If you don’t mind, he’ll just be on his way.

It doesn’t sound like Da’Rick Rogers plans on a long stay in Knoxville.

… Now Rogers, Nance and the rest of the Vols are preparing for a seaspm (sic) that appears to be filled with uncertainty. Rogers said the future is bright, and the incoming star and his first-year coach think the 2010 results will depend greatly on a big intangible — chemistry.

“We’ve talked to all the players, trying to get close to everybody we’re going to be around for the next two or three years of our lives,” Rogers said.


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9 responses to “If you don’t mind, he’ll just be on his way.

  1. HVL Dawg

    so glad he’s not wearing the red and black.


  2. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    I hope by the time he’s done at UT he fully realizes just how stupid he was for de-committing from UGA. 3 years without having anybody to throw him the ball will do that.


  3. shane#1

    Was Rodgers using the Royal “We”?


  4. shane#1

    Sorry, I meant Rogers. Mantle was “Da Mick”, UT has Da Rick.


  5. 1992 Dawg

    I live in Dalton, just up the road from Da’Rick’s home town of Calhoun. Back around signing day, he was carrying a cardboard cutout of himself around his high school (on what few days he was actually there!). A friend, who’s wife is a teacher there, told me that we should be extremely glad that we didn’t end up getting this kid in Athens. He won’t be around long, because she says he won’t be able to keep the grades to stay in. In addition to that, he is a “mini Terrell Owens”, and will be poision to the Vols.


  6. NWG Dawg

    Yes, he is an interesting fellow, whats more interesting is the price tag the Nance’s pay to keep their “sons” together. The majority of the talk out of Darlington (where both kids attended before Rogers “left” followed shortly by Nash) was Rogers has all the intangibles of a receiver except for addition and subtraction….as a Calhoun and UGA grad, I hope ole Rambo does have first blood in Rogers’ case.


  7. GirlDawg

    Sounds like Pretty Boy has it all figured out, and by the way, he has a QB to throw to him thank you! He is bringing his bro Nash! Tag team tandem.. I am just saying, the Dawgs will be shaking it their boots… for 2 years or So.. Just sayin.. Thank God for unanswered Prayers! Get’em Rambo!


  8. FJ

    I wish the “adult” in Georgia would get over the fact that an 18 year old kid chose to go to another school.


  9. Vious

    It is kind of funny seeing so many people say they are glad that we didn’t get him. I think crap was spewing out of their mouths as they typed that.

    If he had come to UGA, he would be praised a an upcoming star.

    He speaks…well, like someone who needs a better education……….then again, we have plenty like that as well so no real sense in mocking him for that