The Lexicon is a living, breathing document, or, thanks, Dan.

I’ve tried to make sure you guys know that the publication of the first fifty entries in GTP’s lexicon is not an end.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Today marks its first addition.

My muse is Georgia Tech AD Dan Radakovich, who spreads this manure in his May 6th edition of “The Good Word”:

… Indeed, the world of football scheduling is difficult and ever-changing. While we desire to play quality opponents, we must look at creating balance to allow our team the ability to peak at the proper time and give our team the best chance to win. It is an art rather than a science and as Tech fans you must understand that we are doing everything possible to create the correct balance to allow for continued long-term success in our program.

I give the folks at Barrel of Rum credit for calling a spade a spade when they post

… Let’s cut the bullshit here. We bailed because we don’t want the potential loss. There, I said it. It’s not “balance” we’re seeking as the Bama games in 2013 & 2014 actually gave us balance…

Here’s Dan’s theme song.

And here’s the new baby.

  • Creating balance (v.) – dropping a formidable opponent from a school’s schedule to avoid an almost certain defeat.


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11 responses to “The Lexicon is a living, breathing document, or, thanks, Dan.

  1. GirlDawg

    WTF, Dance a little side step and lead the people on.. how many ways can DR say… the yellow bellies are skeered! Wonder if this was the Big Man CPJ’s idea??


  2. LRGK

    side splitting – the Brave Sir Robin link was great!


  3. 81Dog

    I love the Lexicon, Senator. I salute your wisdom in starting slowly; it’s much easier to add stuff than it is to remove stuff.

    Maybe some day, “The Joke By Coke,” aka “Sanford West,” will be good enough to rate a mention. Except for the lying and cheating year of Al Ford, UGA hasn’t lost there since Bobby Rothhhhhhhhhhhhh was lisping and spitting on sidelines in 1989.

    I guess Tech blew a chance to make it 3 in a row by losing in 2009. Well played, nerds!


  4. Will Trane

    We get all excited about Tech and Bama stories. Hate to say it but their men’s programs are definitely running ahead of ours. Or maybe the polls, rankings, and fan attendance show that. Frankly, I do not give a damn about them.

    What I’m trying to figure out is how our three major men’s programs are below par in the SEC.

    Coach Richt inspite of all negative press he gets about players’ issues and coaches made some tough decisions about each. It is time to see if both players and coaches are getting ready for 2010. If you win who cares about other teams schedules.

    Coach Fox is well on track.

    Coach Perno has some serious questions, issues, and decisions to make about the baseball program. The pitching on this team and staff has been bad. The ERA, games in which double digits scores have been given up, and the number of times at home they have allowed over 20 runs is almost hard to understand. Maybe it is time to look back and see if these guys have progressed and whether some are D1 players. He has to go with young pitchers the rest of the way out to see where he will go after the season ends. You have to go back to the series in Tallahassee last year and see there were serious pitching issues then. Perhaps some staff changes are needed like Coach Richt made after you defense continues to give points and TDs for several years in a row.

    But in the end some guys simply have to get tougher, mentally and physically. Amazing how far this program has fallen after 2008 in CWS.


  5. Vious

    It is funny because Tech fans for years have been bashing us for not going outside the area for a non-conference game for years….yet here they are basically cutting and running

    It shows what absolute pathetic confidence they have in their coach and program. Everyone knows it too.

    Must be good to have admin that basically says….we wouldn’t win those games anyway


  6. Mayor of dawgtown

    I wish UGA had created the correct balance in its 2009 schedule by dropping Okie State. There, I said it.


  7. NRBQ

    There’s something Tech-like about Python’s medieval scenes always lacking actual horses.

    Just can’t put my finger on it……


  8. Cojones

    Did Tech pay to get out of the Bama games? It would offset the 1 mil that Aub paid when Tuberville came onboard and didn’t want to play FSU (who had been scheduled by the Bowdens). They (Tech)should have paid to reschedule. Don’t blame them though. Not being able to win at least one SEC game while representing the ACC as champions would spell disaster to that now second- class conference. On the other hand, why hasn’t UGA taken on Miami in Miami? It would help the recruiting game substantially in that area. Then bring’em to Athens. They are a more worthy opponent than Tech and represent a betterment of the recruiting base. I like’em over all the teams in Fla because of their big city location and their big-team rep. Their coaching staff and team have cleaned up their thug rap considerably to their credit.


  9. Cojones

    Another thing- the creampuffs on our schedule this year is a reflection of the same cut and run philosophy and copies FUs schedule from last year. While our’s is only slightly odiferous, theirs stunk to high heaven. I’m not proud of any weak sister schedule in any championship conference, much less the SEC. Our last year’s schedule was starcrossed when we hadn’t fully recovered from the previous year’s injury disaster, but at least we were proud of the competitive nature depicted in the strength of that schedule. While it was used by some to bash the AD I didn’t agree with their illogic since the schedule is done 2-3 yrs ahead. We need to get the timing right and keep competition high. Screw the “one for the win column” posters and pundits. We are proud of our team’s history on the gridiron and in all competitive endeavors. I don’t want to throw that aside for some pussy’s idea of what a win over a substandard fill-in opponent means to our program. We should schedule Miami next year if we can.


    • The “same cut and run philosophy”? I must have missed the “cut” part. Who did Damon ask to reschedule this season?

      Also, the Colorado game looked like it might be more imposing when it was scheduled five years ago. Who knew Hawkins would be a failure as a head coach there?