The meme picks up speed.

It’s getting to the point where any burp in the world of college football can only mean one thing:  Mark Richt is on the hot seat!

Today, we get this six-degrees-of-Mark Richt story:

By negotiating a contract extension for athletic director DeLoss Dodds beyond August 2011, the Longhorns retained an invaluable resource in an uncertain college landscape.

In the process, the talk of Mack Brown moving into the athletic director’s office by 2011 stopped. So did the speculation that head coach-designate Will Muschamp would then take over on the Texas sidelines…

… Expect considerable hand-wringing from Texas fans about keeping Muschamp. Remember Tennessee’s off-season pursuit? Concern is justified.

Three prime coaching spots could come open by December – Florida (where Urban Meyer’s health remains a question), Georgia (Muschamp’s alma mater) and LSU (where Muschamp was once defensive coordinator). Each would be attractive.

By December, hmmm?  I guess I can look forward to plenty of blog traffic this winter.


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33 responses to “The meme picks up speed.

  1. hassan

    Wait…Mark Richt’s still the coach?!? I thought we fired him after the disastrous ’05 season?

    • The Realist

      Lol @ disastrous 2005. I’ll take that train wreck of a season every year… with the exception of Fourth & Willie, Shockley’s injury vs. Arky, and the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl, that was a pretty banner year.

      • hassan

        Funny how most schools would kill for the record that Richt has amassed. Yet he’s “on the hot seat”…sheesh.

  2. Russell

    I am just amazed at the number of people (Sportswriters, CFB fans, and yes, even UGA fans who just don’t get it… Richt ain’t going nowhere. It’s not that hard to come to that conclusion, either.

  3. The Realist

    Can someone give me a rational, literate explanation why Richt’s job is even remotely on the line this season?

    • So, are you saying here that Finebaum isn’t rational or isn’t literate?😉

      • Russell

        Finebaum…Another excuse to laugh at the state of AlaBammer

        • HamDawg11

          Yeah, I live here and am never far from something that makes me chuckle.

          Long Live Coach Richt!!!!!!!

          • Russell

            The Alabama Bingo Wars really take the cake. The friends I have in Alabama are totally embarrassed about it.

      • The Realist

        I would argue that the “someone” implies a human, which automatically excludes Finebaum as he is nothing more than a soulless machine created to like Saban’s taint.

    • Ed O

      Yaw wawn no why da coh gawn git gawn? Ah tell youin ifn yaw wan. Gotta git out dem chek book frum da boostahs to git dat mownay faw da progahm. Gottah spend to connek wit da recroots. Gotta dang ol’ Twittah an uh Fasebook nowah days. Git youin ah limo and git ’em fire upped. Den yaw gat a team to cumpete fo’ da essa see see champeenchip.

  4. Gob

    I seriously doubt that this kind of stuff bothers Richt very much at all, but I wonder what would happen if Evil Richt was thawed out of carbonite and made it his mission to silence the haters this fall.

    • Will (the other one)

      Well if it’s an entire season like the stretch from the cocktail party in ’07 on, I’m all for it (results-wise, not gimmick-wise.)

      • SSB Charley

        I agree. I’d love for us to see an entire season of Evil Richt, stomping mudholes into the likes of South Carolina and Kentucky, slapping Florida around and leaving Irvin Meyers crying like a sorority girl without a date to the barn dance.

  5. Zdawg

    The real question is, when does all the BS speculation begin to affect recruiting?

    • dean

      Recruiting is probably where all this crap got started anyway. Rival coaches telling recruits “You don’t wanna go to Georgia CMR is on the hot seat come play for us. Then the recruits start talking and next thing you know………..

    • Richt doesn’t sound too concerned about that.

      • dean

        Neither do the recruits. Sterling Baily committed yesterday and all reports are that the Wesley-Scott kid will commit to the dawgs today.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This “hot seat” business is a false rumor started by our enemies because: (1)they want Richt to leave, and (2) they think they can get some sort of advantage in recruiting. They are wrong on both counts. Nevertheless, it really pisses me off.

  7. Reptillicide

    It more amuses me than pisses me off, mainly because it makes the people who run with the meme look like fools

  8. CLT Dawg

    You know, it occurs to me that Finebum is probably more than a little nervous about what Richt has going on right now. He knows that if CMR has a great year it will put a serious crimp in the tide’s ability to recruit top prospects in GA, and he can’t stand the thought of that. Sooooo….toss out a rumor as long as it takes to stick and pick up steam. I mean, if you say enough times, doesn’t it become true?

  9. pcsjax1

    Mark Richt makes $2.8 million plus endorsements. He has been long on “Figurehead” and short of results. 10 win seasons but no championships in the past four long years. He window for achieving the National Championship is the first ten years! I see success in Richt’s career but I also see a lot of failures. The Dawg Nation is uncertain going into the 5th straight year as to the direction of the team!
    Muschamp and Smart could do no worse!

    • SSB Charley

      Holy crap. Terrible analysis. Muschamp and Smart could do no worse? Those guys, who have never been head coaches, could do no worse than Mark Richt? Really? That’s like saying your post couldn’t have been better. Stop while you’re ahead.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Bowden was at it for 17 years before he won his first NC. Won 2 and competed in 5. Built a dynasty!

  10. Macallanlover

    1. Internet fools are more responsible than Finebaum for the perceived unrest. I hear it nowhere in converstaions among people I know to be true Georgia fans, but I see anonymous slams against CMR almost every day on some message board or blog (see the dummy above as an example.) Many of these comments are from immature UGA fans who are cluless about Richt’s status, and many are from competitive fans attempting to stir the pot or disrupt recruiting. Sad that media types are not smart enough to distinguish between what is legit and what is crap.

    2. When there is an opening at UGA, Muschamp will certainly be mentioned if he doesn’t fall off the throne as top assistant, or blow his chance by failing as a HC. That is certainly logical but I will have reservations until I see him grow up from the Auburn and Texas “wild man”. His actions and language may work as an assistant but I don’t want to see our HC doing backflips and dropping F bombs after every big play. Being an enthusiastic, top salesman doesn’t make you a great candidate for CEO. I am sure time will improve Muschamp, and maybe Mack Brown has already been a positive influence, but a program the size of UGA and Texas cannot afford to be embarrassed. In a way CWM reminds me of BVG: great enthisiasm on the sideline, good results as coordinator, but shot his toes off when making independent decisions by being impulsive, and abrupt.

  11. Vious

    I am laughing at how we mock those saying Richt is on the hot seat yet plenty of our own fans have said the same thing throughout the last 2 years

    We are going on 6+ years without an East Title which is completely unacceptable yet we come up with all sorts of excuses while UF continues piling up the titles

    If we go another 2 years without a title, we are nearing a decade.

    • dean

      Have a little faith. We got rid of the dead weight that beens holding us back the last 6 years.

    • Macallanlover

      Thanks for making my point, perfect. 6+ with no East title, huh? Man, I know we all have them, but how do you guys afford internet access, much less a computer? Way to represent, virus.

      I am sure plenty of people you hang with are saying CMR is on the hot seat. Probably hard to talk much CFB with all that NASCAR and rassling talk above the noise of the jackhammers. Do you also get a chance to listen to that Finebaum fella? Boy is a genius, graduated from TenRC. He is pretty popular with your crowd I bet, common language, depth of thinking, and all. Lot of the old boys prolly count on him to do the thinking for ’em, ain’t that right?

      Of all the gins joints, why ours?

    • Reptillicide

      Vious, I thought Georgia Tech ppl were supposed to be good at math? Guess not…