The WWL’s go-to guy for sports administration

Craig James never ceases to amaze me.  Fresh off his assistance with the administration at Texas Tech on how to handle the firing of a head coach, he’s now moved into the field of career advice.

ESPN’s Craig James said he encouraged Randy Shannon not to sign an extension and gamble that he would help his bargaining position next season, the final year of his contract.


… But that would hurt recruiting; an assistant coach at another Florida school said opponents are hoping an extension doesn’t materialize and that there’s a backlash from local high school coaches.

James is going to be a real treat to follow this fall.


UPDATE: Shannon didn’t take his advice.


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10 responses to “The WWL’s go-to guy for sports administration

  1. gernblanski

    Craig James is a boob.

    If you are using him as an advisor, you should apply the Costanza policy and do the opposite of what Craig James says. It will work out much better for you in the end.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    At some point, ESPN’s going to have to step in and get him to either cut crap like this out, or drop him from the network. I know that he’s an “analyst” and not a “reporter”, but there are still journalistic boundaries that can’t be crossed, and giving a coach career advice is certainly one of them. ESPN has looser standards than many other newsgathering organizations, but I’m shocked that they’d stand by this sort of behavior from one of their analysts. The business at Texas Tech was bad enough, but at least he had a kid in the fight. Unless he and Randy Shannon have a friendship that predates his employment at ESPN, I have a problem with this.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Randy finishes his Chinese lunch in Little Havana. Fortune reads, “Stay Away From Craigslist”. Randy puts Craig on call block.


  4. Emotional Fescue

    “OK Craig, I know this might not be the traditional company you put your money in, but a guy told me about this start-up company called Google out in Silicon Valley”

    “Nah, screw those hippies. I have a feeling about this Enron company. You know the got the naming rights to the new Astros stadium.”


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    They figure he’ll draw viewers on the Howard Cosell brick in the face effect.


  6. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Well, perhaps he’ll win Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s seat in US Senate and he can get his nose out of the important business of college football and stick into areas where it won’t matter as much.


  7. The Realist

    Craig James is the last guy I would take career advice from. Ever.


  8. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Craig James needs to be put down.


  9. Aligator