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And they didn’t even need a FOIA request to find out.

Think Arkansas fans are a bit jumpy?

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino has put his multi-million dollar home in East Fayetteville up for sale. But don’t panic yet Arkansas fans: The Razorbacks say it’s not a sign the coach is preparing to load up the moving truck and leave town.

Petrino’s home — which is a reported 8,000-plus square feet and has an asking price of over $2 million — was listed on the Lindsey and Associates website Wednesday. The description and accompanying photos was later removed, however, after speculation started running rampant about Petrino’s future at Arkansas.



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A potential GTP project

After reading some of the comments to this Mandel post from the other day, I had a thought:  how useful would it be to compile a college football lexicon here at GTP?  I’m not talking about some run-of-the-mill, done-it-before list of technical terms, but rather a set of words and phrases that we tend to use on a more practical, day-to-day basis here.

For example…

  • Montana (n.) – Stewart Mandel’s state of mind.
  • Coxian (adj.) – a “what, me worry?” on-field decision by a player who should know better that leads to disaster, such as “I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…”
  • SEC speed (n.)Jim Delany’s code word for the academically ineligible.  (Or something worse.)
  • GPOOE(n.) – 1. Urban Meyer’s pet name for Tim Tebow. 2.  shorthand for Tebow worship.
  • Directional kicking (n.) – a demon that possesses the soul of Jon Fabris.
  • Corch (n.) – a term of endearment for Florida’s head man.

If there’s any interest in compiling a list of terms like this, I’d like it to be a collaborative effort with you guys.  Anything you come up with that’s added to the GTP dictionary will be given proper attribution, of course.  I’ll set up a permanent page for them that will be easy to access and link.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments.


UPDATE: I’m taking the comments in response as an unqualified “yes”.  I hope to have the new page up in a couple of days or so.


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You left out one thing.

Matt Hinton pens a pretty good response to Chris Low’s “duopoly” post.  It’s just that I would have included regression to the mean in the discussion.


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Thursday morning buffet

Those margarita hangovers are a bear, aren’t they?

  • A spring game attendance chart for your perusal, if you’re so inclined.
  • The Zooker goes to the Middle East.  I wonder if our troops know anything about sleeping fast.
  • Brian Cook equates bowl expansion with the housing bubble.
  • Here’s an excellent rant about ‘Bama’s bye week battle.
  • If you’re the Mountain West commissioner in a conference expansion-talk age, you’ve got to be feeling a bit helpless these days.
  • Stewart Mandel says the new Florida defensive coordinator is “moving the Gators to more of a 3-4 scheme”, which is the first I’ve heard about that.  Any of GTP’s Florida readers care to enlighten me about it?
  • If ULaLa’s beat writer should be taken at face value – “Personally, I think the Cajuns can find a way to win all of their non-conference games in 2010 (at Georgia, Oklahoma St on ESPN2, at Ohio and at Ole Miss).” – we’ve all been missing who this year’s BCS party crasher will be.


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Fiutak ❤ the Dawgs.

CFN’s 2010 Georgia preview is out, and Pete Fiutak might surprise you with how strong he feels the team is now.

This is pretty spot on.

The team will be far better if … it wins the turnover battle and if it stops screwing up. Georgia, with enough talent and speed to hang around with anyone in the SEC, forced two fumbles and picked off ten passes, while the offense gave it away 28 times. Alright, so takeaways aren’t necessarily indicative of success (Florida and Cincinnati only recovered three fumbles and Alabama came up with seven), but the knucklehead streak when it came to penalties didn’t help. The Bulldogs were flagged 105 times; only five teams got hit with more penalties.

He’s got the quarterbacks as the weakest unit and the offensive line as the strongest, both of which assessments are hard to argue with.  If I had to nitpick, I’d probably rate the running backs a little higher and the linebackers a little lower than he does.  I’d also make a bigger deal out of the transition on defense.

But like I said, that’s nitpicking.  His definition of 2010 success is in line with what most of us are thinking now.

The season will be a success if … Georgia wins the SEC East. If you’re going to catch Florida, do it now. The Bulldogs might still be growing, too, but they have the schedule and just enough talent to win the division to get to the SEC title game. For a team with so many concerns, anything else would be gravy. If this isn’t a division-winning year, 10-2 with a January 1st bowl game would signal a big bounceback.

I might quibble with the “do it now part” a little, as I think 2011 is setting up very nicely as the year that the program can make a big run, but I can’t say I wouldn’t be happy if that’s how this year plays out.  Damned happy, as a matter of fact.


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