A potential GTP project

After reading some of the comments to this Mandel post from the other day, I had a thought:  how useful would it be to compile a college football lexicon here at GTP?  I’m not talking about some run-of-the-mill, done-it-before list of technical terms, but rather a set of words and phrases that we tend to use on a more practical, day-to-day basis here.

For example…

  • Montana (n.) – Stewart Mandel’s state of mind.
  • Coxian (adj.) – a “what, me worry?” on-field decision by a player who should know better that leads to disaster, such as “I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…”
  • SEC speed (n.)Jim Delany’s code word for the academically ineligible.  (Or something worse.)
  • GPOOE(n.) – 1. Urban Meyer’s pet name for Tim Tebow. 2.  shorthand for Tebow worship.
  • Directional kicking (n.) – a demon that possesses the soul of Jon Fabris.
  • Corch (n.) – a term of endearment for Florida’s head man.

If there’s any interest in compiling a list of terms like this, I’d like it to be a collaborative effort with you guys.  Anything you come up with that’s added to the GTP dictionary will be given proper attribution, of course.  I’ll set up a permanent page for them that will be easy to access and link.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments.


UPDATE: I’m taking the comments in response as an unqualified “yes”.  I hope to have the new page up in a couple of days or so.



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154 responses to “A potential GTP project

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    These things take inspiration, which you cannot force. Give us time & we’ll come up with a few worthwhile items.


    • I wasn’t expecting this to happen overnight. I’m just trying to gauge interest in it right now. If it’s something that there’s a fair amount of support for, I’ll set the page up and we can add to it over time.


  2. Haven’t been in the arena: a nice way of saying, I’m sure you mean well, but you don’t know what your talking about.


    • Section Z alum

      rebuilding: state of mind in which fan thinks team is improving, but in reality the team isn’t yet done falling apart.


  3. willie

    Reggie Ball (n.)- a term of endearment for all UGA fans.


    • “Dog” will definitely have a place.


    • Reggie Ball

      Quincy Carter: (n.) A term of endearment for all Georgia Tech fans.


      • Nate Hybl

        He certainly has a place in my heart, too. He is personally responsible for the BCSNC ring on my finger as I would never have transferred to OU without him.


        • Daniel Cobb

          Me too, Nate. I got a NJCAA National Championship ring with Butler Junior College I never would have had if Quincy hadn’t parachuted in and gotten all the good QBs to transfer. Got Donnan fired for it, too.


  4. BenG

    Very good idea, Senator. It would make your place a required first stop for people who are just getting their feet wet in the Dawg blogosphere.

    Don’t forget to add some variation on “in the arena” to the lexicon. I had to explain that one to my brother, who doesn’t follow the Dawg blogs as compulsively closely as I do.


  5. Sanford222View

    This really hasn’t been used here but how about “South Carolina State of Mind” for the always vigorous “this is our year” cry from the Gamecocks each pre-season?


  6. MWO

    How about “wtf” ? An exclamation formerly used by UGA fans when watching their secondary give a 10 yard cushion to every receiver. Soon to be as popular as “Boomer Sooner” in Norman.


  7. Dog in Fla

    gator (n.): a congregation or pod of florida and irwin meyer fans.


  8. I’m also thinking “Yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw footbaw” needs a place.


  9. simon

    barntard: awburn fan


  10. hassan

    Mettenberger – verb
    -ed, -ing

    1. To ruin a good situation by one’s own actions: Yeah, our date was going pretty well until I mettenbergered it by saying I thought her sister was really hot.


  11. Excellent idea. This is why the blogonet is your world and we only get to play in it.


  12. jferg

    meme (n): today’s completely unfounded rumor/idea/opinion du jour (usually, but not limited to, blabbering by Mandel or Finebaum and most recently Shanks).


    • Probably ought to be a “hot seat” definition, too…


      • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

        Hot seat (n) – a coach who is loved and trusted by his program and fans, but rival fans believe is in jeopardy of losing his job.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Jferg you’re on to something, but distinguish ‘meme’ from ‘canard.’ ‘Corch didn’t prepare Tebow for the pros’ is a meme. ‘Marck Richt is on the hot seat’ is a canard.


  13. Rusdawg

    “He Got Rambo-ed” : When a player who is clearly more talented and better equipped to succeed at a position is made second string/benched because there is an older player in the same position; not to be confused with “He Pulled a Bryan Evans”: I was supposed to be covering HIM?!?!


    • Dog in Fla

      “He Got Rambo-ed”: 2. Someone gets KO-ed when making a game saving play.


      • Puffdawg

        Add “…who is then ridiculed for making said game-winning play by some punk ass wishy washy noncommittal 18 year old who has never in his life accomplished a single thing on the college level.”


  14. Rusdawg

    Also…..you need to have a definition of “The GTGs” …… and just have a link to the youtube video…..


      • Rusdawg

        While we are at it:

        “Zombie Nation” : A term for any pregame piped in music that is highly unneccessary; i.e. GT cannot get their fans pumped up so they play some Zombie Nation…..fitting; also goes by “Baba O’Reilly”


        • Sanford222View

          Am I the only one who actually likes the “Baba O’Reilly” intro used at Sanford Stadium?


          • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

            I love it. To me, it’s as much a part of Georgia Saturdays as the battle hymn. Every time that song plays, it reminds me of the first day of the new football season.


          • 81Dog

            not at all. I love it, too.

            Piped in music isnt awful if it’s used judiciously. This means both in when it’s used, and the volume at which it’s played. The worst place I’ve ever been for sensory overload is Auburn. They play awful music at eardrum piercing levels almost every second the ball isn’t in play, except maybe when their goober PA guy isn’t making some announcement or another at the speed of the FedEx guy in a tone that sounds like Wes Durham on crack. Talk about fake juice….


  15. X-Dawg

    “Crompton-like Performance” has a dual meaning. It can be used when a QB has a horrific day, or, as in the case of our game with UTK last year, it can be used to describe a Heisman worthy performance by a QB.


  16. “third and Willie”- (n) when any team’s defense has absolutely no chance of stopping a 3rd down conversion.


    • 81Dog

      “yeah, we almost had AU shut down in 2005, in Athens, but we 4th and Willie-d it into a 65 yard touchdown to lose.”

      Kind of a reverse Reggie Ball, I suppose.


  17. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Love the idea.

    “Beer Broad” (n): a scantily-clad hussy that leads to the downfall of a football player (h/t Mayor of Dogtown)


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      “Sexual battery” (n.): The crime of coming on too strong with a local scantily-clad hussy in a backward, fascist jurisdiction.


  18. 'matsdawg

    getting butter….


  19. BeerMoney

    “Fake juice”(n.)–The desperate grab at motivation by trotting out ridiculous gimmicks that could not possibly be any more translucent to the fans, our own players, the media, or the opponent.


  20. hassan

    Source close to the situation

    mythical person to attribute a rumor to in order to attempt to present it as fact


  21. D.N. Nation



  22. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is there a place in here for ‘baby gator’ or ‘Cleveland Steamer’?


  23. Bulldog Bry

    Fair catch – the under utilization of a football player OR the lack of surprise.


  24. Lee

    Evil Richt:

    an alternate persona of CMR that takes advantage of recruiting tactics about to be banned, ordering entire team celebrations on opponents, and performing back-flips off of the 10 meter high dive. He can be seen wearing dark sunglasses and a black polo.


  25. Sternkid

    You left out a very important one: MNC


  26. Bad Marinara

    Obvious ones:
    Jort- fl fan
    Bad Guy- reporter who says anything neg about FL
    “Spending time with family”- NOT spending time with family.


  27. Brandon

    ”The Colquitt”: n. ceremonial name of Tennessee’s starting punter; ”His Cutcliffe” n.: term used to describe an opposing coordinator who so thoroughly owns an offensive/defensive coordinator that his game plans become the basis for all future game plans against said coordinator, such game plans and such coordinator’s inability to adjust have in fact or will eventually result in the coordinator being run out of the business (see the Rise and Fall of Willy Martinez);
    ”Cratchity Old Tech Man” n.: any bitter old Tech fan such as Furman Bisher who refuses to acknowledge that Georgia has completely dominated Tech since the Eisenhower administration. I also liked David Hale’s use of the phrase ”Beyond Crompton” to describe a truly incompetent performance by a team, unit, or individual. Ex: Vandy’s QB play last year was beyond Crompton.


    • 81Dog

      now, Brandon, let’s be fair to the nerds. UGA hasn’t dominated them since the Eisenhower administration. It’s really once since the Kennedy adminstration. Coach Dooley was hired late in 1963, just after LBJ took over as President. So, it’s basically just shy of 50 years, rather than 50 years.

      I bet it feels a lot longer on North Ave, though.


      • Brandon

        I stand corrected 81Dog, I was thinking back to the end of the streak by Theron Sapp because that’s what ole Furman will bring up anytime he get’s a chance but it really did start with Dooley.


        • 81Dog

          I can’t blame you, Brandon. I’m not old enough to remember the Johnny Griffith ear at UGA, but the people I know who are old enough would all like to forget it. It’s one of those things that no one speaks about, sort of like the Mike Price era at Alabama (though, to be honest, Mike WAS undefeated).


          • 81Dog

            oops. Replace “ear” with “era.” Far as I know, there was no Van Gogh incident with Johnny Griffith.


  28. Section Z alum

    Orrin Hatch – Nevada senator who thinks government interference in health care is bad, but government interference in college football is good. See also – political wankery.


  29. BenG

    Speaking of Hale, he has suggested a new “phrase of the season” in his post here:


    To quote:

    Last year, we coined the phrase “Beyond Crompton.” I think this year’s Bulldogs Blog catchphrase needs to be “Banished from Valdosta.” I’m thinking it’ll refer to something bad that happens that really has virtually no effect on the aggrieved party. For example, “Georgia would have been totally banished from Valdosta if Bryan Evans had gone down with an injury last season.”


  30. Dog in Fla

    Radakoviched (v.): when your athletic director cancels games with opposing teams he respects even though he knows it would be great fun to play them.


  31. Rusdawg

    The Visor


  32. Richt-Flair

    Fair catch specialist (n.). A special teams player incapable or restricted from performing running duties. Preferably assigned to backup quarterbacks.


  33. Brandon

    ”the poetry of premature trash talk” n.: a glorious post from the day after the 09′ UGA-GT game which chronicled the smack delusional GT fans (is there any other kind) were talking prior to the game which Hey Jenny Slater forced them to eat in a delightfully sadistic manner; synonymous with counting of chickens before they hatch; ”The Celebration” n.: that which is forever on the mind of Urban Meyer and the mind of his football team; a.k.a bane of Terrence Moore’s existence; general scourge of God


  34. Dog in Fla

    Chosen Reservoir (n.): your team’s inventory of quarterbacks after the number 2 and 3 quarterbacks go awol.


  35. Julie

    Reddinged: When Rogers Redding has to explain on Monday why another SEC team (usually UGA) has been screwed out of a win due to inexplicably bad, game-changing calls by Wagers, Curles, etc.


  36. dean

    Penn Wagers! It can be used as a verb or an adjective.


  37. Dog in Fla

    “WWAID”: the question players always think about when making the decision on whether or not to go to practice.


  38. Brandon

    ”Emerging from an alley”- an act which while seemingly innocous and harmless is frowned upon in particular countries, states, and municipalties; Will Thompson- n. metaphor for a player with an exceptionally long period of eligibility; Albert Hollis- metaphor for a highly recruited player who perseveres through injury but due to an incredible allotment of misfortune and unhappy chance never (or hardly ever) sees the field


  39. PNWDawg

    A ‘No Know’ – the act of redshirting grade A talent. See Knowshon.


  40. Rusdawg

    “Ginger Ninja” — Joe Cox; (Also known as Rick Astley Part Duex)


  41. Julie

    Jonesed: Having to change positions in order to allow an upperclassman to start, even if he should be 4th string.


  42. Touchmybaby: (adj) – accolade reserved for a player, coach or blogger that performs his duties in a Godlike manner.

    Boykin’s kickoff return was absolutely touchmybaby, I’m glad it didn’t get reddinged.


  43. Brandon

    Kiante Tripping v.- ruthless continual changing of a player’s position


  44. Dboy

    “Willie Fingers”: aka faceguarding. The maddening practice of a defender facing the receiver waving his hands in the air… like a shipwreck survivor signaling to an overhead plane…inevitably followed by the WR catching the ball in the corner of the endzone.


  45. Dboy

    “Tebow Tears”: a warrior crying valiantly after a loss. Also, bottles tebow tears are available for purchase in upscale spas as far north as Macon and far south as Orlando. Just pour in your spa treatment and significantly increase the chances you may sire / mother the next GPOOE.


  46. dboy

    A “Dooley’s Mom”: a well-intentioned UGA supporter turned traitor:

    Quote per Mark Wietzer-

    “Barbara Dooley, wife of Vince and mother of Derek, was in the crowd wearing orange. Derek Dooley:

    ‘There is no way I can come into this state without my mother finding me,’ Dooley said. ‘I never knew how good she looked in orange. All these years she’s been wearing the wrong color.'”


  47. Cojones

    Dog in Fla- You gotta be old or a service vet to catch the Korean War reference. Super! It has my vote.

    Red Blackman- the name of a very humorous Dawg fan

    Brandon-see Red Blackman

    Arenas-form of communication through an anatomical part used by Bama fans; e.g, “we picked Arenas last year”…”speaking of Arenas”

    packaturd-A large grey animal with a long proboscis that is symbolic of Bama football

    packanerd-a child’s game resembling Leap Frog played by GT students

    banal humor-any funny expression involving GT and Bama students

    WAL MARTYRED-unable to view a cut glass trophy

    urinating in an alley- what happens just prior to emerging from an alley

    Ho Lee Schidt- name of mythical eurasian UGA player uttered by opposing player prior to removal from field of play on a stretcher

    dawgbone-a sexually excited Dawg fan


  48. JC in Powder Springs

    I like Brandon’s “Kiante Tripping” the best, but here’s a few others:

    Chapaquitic – a fullback run on 3rd and 25.

    ConFab – directional kick that lands out of bounds.

    Martinize – to inherit a top-rated defense and gradually coach them down.


  49. JC in Powder Springs

    Oops, one more:

    Orsontegrate – the act of knocking over and shattering a crystal football.


  50. Mike

    I got “Tebowed” means…you got JACKED UP.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      How ’bout “wyndhamed” after the Kentucky DE who knocked TT into the hospital.


      • Mike

        That happened once. More teams got Tebow’ed than Tebow got Wyndhamed.

        Yes UGA I am looking at you


        • JC in Powder Springs

          Tebloviate: Over-effusive and gushing speech or blogging about a former college QB, bordering on infatuation, adoration or crush. Use: We tried to do an article on the upcoming college season, but corch’s tebloviating frightened the reporters, children and small pets, and made women blush.

          Wynd-surfing: The process of being transported to the hospital on a stretcher resembling a surf board. Use: Tim was wynd-surfing to the hosptial after being hit by DE Taylor Wyndham.


  51. Derek

    Finebaum – n. A unit of liquid measurement. Almost exclusively applied to douches. The standard douche is .0001 Finebaums. Said differently, one Finebaum would fill 10,000 douches. Therefore, Finebaum is one very large douche.

    Fulmered- adj. Being fired and replaced by a guy who can best be described as 100 Finebaums. (not to be confused with “Fulmerized” which the act of having your job stolen while you are in ICU recovering from open heart surgery.)

    Kiffin- n. a moral victory. Usage: I know we lost, but it was a total Kiffin.

    Kiffining- v. describes the act of celebrating moral victories.

    Tech- v. the act of urinating. Usage: Where’s the bathroom, I gotta take a Tech? Etymology- inspired by the team colors of Georgia Tech.

    prettiest village on the plain- n. any misleading or false statement or claim. Etymology- inspired by the incongruity of the city of Auburn’s actual appearance as compared to its nickname.

    bleacher idiot- n. denotes a fan who thinks he understands defensive football because he is familiar with the terms: man, zone, blitz and adjustment. This person often believes that if you always played man coverage, blitized on every play and “adjusted” that the opposing offense would never score a single point, ever. Not surprisingly, these fans can not actually recognize the difference between man and zone coverage while watching a game. They often conclude that any positive result in any given play is the result of man coverage, a blitz or an adjustment, irrespective of the actual defensive play called.

    Rocky Topped- adj. describes the passive, but sometimes consensual, partner in an incestuous sex act. Usage: “D’ya ‘ear ’bout Betty George? She got Rocky Topped by her diddy Lester Bob last night. She don’t mind tho cuz the way he done done it she ain’t getting no baby.”


    • 81Dog

      Don’t forget “The Fulmer Cup,” awarded to the program with the most varied and serious outlaws each year.


    • woodlandhillsdog

      Bleached: (v) When an article written by an 18 year old freshmen gets put online based on what they heard in the dinning hall the night before.

      Ex: “Man that article was so bleached!”

      Also used: When you go to sit down at the game and someone standing behind you sits in your seat and the person in front sits in theirs. “Crap that guys just sneaked in here and Bleached me!”


  52. JC in Powder Springs

    Okay, I’ve got time on my hands and can’t get this off my mind. Here goes:

    hype-notize: Unquestioned belief in hype of any form. Use: SC fans were easily hype-notized into believing Spurrier would deliver an SEC championship.

    fabriscate – to make-up fantasy reasons to continue with a failed strategy. Use: A certain coach fabriscated directional kicking success when all the facts pointed to its failure.

    Dawgosphere – fans who blog and/or follow the beloved Dawgs on the internet. (I may have saw this one out on the Dawgosphere before, but am submitting anyway).


  53. S.E. Dawg

    I gave up you did too moment: Pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.


    • 81Dog

      I guess the reverse of that is a Reggie BaLLLL moment: pulling defeat from the jaws of victory, dog.


  54. S.E. Dawg

    Tech math: Counting to four.


  55. S.E. Dawg

    Deep cleater: Greg Blue type hit.


  56. Brandon

    “An Inman” n.- an ill timed personal foul by an offensive lineman, usage: “We were in field goal range until _______ pulled an inman”.


  57. Brandon

    “The Herbstreit Doctrine” n.- no team that is in a conference may play for the BCS title that has not one its conference championship, except for Ohio State or Michigan and possibly Southern Cal. While the dictates of this rule are generally immutable Kirk Herbstreit reserves the right to alter it at any time without cause.


    • Brandon

      that’s “won” not “one”, I have a bad habit of doing that. Also I’ll add the “Lou Holtz Syndrome” n.: the utter inability of a commentator to show impartiality towards a school he or she was formerly a coach or player at, the progression of this horrendous affliction leads to a total blindness towards the faults of the subject school’s team particularly weakness of schedule, it can also lead to public ridicule when you consistently pick the subject school to win games no rationale person would; Finally (for the moment): “The May-Holtz Line” n.: analogous to the Mendoza line in baseball it is a line which is crossed anytime a college football prognosticator picks less than a third of his games correctly straight up (not against the spread).


  58. woodlandhillsdog

    Corsoed; (v): When an individual makes a complete fool out of themselves in front of a national audience.

    Example: The gameday announcer totally corsoed the 15 year old blind boy when he reached out his hand to him on on national television.


    • dboy

      Or anytime a prominent broadcaster predict your team to win and they lose. I.E. UGA vs BAMA – gameday prediction 2008: we got Coursoed. Wow, Lou Holtz just Coursoed notre dame for the 1250th time straight time.


  59. Andy

    Blackout (n.) – [this entry has been removed or is no longer valid]


  60. Brandon

    Zero n.: number of games Notre Dame must win to merit equal to or more coverage than any other team in college football.


  61. jm

    “hob nail boot” – what you break other people’s noses with.


  62. Ok, I’ve been working on my own list to contribute.

    I have it up here:


    Bay-Bay (v.) – 1. to drop a ball. 2. to make an uncharacteristic mistake at the most important moment leading to an embarrassing complete failure. “I studied all night, but somehow I still Bay-Bayed on that final.”

    Adversity (n.) – something you constantly face or struggle against (usually a lot), but it is impossible to be specified. “We faced a lot of adversity this year, but we kept working hard.”

    Gradulate (v.) – 1. to formally express your joy or acknowledgement in a federal building and/or public forum. 2. see congratulate. “I want to gradulate the Florida Gator.”

    Bad Deal (n.) – a past occurrence that humiliated and angers you. It will forever be in the mind of you and your football team (or just you). You’ll handle it, and it’s going to be a big deal.

    (To) Get a Ring/s (v.) – a phrase used often sarcastically to mock an over-the-top excitement over an achievement. “Wow, you’ve been playing that video game for a month and you finally beat it? Are you going to get a ring or something?”

    Straight Outta Crompton (adj.) – describes any unexpected or uncharacteristically magnificent performance. “Woah! Vanderbilt just beat Florida? That’s straight outta Crompton!”

    Quarterback (n.) – the position in football responsible for passing or handing off the football, and sometimes fair-catching punts. “This looks like a great punt to return! We should definitely put a quarterback in there to fair-catch it. That will really catch them off guard.”

    Walsh (v.) – to have the ability to do something well (such as kickoff into the end zone) but choosing not to do it to your full potential (for any reasons, but possibly for being told not to). “I can beat-box really well, but we’re in a library so I’m just Walshing it right now.”

    Black helmet (n.) – a bad idea, something that sounds fun but will likely end in sorrow.

    Penn Wagers (n.) – a person who ruins the fun, often at inappropriate times. “That guy who told us to sit down while cheering at the Georgia game was a total Penn Wagers.”


  63. Brandon

    “A challenge” n.: Something Jon Fabris likes better than winning.


  64. LBM : Loose Ball Magnetism ; as in all of our opponents have loose ball magnetism. The odd shaped ball always bounces their way. I believe Coach Richt is now tracking this as a statistic.


  65. “Curled” ; when a team indicates an ability to win a game the conference office does not want them to win, they are to be “curled.”

    Arkansas got absolutely “curled” in gainesville last year!


  66. Section Z alum

    “I eat grits” – a phrase used by Barney Rubble impersonators seeking to calm southern football fans after midwestern coach abandons southern school for yankee school.


  67. dboy


    I like this idea. With such a large response, we now need to vote the entries into the dictionary. Maybe have a voting mechanism and put 5 proposed entries into the GTP lexicon up for entry per day/ week or whatever. There is certainly a large bulk of entries, but we need to carve out the filler and leave the gravy.


  68. dave

    black-boned (adj.) – Describing state or condition wherein one receives an award or praise that although rare is equally rarely significant; or, alternatively receiving an award that few know or care about. “Tech fans were black-boned after winning the pitiful ACC last season”.

    Brandon Williamed – To be burnt. “I totally Brandon Williamed myself making toast this morning.”

    Foxed. – To be placed into an unappealing situation wherein there is no other viable alternatives. “My roommate foxed be into being his wingman, that chick ate all the wings and then turned the bones.”


  69. dave

    Driving Mudcat’s Car- To flirt with disaster. “Man, USC sure is driving mudcat’s car hiring Kiffin as head coach.”


  70. dboy

    Holtzed- to dogmatically hold onto a delusional belief that a team will win, or be great. “This year will be the year that South Carolina wins the SEC east- got Holtzed.


  71. Dog in Fla

    1. what you say to Alabama fans to gain their trust.
    2. what Nick says to Alabama fans to get them to hush.

    “bassackwards”: the way Chiz lets Trooper wear a baseball cap.

    “smoker and midnight toker”: new KY head coach Joker.

    “If Steve Martin Were Bob Newhart”: Bobby Johnson

    “Das Hat”: what Les wears atop his head to match his das boots.

    “Take My House. Please. Anyone? Anyone?”: Rodney Ferris Petrino

    “We Are Blessed”:
    1. what Richt says to Georgia fans to gain their trust.
    2. what Richt says to Georgia fans when he means, ‘Bless their hearts…’

    “Houston, I’ve Got a Problem”: what you think to yourself when significant others such as wife(s) or girlfriend(s), or any portion thereof, manage to find your mobile phone bills and go on full red alert.

    “It’s a Big Deal”: Anything for Irwin Meyers.

    “Smack ’em in the face with a sliderule”: what CPJ says to the dozens of Tech fans to get them fired up and ready to go.

    “Derek and the Dominoes”: Derek and his seventy eligible players.

    “Full Metal Jacket”: HBC’s QB coaching methodology.

    “Moon Mullins”: Head Coach Waiting for Jeremy’s calling, calling…just as soon as Irwin gets thirsty again.


  72. Atlchris

    L-Taylor – (n) – Someone who continues to make bone head choice after bone head choice but is somehow successful.

    I.E. – At Florida, Percy Harvin was an L-Taylor…


  73. S.E. Dawg

    Wind check: The act of a coach throwing grass in the air just prior to a directional kick to make sure the opposing team get the ball on the 40.


  74. Cojones

    SUN BLOCKER- A very large lineman.

    AtChoo!-Right back atchoo.

    dain bramage (self-defining)

    Woodlandhillsdawg-Someone who probably works at Amgen in T.O., Ca

    Tight end- A condition not found among G.T. students.

    Technophile-see tight end

    Lexdisic-A condition whereby words are spoken normally

    Bibliophile- Someone who loves Biblios

    Aso (pronounced asso)- Tagalog (Filipino) for Dawg (usage: David Hale is a well known aso )

    Asofart-Tagalog for old Dawg

    Feminine wonderment-new descriptive term coined by Mayor of Dawgtown to replace “beer broad”

    Feminine napkin-something a “beer broad” brings with the drinks

    Rumplestiltskin-What Tebow snips in the Philippines

    “Win one for the Nipper”-FU cheer

    The Crocs- new name given to FU after magazine cover screwup

    Rubbermaid-1.a wall dispenser for prophylactics

    2.someone who cleans hotel rooms after the UGA/FU game

    Blackface-1.minstrel show
    2. The color of one’s face after losing a blackout game.

    Acts:quickly-message on eyestrips worn by Branden Smith

    Help!-message written on Texas Tech dressing room wall that can only be seen when the lights are turned off.


  75. Cojones

    The term “banished from Valdosta” has been changed to “vanished from ball roster”.


  76. Cojones

    “The QB position is still up for grabs”- means the other competitors don’t have a chance unless they are grabbing for the shorthairs.

    Rankings- a word that grabs you by the shorthairs to see where your team is. Definition changed last year and referred to odiferous conditions. Reverting back to old definition this year.


  77. Cojones

    Ferris’s Day Off- Title of UGA/AR game, past and future


  78. Cojones

    Wong Fook Hing Wei- Name of Chinese fire drill we used for D last year.


  79. Your Friend Mark

    “Clusterkick” – Having something in hand, then losing it through rock-headed stubbornness. “She invited me over to her place for the night, but I clusterkicked it by getting into a fight with the bouncer.”

    “Fish Fry” – Having something in hand, then losing it through rock-headed arrogance. “The bouncer appeared to be half my size, but I got my butt kicked after I told him this was going to be a fish fry.”

    “The Wind” – Having something in hand, then losing it by making rock-headed excuses. “Before I was to be released, the officer asked me what started the fight. I told him it was the wind.”


  80. Mrs. Tebow

    “The Criesman” – Consolation prize given by the New York Athletic Club so no one’s feelings are hurt.


  81. John Swofford

    “Tallest Midget” – Champion of the ACC. At the end of the night, John Swofford handed the trophy down to the tallest midget.


  82. Bobo

    “Two yard Bobo” – The first play of any Georgia drive. “Logan makes the fair catch. We will return after a commercial break for Georgia’s Two Yard Bobo up the middle.”


  83. Little Nicky

    “Nickruit” – The 39th player in Nick Saban’s recruiting class. After his eighth year at Alabama, the Nickruit was finally given a scholarship.


  84. Gene Chizik

    “Leaky Roof” – Any porous defense. Despite taking a 14-0 lead, the Tigers knew their leaky roof was a sign of trouble.


  85. Cojones

    Finebomb-Football sales puffery. Used to be Fineegg, but the layin’ got bigger.

    Charlesgate-Dawg in a china closet.

    Charlesmayne- Principal receiver responsible for upsetting and conquering FU and placing cut glass trophy in UGA trophy case.


  86. Joeski

    This is an excellent idea. I have a few contributions at the moment:

    Spurrious: the condition of being successful at one institution, but flamingly mediocre (or worse) at subsequent gigs. Ex: “Rich Rodriguez is totally Spurrious at Michigan.”

    Fugulmer: The look of helpless frustration- usually involving puffing your cheeks out like a blowfish- that a coach dons when one of his players does something completely boneheaded.

    Holtzing: The act of poor-mouthing your own team’s chances in an upcoming sporting event, despite the fact that the opponent is a rent-a-victim.

    Sabanistan: a program with a culture of paranoia, media- and fan-unfrendliness, arrogance, rudeness, and general facism, all ‘justified’ as being in the name of ‘winning games’.

    Miles-marker: an absolutely boneheaded game- and/or clock management decision, yet still managing to pull it off. Ex. “That decision to go for it on 4th-and-12 on their own 30 when there was still more than 4 minutes to play and they were only down by 3 was a total Miles-marker! I can’t believe they actually got the first down.”

    Dooleyed: The condition of having to suppress your normal inclinations for the sake of social grace. Ex. “Man, we watched the UGA/UA game over at my inlaws; they’re big Tide fans, so I was Dooleyed.”

    Orgeronic- the condition of being full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. Ex. “That drunk guy at the party last night was Orgeronic– trying to pick a fight with an off-duty cop? TOTALLY Orgeronic.”

    Kiffinated- first being hyper and obnoxious, only to later be chased away with your tail between your legs (usually the aftermath of somebody being Orgeronic).

    Mullenigan- The act of bringing in either a rising or established coaching star to try to ‘revitalize’ a program that never was all that vital to begin with.

    Meyering- equivocating or telling half-truths and even outright lies. “That coach was Meyering big-time; promising that QB he’d have ‘a shot’ at the NFL when they run a spread offense there? Total Meyering.”

    Richtastic- being too optimistic and positive about a situation when a sober assessment would probably be more effective than wearing rose-colored glasses. “I’ve always thought that saying our players ‘handled a loss well’ was being Richtastic. I’d prefer it if they got really mad that they lost– maybe then they would WIN.”

    That’s all I got for the moment. I’m sure my warped mind with come up with more later.


  87. Cojones

    Joeski’s “Spurrious” has my vote.

    ball-lickin’ good- an expression of a winning celebration that can only be posed by the Dawg mascot. e.g.,…” whoo boy! that game was ball-lickin’ good!!”

    Kiffin-Name of a Knoxville sewage treatment plant.


  88. Cojones

    Sabanistan Bananastand- small fruit market located in a small rural country below Tennessee and next to Al Kada’s car lot.


  89. Cojones

    Orgeronic deserves a vote as well.


  90. JC in Powder Springs

    Staf Inflection: Occurs when a QB staggers the count or raises/lowers his voice to draw the defense off side.


  91. S.E.Dawg

    May need help with this one.

    St. Simon: The mythical notion or belief that Tech owns Georgia, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha……………


  92. NRBQ

    Pulpwood. (v – active). To promise to rain destruction on your upcoming opponent, no matter the odds against. Especially: with colorful and profane language delivered in a gravelly voice, in 60 second video clips featuring chimpanzees.


  93. NRBQ

    Markmayed. (v) To have success in an impending game guaranteed by an avowed “expert,” despite the absence of logic or reason pertaining thereto. See: Hawai’i, Sugar Bowl.


    • You may be on to something here. Although I’m thinking the term of art should be something like:

      DisMayed (adj.) – to be the misplaced subject of Mark May’s lack of respect.


  94. Chuck

    The 100-yard stare: The condition that forces all broadcasters and commentators on ESPN to constantly drop a wet blanket on the fun and excitement of a great play by immediately bringing up the player’s Heisman chances or the team’s national championship chances.


  95. Dog in Fla

    “Payback” (n.): uh…, should always be part of the deal.



  96. JohnW

    Gailey- Equilibrium: A State of persistent mediocrity defined by unfulfilling victories and agonizing losses.