War Damn Saliva

Spencer Hall is getting plenty of Intertube acclaim for his sabotage suggestion, and deservedly so, but, jeez, after looking over the list of official options, it could be argued that he’s doing Auburn fans a favor.

For a school that’s justifiably proud of one of the best pre-game moments in college football…

… that’s some sad music there.


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  1. Doug

    I can remember attending a game at Auburn, I want to say it would’ve been ’98 or 2000, in which we got there early enough to hear them play the “Top Gun” soundtrack — in its entirety — before the teams took the field. Actually, they had time to run through the whole thing and start on a 2nd rotation. (Danger zone!…)

    That said, as a commented on another blog pointed out, we should probably just be amazed there aren’t any Nickelback tracks on there.

  2. 202Dawg

    Senator, can we do a poll here on changing the into music at Sanford? I would lobby for “Uprising” by Muse. I think the song is energetic, it’s relatively fresh (new), and it refers to paranoia and being held down by the ‘establishment’ (news media, other schools, whatever). Would be a GREAT song to pump up the masses!

    • Reptillicide

      Go to hell

    • Ummm… I’m probably not the best person to ask for this. I’m not a big fan of piped-in music at sports events.

    • DoubleDawg05

      202Dawg, you are a complete douche. Please feel free to keep yourself away from Sanford for eternity.


      Fans Who Think Douchey Piped-In Music Is From Hell

      • 202Dawg

        I’m guessing the Double in your name stands for DoubleSensitive… You people crack me up. My comment was to say if there HAS to be music, i’d rather it be something to pump the crowd up. You guys need to get laid or go on vacation. Something…

        • Reptillicide

          What would you know about getting laid? You just suggested Muse as intro music to a football game.

          • 202Dawg

            LOL, Yeah you’re right. My mistake. Let me climb back into my cave and dream of living up to your musical standards.

            • Reptillicide

              I just realized that you are actually serious about the whole muse thing. Holy shit.

  3. Aubiece

    LOL, this is rich, a school that embraces
    “Soldier Boy” as its anthem throwing rocks
    about music at anyone…
    I like the dawgs,
    and agree that AU’s pregame music needs
    some help, but really…

    and War Damn Eagle!!

    • “Soulja Boy” is kinda past tense at Sanford, man.

    • Tommy

      Really? Soulja Boy? That was only three full seasons ago. And it was a commercial break filler for two or three games, not the game intro for the whole season, which seems to be what Auburn is contemplating with the musical stylings of … well, it’s apparently going to be Justin Bieber, so let’s just embrace that and move on.

    • dean

      How many times must we repeat that “Soulja Boy” (not Soldier) was stopped when CMR got wind of the lyrics (which were never played in Sanford Stadium, only the music). Get over it already. Ya’ll just got beat that night.

      If there’s an anthem in Athens I’d say it’s “Baba O’riley”. However I wouldn’t say it’s embraced.

      • Russell

        Baba O’Reilly was a great song from a classic album….I never want to hear it again

  4. 202Dawg

    Eh, was just an idea. I’ll do the leg work… And Reptillicide who pissed in YOUR corn flakes???

  5. aristoggle

    I think this version of Apache would be nice for Jordan-Hare, especially if they show the video on the JumboTron …

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Spencer’s bit at EDSBS harkens back to when Stanford was the first college to go PC and get rid of Indians as their mascot. They held a student referendum on the replacement name and Pink Elephants came in second. Nobody trying to get cute there.

  7. D.N. Nation

    Yay! Welcome To The Jungle! I’m glad that song is finally seeing some play at sporting events.

  8. Macallanlover

    I satisfy both of those needs suggested by 202Dawg regularly and I am still against piped-in music at Sanford. (But I don’t think he deserved the type attack he received either.)

    I think Auburn has one of the best pre-game traditions in the country with the Eagle soaring around the stadium, why louse it up? Their band should play some Tiger themed music and be done with it. That list of suggestions is horrendous.

    And AU fans should back off the Soulja Boy outcry, we are embarrassed by it as well. It may have been over in 2007, but we still need to make sure the person responsible for that choice is never allowed to make a musical decision again, or has been terminated.

    I do wish we could get our band to find better in-game music. LSU is just light years ahead of any other school with their music, imo. There has to be something out there comparable for us to incorporate.

  9. hassan

    If we are going to pipe in music, I think it should be “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance.

    That will strike fear into any opponent.

    (except maybe the vols)

  10. HVL Dawg

    You guys are killing my Baba O’Reilly buzz. Its not like the Redcoats can play constantly from pregame until the fans have exited. Have you ever tried to blow a tuba for four hours?

    Why don’t we have the announcer stop saying what down it is? We’ve got plenty of signs in the stadium which say what down it is. What’s our announcer guy’s queer third down call, “The down is third with seven to go for a first!”? Or something like that. On all the other downs he just says “Second down and seven.”

  11. Normaltown Mike

    What song should play as an Eagle soars over Jordan-Hare?

    Is there any doubt…..

  12. Name for me some of the rich musical history of the Auburn-Opelika area. Their preference for pre-canned, pumped-in music is understandable.

    Having lived in New Orleans for several years now, I can tell you there are reasons the LSU band is so good. Playing music for hours and hours while marching in parades is kind of a big deal down here.

    I’ve always wondered why, with Georgia’s musical tradition, I had to sit through so many “Boston” medlies and the like in Sanford. And I heard that someone played a Miley Cyrus song in the stadium sometime last season? Really?

    For a state associated with Otis Redding, Ray Charles and James Brown (please see also the photo at the top of this site), we could put an awful lot more “soul” in the mix without the “ja boy.”

    • hassan

      No kidding. Of all the SEC college towns, Athens is kinda known for the whole music thingy. I’m pretty sure we could cobble something together locally.

    • Will (the other one)

      Someone pointed out that Miley Cyrus song during the Kentucky game. I’m not saying that’s why we lost that one, but I think it was a contributing factor.

  13. Toe

    Just voted for “Rocky Top”.

    I’m betting that midway through the second verse, one fat Barner in his coat and tie will stop shaking his pom poms and his bama bangs long enough to

    “Wait a minute…”

  14. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I tried to write in “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw” but the Auburn system wouldn’t let me.

    • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

      On that note, there’s a new tune I heard on Sirius 20 the other day that would be perfect for Auburn. It’s called “Everbody here just came to get f***ed.”

  15. well I voted for the little twerp so lets see what happens. On a related note I’d love to see new intro vid music, as much as I like the pirate of the carribean/nickleback combo. Personally, one done to Revelations by Audioslave as the defenses into would be really sweet.