Craig James: More than a witness?

There’s been a fair share of legal tap dancing from both sides in the Mike Leach-Texas Tech litigation, most of which is about what you’d expect, but one little allegation emerged which I hope gets fleshed out:

Exhibit C, the issue over affidavits from Athletic Trainer Steve Pincock who told three different versions of the so-called James “incident.”

This email written by regent Turner dated January first 2010 reads if Pincock quote “refuses or is reluctant to sign it should we ask whether he lied to the officials conducting an official investigation?”

He then hints Pat Campbell, Tech attorney could intervene.

“This is clearly, I think, no more than a veiled threat to Mr. pincock that if he didn’t change his affidavit and there’s some question to believe that the affidavits, subsequent affidavits were actually drafted by Spaeth Communications, a PR firm employed by Craig James.”

Texas Tech was letting Craig James directly take part in its investigation of Leach?  Do tell, please.  That’s the kind of lapse in judgment that can make for a truly entertaining courtroom encounter.  If this case ever does see the inside of a courtroom, they ought to put it on pay-per-view.


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10 responses to “Craig James: More than a witness?

  1. Joe

    I don’t know all the facts but considering how Mr. James was allowed by the the world wide cheerleader in sports to make his case ad nauseam and influence all that had the misfortune to listen during college bowl season (to include the TTU game) and how the WWCL openly took shots at Leach, and now this, leads me to believe that Mr. James is a douche bag of epic proportions. Now that isn’t to say that Leach didn’t do some of what was allegated but I’m with you, IF it ever sees the inside of a courtroom.


    • Macallanlover

      You are dead-on Joe, the WWL is culpable in this legal action for allowing James to taint the water from Day 1. It was only after facts began to emerge from other sources that ESPN began to hedge their initial position. The anchors were openly siding with James in the first 2-3 days and ridiculing Leach. You are correct, James is a DB, but it isn’t his fault an electronic pulpit was misused by an organization that should know better.

      I predicted early on that a settlement would be made where Leach would get nearly all he was due from his contract without a trial; I now think he may get an offer for a lot more. The Pirate may decide to seek a public trial to not only burn them for more money, but to show how the TT movers and shakers manipulated this situation. He appears to hold the strongest cards, and it will be very entertaining if he decides to play hardball.


  2. LRGK

    can you say ‘Meltdown’?

    All parties involved walk away with black eyes.


  3. 69Dawg

    Don’t count the WWL out they have positioned Mr. James as one of the key analysts on the off season College Football Live shows. They are trying their best to make him look like less of an SOB. It’s not working too well because he is about as obnoxious as you can get. Prior to this summer he was rarely on the show but now he is a regular.


  4. NCT

    Forget the courtroom. I’d settle for a transcript of the C. James deposition.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’ll bet the deposition of Craig James was taken on video. THAT is what I want to see.


  5. Joe stated “douche bag of epic proportions.” ……. ’nuff said.


  6. masivatack

    I doubt they could threaten any fate that could be worse than having the name “Pincock”.


  7. Cojones

    Pinheadcock? Pencildick? Clitorisdick? There ARE others.