Tuesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and get in line.

  • Yeah, I think you can say Boise State has dominated its conference.
  • Chris Low has this right:  “Georgia’s own David Greene passed for 2,789 yards with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions as a redshirt freshman in 2001. The Bulldogs would take those kind of numbers from Murray next season in a second.”
  • Hell hath no fury like a Vol fan scorned.  Not that Junior cares, though.
  • Meanwhile at Coaches Hot Seat Blog, Joe excoriates everyone in Knoxville involved in the hiring/enabling of the Laner, yet goes on to say that he has a lot of respect for Mike Hamilton and the job he does.  That does not compute.
  • Dennis Dodd says that Notre Dame isn’t acting like an expansion partner.
  • DeLoss Dodds sounds like he’s developing a bit of an independent streak himself.  I wonder what David Boren has to say about that.
  • Brian Cook takes a look at the O’Bannon suit now that an Oregon tight end has joined in and asks some good questions.

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One response to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Tommy

    The more I think about it, the more it makes sense for Texas to go it alone. They’ve got the equivalent of the Big 10 network already in BevoD, a station purely devoted to Longhorn sports and that doesn’t stop them from doing direct deals with one of the networks and ESPN. UT is a 50k-student university that has spun out a massive diaspora of Texas Exes with huge presences in most major cities and, of course, Texas. ESPN has already set up a local site for Dallas and I can’t imagine ESPN Houston is far behind.

    Once Dodds looks at the potential dealflow from cable and the networks, it’s hard to imagine that whatever the Pac-10 or Big 10 offer will be anything but dilutive.

    Add to that the fact that independent status confers more scheduling flexibility, so you can ditch home-and-homes with Baylor and Iowa State and build a schedule that is going to maximize season ticket sales in DKR-Memorial, which now holds over 100K seats. So you keep Nebraska, OU and A&M, work in the odd home-and-home with Arkansas, Texas Tech and Okie State, throw in two cupcakes and you’re on your way to a schedule that’s way more compelling that the current slate of ratkillings, and the Brown-Muschamp machine can probably still average 10 wins.