¡Ay, caramba!

More hot seat silliness…  It’s not just that the Orlando Sentinel goes there, it’s that they boldly go where no man has gone before with this:

It seems almost every season, Richt’s name comes up as being on the hot seat.

How do you get to be the dean of SEC coaches when you’re on the hot seat that often?


UPDATE: Chris Low dismisses the meme.


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  1. RusDawg

    “Then the program was hit with a string of arrests culminating with starting quarterback Zach Mettenberger’s arrest outside of a bar in Valdosta, Georgia.”

    In the words of “Seth and Amy” from SNL: REALLY?!?!


    • RedCrake

      Yes…. starting with Mettenberger’s arrest, we lost a 3rd string QB and 2 walk-ons. However will we survive?


  2. Vindexdawg

    Well, playing with 75% of their team toking up hasn’t hurt the Gators, so I think we’ll survive the loss of Mettenberger. I’m intrigued by the writer’s insinuation that Arkansas, Auburn, and Tech are likely losses. Even with our absolute worst team of Richt Era, we still beat all three last year and CMR took some very serious steps to correct what went wrong in our losses. Not saying that we make up the difference that now exists between us and the Bamas and Floridas in one fell swoop, but why is Arkansas, for example, such a world-beater? Their defense is supposed to be better simply because Petrino says it will be?


    • gernblanski

      Vindex – I said the same thing that Arkansas and Auburn in an earlier thread about Chris Lowe’s Power Rankings. As bad as our defense was last year, Auburn’s defense and Arkansas’s defense was worse.

      I would guess that we are better at every offense position except for QB when compared to Arkansas. We have better special teams. We tooks steps to make our defense better but gutting our defensive staff. Arkansas hired a DE coach and but everyone else stayed the same. Plus we beat them last year and play them at home this year.

      We are definitely better than Auburn at every offensive position except QB. I would call the QB’s even based on their experience levels. We are better on special teams. We had a better defense than they did last year, but we took steps to improve it. But suddenly they are better than us? Year Two of the Gene Chizik regime is in no way better then Year 10 of the Mark Richt era.

      However, this is an example the asinine perception of news momentum that develops in this age of digital media. It does not matter who initially says it or if it is really based in fact. All it takes is one established news figure to float a theory and then the others decide to run with it in their own columns so they can have something to talk about in the off-season.

      What makes this particularly confounding is that it can become this fulfilling prophecy. Once enough news figures (ESPN, AJC, Orlando Sentinel, CBS, etc.) report on this supposed hot seat, they will claim not to be reporting if someone is really on the hot seat but just reporting that their are reports that he is on the hot seat.


  3. Spellcheck

    I’m apparently not used by the Orlando Sentinel.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    This is payback from ‘them’, whoever ‘they’ are, for the ‘Corch didn’t prepare Tebow for the pros’ chatter.


  5. GirlDawg

    This is a conspiracy campaign to create problems for the Dawgs when they might be rising from the SEC Celler! We must counter their attacks by closing ranks, hunker down and protect our OWN!!


  6. Section Z alum

    aside from the article being stoooopid, it’s incredibly lazy.


  7. Macallanlover

    The elephant in the room in ALL these discussions is the MNC issue. Those who assign great value to the BCS finale point to this as the one thing missing on CMR’s resume, those of us who realize the faux title is more a matter of politics and good fortune than coaching ability feel Richt stands as tall as anyone (taller if you count character/class).

    Richt has “bonafide titles” and his winning percentage in a tough league at it’s zenith is unquestionable. Despite not being perfect and his team stubbing his toe a few times, what isn’t there? Three of his teams during his nine years would have played in a NC playoff, if we had one, and two of those seemed very capable of making it to the end. How was Florida’ 2006 & 2008 teams, or LSU’s 2007 unit any better than UGA’s 2002 & 2007 teams? They weren’t, things unrelated to Richt determined their fate. Is Richt any less a coach because Ohio State had 2-3 miracle finishes against teams we don’t even play? Or when TN had THREE gravity defying breaks at the end of the season to get the tie-breaker? Before you say that UGA could have won all their games remember, the UF and LSU teams had the very same record as the UGA teams that didn’t get their chance.

    And being unbeaten is no guarantee, Auburn in 2004 had the identical record that Bama and TN had when they won their “titles”. Was it Tubbs’ fault that Texas and USC never slipped up? I contend Auburn would have beaten that Texas team but we will never know because of politics/subjectivity. And Florida in 2006 would never have even gotten a shot if the WWL had their way. A high percentage of fans wanted a OSU/UM rematch because no one was deemed capable of playing OSU that year. So much for opinions.

    I wouldn’t care about a playoff so much if everyone accpted there is no NC, and never has been. But debates like this is what makes it worthwhile to work it out and institute an earned national title. Why should Richt be slighted, almost annually, because of a system he has little control over? The discussion on the hot seat goes away when you don’t assign absolute value to a MNC and go on the W/L record and being among the top teams almost every single year. There is no debate to me.


  8. do not resuscitate

    You know, this has bothered me in every article I’ve read of the supposed “hot seat”, but it seems to me that most of these writers/bloggers put a little too much emphasis on the Mettenberger deal. Maybe things would have turned out different than they have had he still been on the team, but wasn’t Mett cited as third on the depth chart at the end of spring anyway? It just seems that his dismissal is being used as a reason the Dawgs won’t be prepared at QB this season and I just don’t buy it (aside from being thin at that position should anything occur).


  9. HVL Dawg

    Chris Low asks an interesting question.

    Is there any coach in the SEC other than Mark Richt that you can see making 20 years at the same school?


    • RusDawg

      It is a little premature at this point, but I could see Dooley staying at UT. If he succeeds there he is the type that will stick around.


  10. Not to worry. The post says that Richt is only on the “preverbal” hot seat. That means nobody’s even talking about it yet.

    (Seriously, Orlando Sentinel, even us non-MSM-affiliated bloggers have a responsibility to do a modicum of proofreading now and then.)


  11. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    The only reason Richt’s seat is warm is because he just finished playing “pull my finger” with his youngest son.


  12. shane#1

    As long as Richt doesn’t go on a drunken spree and get busted at the skrip club with a bunch of co-eds and as long as Sanford Stadium sells out Richt is not on the hot seat.


  13. shane#1

    I, on the other hand, would relish the chance to get drunk and be busted at da club with a bunch of co-eds! We old men can dream, can’t we?


  14. Mike

    I will be happy as long as Richt continues to win enough to stay employed by UGA but continues to get beat by Florida.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      tebore: Uninteresting conversation or blogging by florida fans characterized by monotonous references to past wins without mentioning that the Dawgs lead the all time series.


      • Mike


        fans of a program that have to rely on wins posted before most of them were born.

        I remember when Richt said “Florida fans only want to talk about the last 17 games, not the last 4 or the last 40.” That was at the end of the 2007 season

        At the time, Florida was 2-2 against Georgia in the last four, but interestingly enough were 20-19-1 over the last 40.

        Fact is this; Georgia has to go back 1936 for the series to be even.

        Florida’s 20 year run against Georgia is so good, it more than cancels out the Dooley years and then some


  15. Vious

    Because they see us discussing it often on all UGA forums

    I don’t know why we play stupid with Richt’s hot-seat

    There is a reason it is OFTEN talked about….and it isn’t everyone just making up the rumor


  16. CLTDawg

    I’d be willing to bet my shirt CMR will be at UGA longer than CUM will be at UF. These clowns want him gone because they now see he is willing to do what it takes to get the Dawgs on top again…and that ain’t good for their teams. Methinks they see an old school FSU type top 10 run getting ready to happen in Athens and they are a little nervous about it.


  17. ugalaw

    Oh the ol’ Orlando Slantinel. Gotta love that Gator rag trash.

    Those of us from the sunshine state (and panhandle in particular) understand what kind of Gaytor propaganda this paper spews.


  18. JC in Powder Springs

    Just win baby! That’ll shut them up. Well, probably not, but it’ll make them look even more foolish than they do now.


  19. pcsjax1

    Mark Richt has been long on “Figurehead” and short of results. 10 win average seasons but no championships in the past four long years. His window for achieving the National Championship is the first ten years! I see success in Richt’s career but I also see a lot of failures. The Dawg Nation is uncertain going into the 5th straight year as to the direction of the team!
    Muschamp and Smart could do no worse!


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