So, just how badly did Tommy Tuberville want that Texas Tech job?

Based on what’s in his contract (h/t Coaches Hot Seat Blog), pretty damned badly.  He’s making much less money than Leach was earning, not to mention even that much less than what he was being paid at his Auburn gig.


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8 responses to “So, just how badly did Tommy Tuberville want that Texas Tech job?

  1. Scott

    Interesting that the “out” clause for Tuberville is so inexpensive. Perhaps he sees this is asj a steppingstone to greater opportunities.


  2. HamDawg11

    TT=Texas Tech and Tommy Tubberville…..interesting!


  3. Aubiece

    Also, with the golden parachute CTT got from
    AU, he really didn’t have to get top dollar.
    CTT should bring some “D” to Tejas Tech, if
    the “O” can keep close to what they were, TT
    could be darkhorse. Should be interesting to
    watch them play.


  4. Considering TT’s dramatically superior coaching resume, its pretty degrading for him to get paid less than Leach.


  5. Jimmy Sexton

    Settle down fellas,

    Tom is just biding his time.

    (hint: Ole Miss:TT::AU:??)


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  7. Vious

    Truth be told, it is the perfect job for him

    He can win 8-9 games a year and be just fine with TT admin and fans

    He also has the chance to maybe win a South title every few years and become an actual hero