & 3.

    All of that being said, I think Richt deserves extra-strength kudos for firing his best friend. Self-preservation is obviously not lost on him.


  5. JasonC

    I think Mack Brown owes Richt big.


  6. HamDawg11

    I was watching a replay of the ’08 UT game which happened to be the first UGA game I took my son to. And, lo and behold, who gets burned on a TD? That’s right, #3 in your program, #1 in your hearts…Bryan Evans!!! The announcers initially stated that Asher Allen was out of position and let the receiver get behind him, but they soon corrected themselves and stated correctly the toasted Evans. His only discernible football instincts were identifying a play-action 3 seconds after the receiver ran past him, and how to get on someones highlight reel besides his own.


  7. Cojones

    On the shots at Martinez: Who would you have played in Evan’s place? Dig deep and let us hear your reasoning for that time and place. Make sure you review the injured list, the players from D to O to fill in for injuries at that time and for the players playing on special teams. Look out because there are several “Gotcha”s awaiting.

    These same words have been used before, but the focus then was Reshad. He and Evans can’t both be in 2-3 places at once. Your answer(s) will be fed to the anti-Reshad naysayers. I saw the same plays and felt badly for us all, but short shrift given to present and past players doesn’t accomplish much, especially since we aren’t the coaches. During the chaotic period referred to above, more players than Evans, Allen and Reshad were involved. If you examine your film closely, you may find there was some joy evoked by Reshad, especially after his last games of the season and the A&M game. He took more than one player out of that game with shots that could be heard on film. He will not only play for the Dolphins, but will be worth watching on defense. I’ll put money on the odds that he will show as well as another Bulldog who played on their undefeated team.


  8. Dawgaholic


    I would have played Baccari Rambo instead of Bryan Evans. That’s just me though. I’m glad Willie was playing him at the end of the Auburn game.

    To the Realist,

    I have to submit reason #4: For some unknown reason, Willie thought Evans’ experience meant that he still provided the best chance to win. I think that Willie was wrong but that he did believe this.


  9. Evans was inept at corner and then moved to safety where he was even more inept. Rambo had better instincts and reaction…as did Sanders Commings. Go back and watch tape of the 08 Tech game and count how many times Evans was down field covering an ineligible receiver when he should have been tackling somebody with the ball.

    Riddle me this….why did Geno only start 3 games last year? Who graded out better and who was drafted higher….obviously it was Geno.

    Is anyone willing to tell me that Dobbs(whom I really like) is a better end than Cornelius Washington….why did he start ahead of him?

    There are so many of these type questions during Willie’s reign of ineptness that it boggles the mind.

    Willie will be remembered for his hands to the face coverage, shoulder tackles and the softest defenses in my lifetime. No team has feared Georgia in a few years…all bark and no bite.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think Evans got bad coaching. Yes, some guys have better football instincts than others but the guy was a 5 star recruit who REGRESSED rather than improved. Evans’ failure is all on CWM any way you figure it.