You know he’s a jerk. I know he’s a jerk. It’s all good, though.

If brevity is the soul of wit, score one for Stephen Garcia.

Jerri Spurrier recently reached out to Stephen Garcia to try to pick up the spirits of the South Carolina quarterback, who has been in the crosshairs of Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier all spring.

She told Garcia her husband was “going to push every button you have” to try to make him a better quarterback.

Garcia’s response: He already has.

My favorite part of the article is the Doug Johnson defense.

… Jerri Spurrier said her husband’s dealings with Garcia are similar to how he treated Johnson, who started 11 games during a five-year NFL career after leaving Florida.

“He and Doug had the same kind of pushing. He really pushed Doug a lot, and Doug would get just as angry as Stephen, and hurt,” she said. “I talked to Doug (recently), and he said, ‘I never would have made it in the pros if it weren’t for him. I couldn’t have done it. I wouldn’t have been that kind of person.'”

If a pro career that includes a 2-9 record as a starter and a passer rating of 69.4 constitutes “making it”, all I can say to the OBC is keep up the tough love with Garcia.  It’s bound to pay off this season.



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10 responses to “You know he’s a jerk. I know he’s a jerk. It’s all good, though.

  1. ugamatt

    Doug Johnson already had a huge signing bonus before ever showing up at Florida b/c of a baseball signing bonus, blew up the first day of Spring practice to go pick up his boat in Miami, and then was so out of shape he couldn’t complete a mile run.

    Spurrier’s usual method of threaten to pull scholarships didn’t work with Johnson because he didn’t NEED the opportunity and that’s what drove Spurrier crazy.

    On the other hand, Garcia is down to his last chance and I’m sure Spurrier is reminding him of that every day and holding it over his head.

    I think Terry Dean might be a more apt comparison…Spurrier has so screwed up Garcia in the head that it’s a train wreck waiting to happen.


  2. Mike

    The problems Doug Johnson had in the pros were the same problems he had at Florida; he could not read a defense. Which is strange as he is a smart guy. That used to drive Spurrier crazy, as Doug was extremely physically talented. For all Spurrier’s intense coaching, Doug could never seem to improve.

    Doug was not any better in the pros either, as I watched him have the same problems when he played for the Falcons

    In particular, Doug had a lot of problems with zone defenses, something the previous Florida QB, Danny Wuerffel excelled at picking apart. Doug would throw a perfect pass in triple coverage. He never could figure out zone reads. That is why his pro career was so short.


  3. What’s the over/under on the visor toss September 11th?


    • dean

      Unfortunately the Ol’ Ball Coach has gotten away from his patented visor toss. He’s more apt now to toss the head set and or pull the visor down around his neck. It’s a shame ‘cuz I love a good visor toss.


  4. Tommy

    “NFL Quarterback Stephen Garcia.”

    Say it aloud and see if your head doesn’t explode from the cognitive dissonance.

    At least Doug Johnson actually played on Sundays. If Garcia ever does more than carry a clipboard, it would be a monumental accomplishment for Spurrier.


  5. Tim Rankine

    Garcia was actually pretty good last year. He had no O line and not much of a running game. But I agree that his ceiling is limited and will be surprised if he exceeds his performance from ’09.


  6. Tery Dean

    Why would anyone ever want to play QB for Steve Spurrier? I sure wish I hadn’t.


  7. Aligator

    Doug Johnson was one of the biggest douche bags of all times and he was a nightmare of a QB. He had a huge ego and he always wanted to show the OBC up instead of just winning games. He was and is a very insecure man.

    what is sad here is that Garcia probably could have been a good QB, but OBC is 65 now and he is just an asshole who is going 8-5 every year and i actually played for him. Sad.


  8. Vious

    The kid has been a total disaster since the day he stepped onto campus

    He got arrested twice, got a girl prego, and has never been a hardcore guy with his work ethic

    He will never impress anyone and will never deal with negativity well

    I pray he starts against us