Birth of a Dictionary

Ho-kay, the first fifty entries in the lexicon are posted on a page you can click in the header.  Let me stress that this is a work in process, so don’t go postal on me if you don’t see something there you think belongs.

Seriously, if something isn’t listed, it’s likely because of one of these reasons:

  1. It’s funny, but… There are a bunch of things I read that made me laugh out loud which haven’t been included because I’m not sure anyone is going to be using them in the conversation at GTP.  Remember this is supposed to be a working dictionary for words and expressions people read here, not a Dawg’s Book of One-Liners.  (Although, come to think of it, that’s not a bad project either.)  I reserve the right to change my mind about any of these if I see them become a part of the general give-and-take.
  2. Overlapping concepts. There’re plenty of variations on a theme that I saw with many of the suggestions.  It’s certainly understandable – hell, Corrine Brown probably deserves a lexicon of her own – but in the interest of simplicity I’ve tried to pick an overriding expression that does the best job of covering the group.  Your mileage may certainly vary, and, again, if I’m convinced that I’ve omitted something deserving, I’m more than willing to add entries.
  3. I’m still struggling. The lexicon is a work in progress.  I haven’t figured everything out yet.  There are some concepts I want to tackle, but haven’t come up with a satisfactory term for.  There are some terms that I want to list, but so far an adequate definition of is lacking.  Take, for instance, “hot seat”.  I know we need a listing, but the fact is that for our dictionary what we really want is something about the Mark Richt meme plaguing us.  So do I call it “Mark Richt’s Hot Seat”?  Or, how about “MRIOTHS”?  I can’t get to a final definition until I’ve come up with a working expression.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I’ve been suitably impressed with and incredibly gratified by your suggestions and hope that you’ll continue to come up with plenty more where those came from.

The original post is linked on the Lexicon page, but I would suggest that going forward any new business either appear in the comments at that page or on the fly should you see or create a nice turn of phrase in a future comment or post.

Oh, and let me know what you think about what’s already there.


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5 responses to “Birth of a Dictionary

  1. Dog in Fla

    Reenactment (filmed at SEC Speed) of labor and delivery in “Birth of Dictionary”…


  2. Richtcarious – Rikt-karious (adj) – 1. The position a coach finds himself in after posting a winning percentage of .788 or fourth best among active coaches and whose team has the #1 APR rating in their conference. Often referred to as the “hot seat” by members of opposing fan bases and moronic members of their media that think he hasn’t been successful enough.

    Hot seat, considering it’s general meaning, was a tough one to use in a sentence and still maintain how we view the whole stupid idea of getting rid of CMR.


  3. shane#1

    Dog in Fla, while the video was quite amusing I do not understand why a video of tailgating at the University of Alabama belongs on the Senator’s blog.


  4. Cojones

    I’ll bet you were surprised like the rest of us as to the quantity and quality of the humor. I think we all understood from the git-go that they words had to be pertinent to present phraseology usage, but forgive us all for indulging to our wit’s end. I bow to several (and frequent) posters, principal among them being Red Blackman. Others had similar quality and all were a joy to read and appreciate the creative humor that describes Dawg fans.

    Please forgive some of us for not sticking assiduously to the subject, but what the hell!, it will continue to be fun and a way to vent nonaggressively.

    Good luck on compilation. Some of the nonpertinent stuff that I read deserves an addendum status just for the fun of it. Its good to blog among all of your good (and plain funny) souls.


  5. Cojones

    Upon review, include Brandon with Red Blackman. Now I’ll look at the words you have selected.