“This has everybody scared to death.”

It’s funny how people who toss out antitrust complaints about the BCS and accuse the Big 6 of behaving monolithically in suppressing economic fairness don’t have much to say about the dog-eat-dog, every-conference-for-itself nature of Big Ten expansion and the dominoes that might be set in play as a result.

Here’s the sound of collusion from the former ACC commissioner Gene Corrigan:

“My hope is whoever starts it doesn’t do anything excessive. The idea of a 16-team conference just messes up everything. I hope that doesn’t happen. I just think it would be … it would end up being harmful to a lot of people.”

You’d think conspirators would get along better than that.

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  1. Dog in Fla

    This is what happens when the commissioners of the microscopic conferences invite the Big 6 conspirators to a nsfw breakfast meeting for a roundtable on big league BCS conference wealth retention and redistribution matters. Delany draws the short straw and has to attend as the only Big 6 rep. Supporting role as oldest mean bald socialist is typecast (Orrin Hatch). As usual, Delany (Buscemi) stars in his role….