Finebaum humps the meme again.

I give him credit for coming up with some new wine in an old bottle – the reason “class guy” Mark Richt in on the hot seat, or as Finebaum puts it, “a sneeze away from being in grave trouble”, is because he “has lost favor with the fans for antics and failed stunts”.

My only question is, when is ‘Bama just going to go ahead and send him out recruiting?  He’s already got the outfit.



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  1. Dog in Fla

    CSI: What Not To Wear

    Speaking of stunts, Paul is captured above in a somewhat non-Butch pensive pose as he stands on his hind two legs holding out his front paws waiting on a treat from Nick.

    What Paul fails to realize is that not only does Nick not have the time for this poseursh!t, he doesn’t have time for treats for others and could not care less about what costume anybody wears and that dates back to Nick’s time at the Mansion rec room..


  2. Boss Dawg

    Prime example of why we need the finebaum definition by Derek added to the lexicon or come up with an alternative.
    finebaum: (n)/ balm applied to a coach or program by a journalist to help said journalist’s interests. ex: Chris Low put a really good finebaum on this story….

    or just keep it simple and to the point in this case,

    finebaum: (n)/ balm applied to Nick Saban’s man parts to help his master.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Finebaum has forfeited the right to be called a sports journalist by his flagrant shilling for Bama.


  3. Patrick

    He kinda looks like Mr. Burns in Bama garb…


  4. thewhiteshark

    Richt has lost favor with THE fans for antics and failed stunts. I guess I’m not one of THE fans just a fan who still thinks highly of CMR. Maybe Finebaum gets his ideas from gleaning data from such reliable places like the AJC message boards.


  5. gernblanski

    Look it is Finebaum annual prediction. He started predicting that our fanbase had Richt on the hot seat after 2004. He backed off it in 2005 but he has predicted it every year since ’05.

    Unless CMR leaves of his own volition, I would guess it will come true at some point and then Finebaum will gloat by saying that he predicted it would happen all the way back in 2004!


  6. Tommy

    What a sad individual. That shirt nearly swallows his twee little frame. His life’s work has been churning out linkbait and riling up rednecks on his call-in show. He probably hasn’t practiced the actual craft of journalism in two decades.

    What I don’t understand is why he holds so much more sway than the average Bleacher Report scribbler. Who couldn’t do his job?


  7. Spike

    I think he has a very serious man crush on Saban. What a douche.


  8. MWO

    His show is on XM in the afternoons. It is sickening to listen to the callers who are barely sober enough to dial the phone. They sound as if they are insanely jealous of UGA. One of them was all over Damon Evans yesterday, saying how much better of a hire Anthony Grant was than Mark Fox. Am I missing something?


  9. Rusdawg

    Ok, reading that article just got me to thinking there should be a new phrase added to the Lexicon.

    “It Goes Without Saying” : But I am going to say it anyways.


  10. Richt-Flair

    He looks like little bunny foo foo with those tiny arms curled up the way they are.


  11. Derek

    For those interested, this is the text of an e-mail I sent Finebaum this morning in response to his article:


    It would seem that suggesting that the active coach with the 3rd highest winning percentage among FBS schools (behind only Meyer and Stoops) would require some additional factual basis than what is provided in the referenced article as well as your continued references to the “Mark Richt is on the hot seat” theory on the radio. Coach Richt has coached 9 seasons at Georgia not 10. If he had been at Georgia for a full ten seasons then he would qualify to be the 19th or 20th winningest (by percentage) coach in the entire history of Division I college football. In 2/3rds of Richt’s seasons Georgia has won 10 or more games and finished in the Top Ten nationally. Given the challenges of consistently succeeding at the highest levels in the SEC, beyond platitudes and speculations about a fan base with which you are unfamiliar, how can any logical argument be made that Coach Richt is deserving of being on the “hot seat”?

    While Georgia’s continued struggles vs. UF are apparent, it isn’t as if anyone else is beating UF at a high rate either. Ironically, in the two season Georgia beat UF, they did not win the East and all three SEC East Titles came in years that Georgia lost to Florida. Further, Coach Richt has winning records vs. every other SEC opponent save LSU in which he is .500. He is 3-1 vs. Alabama including the only 2 wins at Tuscaloosa in school history. He is also 8-1 vs. Tech and has won 4 straight vs. Auburn. These are not numbers that get you fired.

    Coach Dooley had many mediocre season in his 25 seasons at Georgia. In 12 seasons Dooley’s teams failed to win 8 games. While there may have been grumbling from some, Dooley was never in danger of losing his job, although Georgia came close to losing him on a couple of different occasions. Donnan almost got another year after losing 3 straight to Tech. The point is that Georgia historically does not hire and fire football coaches just because they haven’t won a National Title.

    You can say it all you’d like but Coach Richt isn’t going anywhere until he decides to leave. While you may not, the vast majority of Georgia fans and alums realize that there is a greater chance of the program collapsing if he is replaced than if he is kept. Further, if Richt was fired, who in their right mind would want the job? It would be about as unattractive as the Alabama job after Stallings. Why did Bama have to pick from the dregs of the coaching fraternity for so long? It was because expectations were set too high. Why would Georgia want to go through what Bama went through for ten years when the guy we have gives us the chance to compete at the highest level now? If you are right, who does Damon Evans hire that is a guaranteed step up from Coach Richt? That question can not be answered satisfactorily.

    While I hate to speculate about motives, it does seem convenient for Alabama to have someone dragging down the Georgia program. It probably helps with recruiting in Georgia with some recruiting targets. Perhaps it gets you a guest coaching spot at the A-Day game.

    If I get a response, I’ll let you all know.


    • Paul

      Dear Derek,

      Thank you for your thoughtful email message. I can tell that you are a detailed-oriented young man. At least with regard to things you see in your mind through those Disney Dawg protective safety goggles.

      Now young man, as The Bear and I like to say, “When you get in the endzone, act like you’ve been in that part of the Arena before.”

      Nick has authorized me to pass along a rare photo of a two-headed Nick smiling to the Gods and holding what to your guy Mark is a foreign object in the air after our pier six brawl with Colt’s shoulder.

      Print a hardcopy and tack it to the cubicle wall so that it may serve as a reminder that only a select few can wear the Crimson Mask and that it can only be worn by those from Tuscaloosa.

      Warmest Personal Regards,

      Mr. Finebaum


    • Ricky McDurden

      He’s a putz and a wimp. He wouldnt have the balls, brainpower, or journalistic integrity to a.) read your (well thought out, informative) rebuttal, b.) comprehend why it doesn’t have a Bama slant he can relate to, and c.) take any time out of his BUSY schedule pissing on the southeast to satisfactorily give a reason as to how you are wrong and provide actual people within the UGA higher up that are disappointed in any way with what Richt has put together. He’s a cur and for the life of me I’ll never understand how he is held in any regard above that of a small-town country station host.


  12. JasonC

    Paul Finebaum… sports radio host, writer, pot-stirrer… lurker near the showers of the men’s locker room.


  13. Vious

    He is absolutely a douchebag that says things strictly to get people riled up

    But he really isn’t that off….if we win 8 games again this year especially another UF loss….just wait as more and more UGA fans will look at the lack of an SEC Title in 6+ years.

    UF winning another East Title while we stay home again will not sit well and people will want either an SEC East Title in 2011 or else


    • Mayor of dawgtown

      Once again you demonstrate to all that you are completely FOS. In 2007 UGA tied for the SEC East title. Had the Vandy kicker not doinked a field goal attempt off the upright at the end of the Vandy-UT game, or the UK QB (and coaching staff, IMO) not choked at the end of the UK-UT game, UGA would have played in, and probably won, the 2007 SECCG. (Probably the BCSNCG, too.) But, alas, those things happened and UGA lost a tiebreaker and did not get to play. Nevertheless, the Dawgs finished #2 in the nation in the final polls that year-only 3 seasons ago. Really bad luck. Most UGA fans are not crazy (like you). Another 8 win season does nothing to CMR except probably get him even more motivated. No hot seat now-no hot seat then.


      • Ben Rockwell

        Or, you know, UGA not soiled themselves against Carolina or, you know, UGA not given up 28 to UT in Knoxville, UGA would have played in the SEC title game. 2007 is all on the Dawgs for losing winnable games. Credit does go to Richt, though, for turning that ship around for a helluva season. Who would have expected a #2 finish in a year in which we squeaked by Vandy?


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The SEC Champion and BCS National Champion that year, LSU, lost the same number of games as the Dawgs did (including losing to UK whom the Dawgs beat). Why did LSU get the chance and the Dawgs did not? Just the way the cards fell. Bad luck.


  14. Derek

    The Crimson Mask as defined by the Urban dictionary:

    This is a “mask” that a person wears when they have been thoroughly beaten to the point where there whole face is covered in blood.

    According to Wikipedia the Crimson Mask is a professional wrestling term referring to someone who has been cut and blood is covering their face.

    So I guess the author’s point is that only those from Tuscaloosa can/should/ought/deserve to be beaten to a bloody pulp. I suppose that I can only encourage the frequent wearing of same by Bammers.

    If you’ve ever wondered the reason why people in Poland make jokes about Alabama, look in the mirror. You’ll find it staring right back at you. I’d call you stupid, but that would be insulting to stupid people. I think f**ktard is the most appropriate moniker I can bestow upon you.


  15. Derek


    Even assuming that we only win 8, which isn’t likely to happen, can you or anyone else for that matter, tell me who the magic replacement is that is going to turn the UF series around? It seems to me that we have a much better chance of being competitive in that series by maintaining the continuity of the program as is. You just don’t fire a guy like Richt with his record and expect top quality coaches to want the job. Moreover, there are no head coaches with better resumes that are coming to Athens and there are no “sure thing” coordinators out there. The bottom line is that we are in the best position to win as things are now and you don’t change horses until the one you are riding has totally broken down and we aren’t close to that. If we lose to Tech in 3 consecutive seasons or get stuck in 4th in the SEC then maybe, but right now the only reason that anyone could be displeased with CMR is because he hasn’t performed to the standard that he established. Its not as if anyone, without Herschel, has ever done at Georgia what Richt did from 2001 to 2005. Why would anyone think that there is another coach out there who will replicate that? We have the best coach that Georgia’s ever had. Why assume that a replacement would be better?

    As I point out in my e-mail to the Great Douche, there is a danger in allowing an unrealistic fan base run the show. It didn’t work out for Alabama for quite awhile and UT is facing the result of it now.

    I don’t know where you stand politically and don’t care, but from 2001 to 2009 any objective observer can see what happens when you decide to fix what ain’t broke. It can really be pretty damn ugly.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Derek, I am more concerned that “fans” like Vious will piss off CMR and he will go elsewhere. How many programs in the U.S. would love to have the coach with the current 3rd highest winning percentage coaching for their team? I would bet plenty.


    • gernblanski

      Derek – I am going to play the Devil’s advocate here, but late me state up front that I in no way want CMR to be on the hotseat. I do happen to agree with Vious that CMR probably is closer to the hot seat than the faithful would like to believe. Also, I happen to think that if we go 7-5 or worse in 2010 that there will be serious discussions about CMR’s future.

      HOWEVER, do not think for one minute that CMR cannot be replaced. In John Cooper last 10 years at OSU, his record was 92-29-2 (.748). The Buckeyes won 3 conference titles and played in 3 BCS games. However his record against Michigan was 2-7-1. The Buckeyes were 6-6 and 8-4 his last two years. Cooper was fired because the AD thought that the program had plateaued and had too many off the field distractions. Most people in the national media thought OSU was crazy and who were the going to get that was better. The most prominent names who had contact with OSU to replace Cooper were Jon Gruden (is their a job where is not a candidate), Mike Bellotti, Tyrone Willingham, Glen Mason, Walt Harris and Chris Speilman. In the end, OSU hired Jim Tressel who was not the most popular choice.

      All Tressel has done is go 94-21 (.895). Win 1 National Title, play in 2 more NC games, and 5 other BCS games. They have won 7 conference titles and he is 8-1 vs Michigan.

      Obviously, finding a Tressel is not easy. Given the set of facts, I would say that CMR could be our John Cooper (and there is nothing wrong with that.)

      The real question is if you replace him are you confident that you can find a Jim Tressel?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Very cogent analysis. Jim Tressel was in a unique situation vis-a-vis the Ohio State job. He was the head coach of Youngstown State, a perennial DI-AA power in the same state. He recruited the state himself and had a network of HS coaches sending him players for years already. It was a perfect fit. The OSU insiders knew about Tressel but not the general public.


        • gernblanski

          Yes – I do think that Tressel was in a unique situation and I am not saying that there is another “Tressel” out there ready to become our next head coach.

          I just think those type of statements – “Who are you going to get that is better?” should be reserved for just a small handful coaches who deserve the benefit of doubt.

          IMHO, the only coaches who deserve that reputation are Tressel, Petersen, Saban, Meyer, and Mack Brown. It pains me with every bone in my body to put Meyer and Saban on the list (I absolutely despise them) but those five are the best in college football.

          Heck you could even make arguments that Saban and Meyer might not deserve to make this type of list. Saban because he has not won at this pace until he got to Alabama and Meyer because Spurrier had a dominant program at Florida before Meyer’s arrival (with Zook in between.)

          Of course, the downside of making a switch from Richt is illustrated by Michigan and possibly Tennessee and Auburn. I know Lloyd Carr “retired” but the reality is that no one was begging him to stay 3 years ago when the team underachieved with Henne & Co. Rodriguez was supposed to bring them to the 21st century with his methods, recruiting, and offense. They are worse off now than they were at any point under Lloyd Carr or Gary Moeller.

          Tennessee thought they could do the same thing by pushing Fulmer out. Instead they got Kiffykins and his antics before he ran off into the night for the West Coast. I have reservations that Dooley will make it two years in Knoxville.

          Auburn said goodbye to Tommy Tuberville and then could not get anyone to take the job. Chizik may end up being a decent coach but will he really be an upgrade from the previous staff?


  16. NRBQ


    I knew you was a socialist!

    Paul F.


  17. Jay

    Hey Dawg fans…welcome to Auburn’s world…we live with this crap 5 days a week 52 weeks a year..his show is all bammer, all the time, with all negativity pointed at Auburn.He knows who butters his bread, and it ain’t AU or UGA fans….it is the toothless nation that worships at the alter of the bahr and mighty $aban…Finescum is only catering to the crowd that makes him money….I don’t listen to his show any more, and my life has drastically improved, and yours will too.