A final thought on the Logan Gray decision

A couple of weeks ago, I posed this question:

(2) Hale is reporting that, “From what I’ve been told, he truly wants to play receiver now and that’s not much of an option at UGA apparently.” Does that mean that the coaches would rather have him leave the program entirely than change positions now?

Keep that in mind as you read this quote from Richt that Hale posted yesterday.

… After spending all spring — and the first month afterward — assuring fans that no quarterback had won the starting job yet, Richt relented somewhat Wednesday, saying that it would be likely that Murray, a redshirt freshman, would be the starter and appeared ready for the job.

“He’s to the point, in my opinion, where he just needs to play,” Richt said.

So, yeah, it looks like this came down to a duel between Gray, insisting that a move to receiver was in his best interest if he wanted a chance to see the field in a meaningful way, and the coaches, with their (justified) concern about the lack of depth such a move would create at quarterback.  In the end, it looks like Richt graciously conceded on the matter.

Although he sounds like a man who’s not completely shutting his options down,

… While Richt said Gray’s work at receiver would likely eliminate his chances of being the starter — and thus making Aaron Murray the de facto winner of the competition — the position change wouldn’t necessarily mean Gray would be dropped from the depth chart altogether.

“I don’t know what (Mason) can do,” Richt said. “If he’s ready, he’ll still play. If we don’t think he’s ready, I would be more than happy to have Logan continue to be our No. 2 and then just go from there.”

… it’s hard to see how you can give a lot of meaningful snaps in practice to someone who’s willingly relegated himself to little more than an emergency option at quarterback.



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20 responses to “A final thought on the Logan Gray decision

  1. HVL Dawg

    Hines Ward


  2. BA Dawg

    Its better than the alternative, not having him at all. If Murray goes down at least we will have someone available that knows the system, not a true freshman that doesn’t.


  3. David H.

    Looks like Logan will be in the mix at QB only if something disastrous happens with Murray (injury, suspension, horrible performance), which we hope doesn’t become an issue.

    Interestingly, Oklahoma in 2005-2006 went through a sort-of-similar thing when freshman Rhett Bomar beat out junior Paul Thompson during the ’05 season, and Thompson switched position to WR. Just prior to ’06, Bomar was kicked off the team for receiving illegal benefits, and Thompson, as an emergency measure, was switched back to QB. The Sooners then actually won the Big 12 in ’06.

    But let’s hope that sort of drama doesn’t happen at UGA anytime soon… Wishing Murray all the best!


  4. sUGArdaddy

    It makes sense. Let the kid play at WR if he can help us. He can still get some mop up duty the first game to knock off the rust just in case. We need WR’s, and I LOOOOOVE QB’s at new positions. I just think they have an awareness of the ball that most others don’t (see Sean Jones, Bicarri Rambo).

    Logan can help this team win at WR. To me, this sounds like something some other team would do, which is why I think it’s cool. Heck, David Palmer made a pretty good backup QB at Bama when Barker went down a couple of games.


  5. JC in Powder Springs

    Emergency option at both QB and WR.

    By the way, Dawgs must be running out of walk-ons to give scholys to. Faloughi, Frix & Gloer are heartwarming stories if the goal is to win the nice-guy award. What’s next, the chearleaders get a football ‘ship? CMR needs to learn a new word, “attrition”, and sign the full 24 next February. Sorry to be judgemental, but don’t championship coaches anticipate these problems? We do have a history of attrition that’s fairly easy to track.


    • BenG

      Gloer, the most recent, is a redshirt senior, according to the report I read. His scholly won’t matter next year.


      • JC in Powder Springs

        How often have we heard recruits who went on to become fine players say, “I wanted to go to UGA or I’ve always been a huge fan of the Dawgs, but they never offered”. I know hindsite is 20/20 and it’s easy to second guess CMR now, but the Dawgs really should have tried to sign one or two more players last February. Handing out 1 ‘ship to a walk-on is heartwarming. But does handing out 3 reflect a coach who isn’t paying much attention to the attrition the program experiences every off-season?


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I also am concerned with what seems to be a not so sophisticated use of scholarships. Use the limit, man. It’s like money–you can’t take it with you. Use it or lose it.


        • Are you saying he should have known he’d be kicking two kids off the team after signing day?


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            They weren’t at the limit before. If I am wrong show me and I will take it back.


          • JC in Powder Springs

            If it’s not somebody like Blake Barnes leaving to get more playing time, then its Tony Wilson or Coleman Watson or Kearney or Knox or Johnson or Adams or Oliver or any one of at least a dozen others who were gone for one reason or another.

            Should CMR know players will get kicked off? The answer might be yes – players are kicked off, injured, (i.e. ‘gone’) with such regularity every off-season CMR should expect some level of attrition. Losing players to attrition is actually the norm, while the chances of all February’s 85 projected ‘ship players remaining with the team is nearly zero.

            I’d say if CMR had issued one more 3-star scholy each of the last 9 signing days, one could be pretty confident that a spot on the 85 roster would have opened during the off-season. That adds up to 9 extra 3 star players over the years, and the probability that at least one of those extra players turning into a starter or major contributor becomes more likely as the years pass.

            As said previously, its 20/20 hindsight and second guessing, but CMR would be looking smarter right now had he signed at least one additional player/’ship last February. Anyway, it’s something for fans to discuss during the off season and beats reading what mr. college football barnhart has to say.


            • As I understand it, part of the thinking on where to cap the offer numbers for the 2010 class resulted from the feeling that the 2011 class in Georgia is very, very deep – deeper than 2010’s – and the coaches wanted to hold slots for then.


        • Maybe this will make you feel a little bit better.


  6. Dawgfan17

    The thing about giving the walk-ons a full ride is that it is only for one year. Next year we can still sign players in their place. Gloer had this happen last year. I remember an article about him possibly having to leave this year due to money issues since the scholarship they gave him last year was a one year thing. Their is no down side at all to giving walk-ons a 1 year scholarship. They are told when they recieve it that it might not be renewed the next year depending on the numbers the team signs.


  7. Dawgfan17

    *there not their*


  8. Vious

    The fact that coaches didn’t start Logan against OSU nor play him that much the entire season speaks volumes as to their confidence in him

    They have none


  9. kckd

    Is Dienhart shocked? I think he said Richt would need to start Logan to save his job.