And they didn’t even need a FOIA request to find out.

Think Arkansas fans are a bit jumpy?

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino has put his multi-million dollar home in East Fayetteville up for sale. But don’t panic yet Arkansas fans: The Razorbacks say it’s not a sign the coach is preparing to load up the moving truck and leave town.

Petrino’s home — which is a reported 8,000-plus square feet and has an asking price of over $2 million — was listed on the Lindsey and Associates website Wednesday. The description and accompanying photos was later removed, however, after speculation started running rampant about Petrino’s future at Arkansas.


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  1. Russ

    Ha ha! I guess the Hogs should be a little jumpy. The guy’s as sleazy as they come. At least you knew Kiffins was a d-bag. Petrino tries to act like he has some scruples, while his actions say otherwise.

    • Really? As sleazy as they come? Because he left the Atlanta job with three games left in the season? You’re a lemming…just following along with the national media (from three years ago).

      • Because he left the Atlanta job with three games left in the season?

        C’mon, man. You have to admit there’s a little more to the story than that.

        • Jim Steele

          Is there more to the story than that? Really?

          Petrino was brought to Atlanta to build an offense around Vick. He had a gentleman’s agreement that if it didn’t work out, he could go back to the college ranks with no penalty. Vick went to prison, it didn’t work out, and the Falcons owner went back on the agreement. So, yeah, I guess there is more to it than that.

          Poor, poor Louisville. They had the first relevance they’d ever had in football under Petrino. They should canonize the guy, and most of them do, but people outside the program try to act as if he did them wrong somehow. By winning? Give me a break.

          The man didn’t take a two million dollar pay cut so he could pull up stakes again two years later. This story is stupid.

          • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

            You’re an idiot. I really mean that. The reason Arkansas is the poorest state in the Union is because it is inhabited by idiots like you. You’re so stupid it’s not even funny. I could make a fortune doing title loans in your state.

          • dudetheplayer

            lol @ “gentleman’s agreement”

            Nice cover.

      • Schlagdawg

        “On July 13, 2006, Petrino signed a 10-year, $25.6 million contract with Louisville to stay on as head football coach. During his tenure at Louisville, Petrino talked with Auburn, LSU, and the NFL’s Oakland Raiders before finally leaving the Cardinals in January 2007 to accept an offer from the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.”

        Some ten year contract…
        I didn’t like the way he left L’ville or Atlanta then, and I don’t like it now. Atlanta’s okay now, but L’ville had to suffer through a record of 15–21 after he led them to a 40–9 record from 2003-06.

      • kevin

        You say that like it’s not a sleazy move. Abandoning an NFL team before the season is even over. AFter jumping ship on a 10yr contract.

        If you want to defend that, then I don’t really think anyone here is gonna care what else you have to say.

        • Jim Steele

          Who was the coach in Atlanta before Petrino?

          Dan Reeves. Fired with three games left in the season, and a similar record to Petrino’s.

          What was it you were bitching about?

          Who is the sponsor of ESPN college game day? Home Depot.
          Who is the owner of Home Depot? Arthur Blank.
          Who is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons? Arthur Blank.

          Wake up, dude. You’re falling for yet another ESPiN line of bullshit.

          • piggly wiggly

            fyi, most of us don’t think Petrino is a scumbag just because he left the Falcons after leaving post-it notes about his decision for the players. Things like leaving a program you vowed you would stay with (and 7 months after signing a 10 year contract to boot) will raise the ire of most any college football fan.

          • kevin

            Fired because you’re losing and leaving town with your tail between your legs because you’re losing are two entirely different things, Jim.

            Do I care about Louisville or Falcon football? Not really.

            Do I think Petrino is a spineless pu**y? Most definitely

          • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

            Jim Mora Jr. was the coach of the Falcons before Petrino…. dumbass.

      • JC in Powder Springs

        Hey Stevej, I have 2 questions and 2 statements:

        Why is Arky playing LSU @ Little Rock? Is this considered a neutral site? Are tickets split 50/50? Just wondered.

        Has Arky ever beaten the Dawgs?

        Mallett threw 5 td’s last year, Dawgs had 3 turnovers, and UGA still won @ Fayetteville.

        If a homer like Houston Nutt left, I don’t think people would be considered idiots for expecting slippery Petrino to jump ship. We do know a little bit about the guy here in ATL. He’s the Lou Holtz/Dennis Erickson type (without the title) – by the end of his career he’ll have coached at about 25 different schools.

        • Jim Steele

          Arkansas has played in Little Rock for decades, and the LSU game has always been slated for LR.

          Yes, Arkansas has beaten Georgia, and will again this year.

          Houston Nutt was run out of the state. He did not leave on his own.

          Lou Holtz coached at six schools. Arkansas was one of them.

      • Russ

        Ooooh, struck a nerve, did I?

  2. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Lol, guess that puts an end to their purported confidence that he isn’t going anywhere.

  3. JC in Powder Springs

    Maybe Mallet’s foot injury is worse than announced.

  4. heyberto

    I guess we’ll know when there are notes to the players in their lockers.

    • mant


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Reaction 1: I’m sure what you linked to is absolutely true. After all, it’s in the newspaper.

      Reaction 2: Just because it’s your guy that’s getting dug here doesn’t mean we’re not tongue in cheek. Lighten up.

    • Woooopig.

      I am gonna just write this whole idiot thing off…..obviously you haven’t been in the arena.

  5. dboy

    When he puts his tractor up for sale, let me know.

  6. Reality

    It’s funny how everyone demands “loyalty” from coaches and allow only the owners and GMs to act like businessmen. BMFP, like most coaches and businessmen, treats his job like… wait for it… A JOB .

    With a job (or more accurately in this case, a career) one strives to attain a position (and pay scale) that reflects their ability, personality and professional acumen. Normally this takes many years and many position changes. You can also expect to change companies and/or employers at some point along the way.

    We’re not talking about working the drive through at Mcdonald’s or a janatorial position here. Loyalty in this particular career field, for the most part, will get you nothing but fired at the end of the day (look at Phil Fulmer for instance). You move up to get what you can, while you can. The great coaches normally have great ambition. The top rung for most of these men is the NFL. Most will not succeed, or will find that they are better suited for the college game (see Saban and Carroll). cont….

    • kevin

      While I agree that they should be free to seek fair market value of their coachyness, I find there to be a huge disconnect from the corporate world in which most of this country is legally bound to contractual agreements they sign.

      Sports contracts are meaningless.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Contracts don’t legally compel you to stay on the job. They provide terms of the relationship, and include a way to make the other guy whole if you don’t honor the contract. Legally bound to contractual terms does not mean indentured servitude.

        • kevin

          I didn’t say that signing the dotted line means you’ve sold your sole.

          It’s the whole ‘making the other party whole’ aspect that I have a problem with.

          For the most part, Joe Schmo is responsible for that, but in athletics, someone else other than the individual is responsible. Individual athletes and coaches don’t have to worry about breaking contracts with schools or organizations because the new employer will pick up the tab.

  7. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    I’m shocked that an Arkansas fan found his way over here. I didn’t even know that they had the Internet in Arkansas yet, much less discovered the blogosphere.

  8. gernblanski

    Look Petrino is going to leave Arkansas. My guess is that it will occur either just before or after Mallett declares for the NFL draft.

    Mallett is going to put up big #’s this year and he might be the #1 pick in the draft. Petrino is at the 3rd/4th best football program in his own division. His marketability will be very high and should conference expansion come to fruition he will be an attractive candidate in an expanded PAC-10 or Big 10.

    • Reality

      I agree that he will certainly leave at some point, but to where? He currently has a contract that puts him in the top 10 for salaries (right under 3 mil per), has a team that’s picked by many to finish the year right behind Alabama in their division, and has big money boosters (J. Jones, Waltons, Tyson and J.B. Hunt to name a few). I only see three possibilities: USC, TX and Fla. The question is when would they come open and would they come after him?

      BMFP can go a long way to repairing his image if he meets/exceeds the expectations placed on him this year and then stays in Arkansas for the next 2-3 years.

      • gernblanski

        Just three possibilities? How about Michigan? They are going to replace RichRod, will have a boatload of $$ and exposure in an expanded Big 10.

        I think Petrino could be a candidate should Tennessee or LSU come open in the next year or two.

        • Reality

          Michigan? Doubt it. That job was open when he was wanting out of Atlanta and he (or, more accurately, his agent) contacted Arkansas instead. Doubt it’s anymore attractive to him the next time around.

          • gernblanski

            Really – you don’t think that coaching the winningest team in college football history for in a revamped Big 10 would be attractive to Petrino? The job was open but all indications were that Petrino was not a candidate. Michigan wanted Les Miles, Greg Schiano, and RichRod.

            Also, at the time that the Michigan was open, the Michigan AD was a lame duck. The new AD just started in the last year, he is a former CEO and Michigan player who will have a lot of latitude to remake the Athletics Department.

            The Michigan job will be much better job in an expanded Big 10. Now, if the Big 10 does not expand, I agree that Petrino should stay in the SEC. But it will probably be at LSU or Tennessee.

            • Reality

              Petrino wasn’t a candidate for the Arkansas job until HE contacted THEM. Who he did not contact was Michigan.You can tell me why you think he didn’t contact them, but that is just speculation.

              I don’t see him leaving an SEC school for Big10. He has been quoted throughout his career as saying that the SEC is the premiere conference. Also Michigan takes him even further away from the areas he likes to focus his recruiting: Fla, TX, and CA. While Michigan does indeed sign kids from these states (15 athletes currently on their roster), Arkansas signs a much higher number (30 from the current roster). This just speaks on his comfortability with and his preference of recruiting areas, not an argument on where the best talent may be found.

              As for the corndogs, Petrino can’t sign with any team in the SEC west due to a clause in his contract, so that knocks out LSU. And he already passed on TN the first time as well.

              • Reality

                Let me correct myself. Petrino passed on TN twice now. Don’t think he’ll change his mind on the third go-around.

              • gernblanski

                Look I do agree with you that the SEC is the premier conference. But Arkansas is far from being the premier program in that conference. Michigan is either 1 or 2 in the Big 10. An expanded Big 10 would make it even more attractive and lucrative.

                Whether Petrino decided to be a candidate a Michigan last time out, I have no idea. It does not sound like he talked to them – maybe it was choice but maybe not.

                Also, do not think that Michigan cannot draw recruits from Fla, TX, CA or anywhere else. Mallett went Michigan and where is from again? They had some kid named Brady who played QB for them and he was from CA. Griese was from Fla. They have routinely come down to GA to pick up a recruit or two per season.

                I doubt that Petrino would worry about losing recruiting power should he decide to leave Fayetteville for Ann Arbor.

                I was unaware of the contract precluding him from signing with another SEC West team but that makes sense given the way Nutt left earlier.

                I have no way of knowing if Petrino was involved in either UT search. His name does not come up on the initial list of candidates but that does not mean that may not of reached out to him.

  9. Reality

    BMFP realized this fact as well. He, like Saban, is a disciplinarian. This tact may work well for some at the college level (and it certainly appears to work for Saban), but the millionaire players in the NFL, for the most part, don’t take too kindly to this approach.

    BMFP left before Blank could give him the ax (remember the whole Dan Reeves fiasco?). The fact of the matter is that, according to independent sources, Blank promised Petrino would have the opportunity to walk away at year’s end if he could not see it working out in Atlanta (this was after Petrino came to Blank with concerns about clashing between coaching philosophy and player personality).

    That all changed, however, when Vince Young’s conviction came down. Blank’s PR people informed him that they couldn’t risk another hit in the media and in the area of public opinion, and the head coach leaving the team might be viewed as escaping a sinking ship.

    • JC in Powder Springs

      Vince Young? Do you mean Michael Vick?

      • Reality

        Sorry, yeah. Meant Vick. I’ve been discussing the overhyping and subsequent downfall of V Y on a texas board for the majority of the day.

  10. Jeremy Hurtt

    Bobby Petrino left the Atlanta Falcons with 3 games left in the season…4 years after the Atlanta Falcons released their head coach, you guessed it, with 3 games left in the season. Save me the faux outrage. Whatever school you root for, there’s a 90% chance your coach “hopped jobs” to get where he is.

    The facts are these – Bobby Petrino took less money to coach at a lower level in a smaller town in a smaller state. That clearly shows that there were other factors at play than just “job-hopping”. Obviously, there was a specific problem with the Atlanta situation. As has already been noted, one of the parties who negotiated the job change has said that Art Blank gave Petrino his blessing, but then Vick was in the news the same weekend Petrino was going to leave – and Blank pulled a 180, and told Petrino he would destroy him in the media.

    Over 2 years later, and some of you slack-jaws are still falling for it.

    Please, though, entertain us with another rousing “I didn’t even know they had computers in Arkansas!” joke. Maybe after that, you can hit up a fresh Macarena one-liner, or a timely joke about how white people always be actin crazy.

    • What does any of this have to do with the fact that it’s your fan base that freaked out over the “for sale” news?

      • Jim Steele

        Who freaked out?


      • Jeremy Hurtt

        Our fanbase didn’t freak out about it. A few retards on hogville did. Hogville is the uneducated, rumor-mongering, ignorant section of our fanbase – the kind that fly banners and show up for 30-man protests.

        For the record, if Petrino wants to leave after this year, more power to him. He’s actually given us something we haven’t had in a loooong time, the depth to realistically compete for a conference championship, and to be able to do it again the following year. We’re better than we were when he got here. That’s what he was hired to do. He’s a grown man, he can decide where he wants to work.

        This whole “job-hopper” horseshit is a creation of ESPiN (top college football sponsor? Home Depot), and is swallowed wholesale by the casual fan who actually thinks his fanhood for a certain team should be more important to a coach than that coach doing his job and what is best for himself and his family. Excuse me if I’d rather allow others to be judged from their own perspectives, instead of from some false construct I’ve built to justify my obsessions. It’s one of the trade-offs of being a rational adult.

        • piggly wiggly

          What, who’s the one falsely constructing around here? So confused… can’t follow “rational thought”… When did “rational thought” include conspiracy theories again?

          1998 Louisville (OC)
          1999–2000 Jacksonville Jaguars (QB)
          2001 Jacksonville Jaguars (OC)
          2002 Auburn (OC)
          2003–2006 Louisville
          2007 Atlanta Falcons
          2008–present Arkansas

          This is why he’s a “job-hopper”… because he just is, not because College Gameday is sponsored by Home Depot…

        • You think they pulled the listing from the website because of a few random message board participants? Hogger, please.😉

    • Dog in Fla

      Okay, but only because you insist…

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Hey Blutarsky: If a couple gets married in Arkansas and moves to Tennessee and gets a divorce, are they still brother and sister?

    • dudetheplayer

      Gotta love an Arky fan throwing around “slack-jaw” as an insult.

      You boys got some hurt butts over there, huh?

    • X-Dawg

      Correction, Dan Reeves resigned (with class) with 3 games left in the season. he was NOT fired with 3 games left. You self-righteous pigs need to get your facts right before blowing up on a Dawgs blog.

      • Reality

        FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — Dan Reeves was fired abruptly by the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday with three games left in a disappointing season.Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will take over as head coach for the rest of the season.Falcons owner Arthur Blank told Reeves — the sixth-winningest coach in NFL history — that he would be fired at the end of the season, but asked him to coach the final three games. Reeves asked to be let go immediately.”When Arthur told me he had made the decision about the end of the year, I knew it had to come to a fullness today,” Reeves said. “I’m an eternal optimist, so yeah, it was a surprise. But I’m also realistic enough about coaching to understand this is how it is in the NFL.”

        Looks like he just beat him to the punch (kinda like Petrino). But by all means, don’t let facts get in the way of a good Hog bashing.

        • X-Dawg

          Yeah, late night drinking does things to one’s memory. About the only part I had right was that Dan Reeves left with class while Petrino skulked out of town like a rat. And don’t worry, I never let facts get in the way of a good hog bashing. Thanks for participating.

  11. Dog in Fla

    The invaders from Porkopulous crossing our borders should be warned that Machete and Cheech or Chong returns from Cinco de Mayo to save Georgia not only from Arizona but Arkansas too…

  12. Aligator

    if you were bobby petrino and your “star” was in his last year and and your defense sucked balls, what do you think is going through his mind? “oh shit, i hope we win enough games to make me look good so i can go to bama next year when saben bolts from all of the inbred bullshit!” that way his ass can get back to doing what he really loves and just whipping everyone’s ass.

  13. thewhiteshark

    This has been a most interesting and entertaining thread. All I know is that Ryan Mallet is going to get introduced to Justin Houston in a more personal way than he ever wanted. There may be some hiccups in learning the 3-4 but these aren’t Willie’s pups anymore.

  14. Dawg19

    Jim Mora, Jr. Was the coach before Petrino, not Reeves.

    • RusDawg

      Don’t put too many coaching names out in front of those Sooooooie fans….they might have to FOIA your butt to make sure you don’t know something they don’t…..

    • Slack-Jaw

      Ewww… facts….

  15. Keith

    I don’t care for Petrino, but I will say that ,why is it that an organization can fire a coach with 1 thru 15 games left in the season, but if a coach “fires” a team….he is a scumbag? Petrino came out and said he was staying in Atlanta…so what, ever heard of the dreaded owners vote of confidence for a coach.

    Never understood that logic.

  16. Barry

    1990 – The year college football was invented, if you’re a Florida Gator fan. Also means the total ignorance of history in favor of recent results. Can be used to describe Georgia Tech fans who raved about their unique win over UGA in 2008.

    • Aligator

      Actually no, 1990 was the year Florida just came into it’s potential. At some point is was bound to happen. The 80’s were not so bad either as there were many good squads, although there was a bit of dumb stuff going on behind the scenes. why we have to go back to the 40’s before the Dawgs actually have a consisive edge in the series? Not all of the us appreciate the hatin’, but we do understand why. I’d be pissy too after the last 20 years for sure.

      • Russ

        Actually the 70’s were pretty much dominated by the Dogs as well.

        So 2000’s and 90’s to the Gators, 80’s and 70’s to the Dawgs, 60’s and 50’s to the Gators, before that to the Dawgs. Since we’re entering a new decade, and I’m hoping past performance dictates future winnings, I’d say we’re about to start a new 2 decade run. Discuss. 🙂

        • Aligator

          really who cares, it is just fun to play every year and have something fun to do. one day we will all be gone on to another place and they will keep playing without us and some one will be talking about all of this then! i am just glad we can keep up the yammering!

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            OK, let’s put an end to Aligator’s BS about the FLA/UGA series by the decades. 30s: UGA 8 wins, FLA 2 wins; 40s: UGA 7, FLA 1 (some games not played apparently due to the war); 50s: UGA 4, FLA 6; 60s: UGA 3, FLA 6 (1 tie); 70s: UGA 7, FLA3; 80s: UGA 8, FLA 2. 1990s and 2000s: 17-3 in favor of FLA. Except for the 50s (UGA wins 1 more and its even) and the 60’s (take out the 3 Johnny Griffith years and it’s even) UGA dominated until this last stretch. Look it up. I did.

            • Aligator

              you guys, i am always having a good time, we all know you guys lead the series and that it is a good one. yes, in due time things will swing around and we will be bitchin’. Good work Mayor. you guys know most of the time i am just commenting on the other stuff just like everyone else.

  17. Mr. Tu

    What the Hogs are failing to understand (or simply ignoring) is that it is not so much the fact that Petrino left Atlanta-but the way he left. The day before he left, he shook Blank’s hand and assured him he was staying. Instead, he bolted town without so much as a word to his team, leaving notes on their lockers.

    In the end, it was all for the best. He is/was a petulant asshole, who is/was unable to deal with professional athletes. The Falcons did nothing to him. He simply could not cut it. Funny, how the same Falcons operate as a successful operation when led by a competent, professional coach like Mike Smith