His own private Idaho

So how much does Chris Peterson like coaching at Boise State?  In his case, you can put a price tag on it.

Recently, the State Board of Education unanimously approved a new five-year, $8 million contract for head football coach Chris Petersen. Under the contract, Petersen will make $1.28 million this year and an additional $200,000 if he is still head coach of the Broncos in February of next year.

Under his old contract, Petersen would have made $1.30 million this year and an additional $250,000 if he still holds his position in Feb. 2011.

That’s right.  The man took a pay cut after the most successful season in school history.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him if the Broncos play in the BCS title game this season.


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14 responses to “His own private Idaho

  1. Dog in Fla

    “if the Broncos play in the BCS title game this season,”

    Chris will be poor people…


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Wow. I’m actually pretty impressed that the guy would do that. I’m not sure I would. But, it is a principled stand when teachers everywhere are losing their jobs, and likely professors are in danger at Boise State itself, so kudos to him.

    And, it should be pointed out, $1.28 million a year is still enough to make him the owner of Idaho.


  3. MT

    While the AD did acknowledge it as a pay cut, there could be some other modifiers that changed… like this one (the Hewitt Clause?):

    “It also provides for automatic one-year extensions each time the Broncos win at least eight regular-season games.”



    • Dawgaholic

      So he took a $70,000 cut from his million dollar salary to add a clause that his million dollar contract automatically renews every year he meets an extremely easily attainable goal for someone in his position.

      I’d do that everyday and twice on Sunday.


      • The point is that he would have been treated better at a place like, say, Tennessee (where his former DC just signed a three-year contract at a cool $600K per year, BTW).


        • Dawgaholic

          Or maybe he just likes Boise and thinks this cash cow will pay him more long term than jumping into the current mess at UT and needing a miracle to not get canned in 4 or 5 years.

          Notice his buyout remains pretty low if an actual good opportunity becomes available.


          • Right to Left

            “Notice his buyout remains pretty low . . .”

            My first thought was that this contract both assures his employment at BSU while keeping him in position to easily move up if he wants.

            But then I’m a cynic at heart.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Given the above if he wins the BCSNC game he’ll probably get fired.


  5. Macallanlover

    I think Chris Peterson is not only a class act as a HC, but one of the best coaches in CFB. He has certainly proven himself capable of a higher profile opportunity but he isn’t a CUM, CNS type of mercenary. I wish him well every season but particularly this one. If he wins the opener against Va Tech, the Broncos will make it all the way to the BCS finale and inflame the debate. I am for anything that exposes the current political MNC “playoff” as the fraud it is.

    That has nothing to do with CCP’s character, but I think he is good enough to pull this off. Even though he wouldn’t have gone due to his son, there were several coaching vacancies the last two seasons where he would have been my top choice if I had been the AD, including a couple in the SEC, and one in Atlanta.


    • If BSU is deserving and makes the BCS title game, how does that expose a fraud? In fact, wouldn’t that be a vindication of the BCS’ effort to match the two best teams in the title game, regardless of conference affiliation?


      • Macallanlover

        Poorly stated in my post, I don’t think Boise would be any more fraudulent than any other “selected” team. I meant the current BCS method of identifying the two teams is already questionable, thus any champion, or participant in the finale, is without proper credentials for claiming a NC (imo). Boise being one of the chosen two would only magnify that belief.

        Boise as the winner, or as the team chosen to legitimize the winner, will set off a firestorm against the BCS…..either way. That is why I want them to make it. If Boise starts in the Top 5 preseason, and is one of two unbeatens, I don’t see how they can be held out. Imagine a one loss Bama, OSU, Texas, or OU getting passed over for Boise. It would make for some lively conversation around the CFB chat boards, and may convert more to the need for a more inclusive playoff system. Deeelightful!!