If Pat Dye were anti-BCS…

this is what you’d get.

… Support the Candy Ass BCS and 70 bowl games if you like.  But sure the Hell don’t call yourself a MAN or even a REAL WOMAN.  Because you are not a REAL MAN or WOMAN if you support the Bogus BCS.  No REAL AMERICAN MEN and WOMEN don’t lay around a pool when there is a championship to be played for and won, as do the REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN that play every other sport in college athletics.  Yes, the American spirit is still alive, but it is not in the offices of any college head coach that supports the Candy Ass BCS and it is certainly not on most college campuses today.

It’s the CAPS that make it special.  I’m glad to know that Joe isn’t letting all this Big Ten expansion talk take his eyes off the prize.   The rest of you people need to man up.


UPDATE: Jim Delany tells Joe where he can stick his manhood (h/t Tony Barnhart).

… But intercollegiate athletics is sort of unique in that institutions that have certain advantages—based on demographics or history or tradition or fan base—somehow are seen as the source of resources for others that do not. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, but there’s certainly a lot of gnashing of teeth, like why doesn’t the Rose Bowl spread its revenue around to Boise State? Well, partially because we developed it. We built it, it’s our tradition, and to the extent that it’s successful, it’s successful for our institutions. So that’s essentially a home-rule approach. I think it’s an honest approach. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with money, but life’s a lot easier when you have it than when you don’t.


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11 responses to “If Pat Dye were anti-BCS…

  1. X-Dawg

    That was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I got a huge laugh out of that quote! Thanks!


  2. Prov

    Why do playoff proponents so often spend their time attacking their opponents instead of focusing on the merits of the system they support?


    • The one and only Billy Shears

      Because it’s much easier to devolve into hysteria, right.

      In the old days, I guess we’d know not to listen to the person down the street with all those cats.

      Now, you end up with tinfoil hat wearers with a megaphone.

      This reminds me so much of this guy:



  3. Pat Die

    HE MAKES A GOOD POINT. If division II schools, and every other NCAA sport can have playoffs, so can Division I football. Its time that sport crown an real champ.


  4. marktheshark

    Jim Delany annoys the crap out of me, but he’s right. The PAC 10, Big 10, and the Rose Bowl don’t owe Boise State anything.


  5. shane#1

    PAT DYE FOR NCAA PRESIDENT! how about them caps? Oh, I was only half joking, why put up with all those candy-asses when you could have a real Gentleman Jack sippin’, bird huntin’, ‘Bama hatin’, bacckie chawin’, by God man! Not to mention a damn good Dawg.


  6. Pat Died

    D-IA ain’t MAN enough to have a playoff! Them candy ass chicken sh*t COWARDS at the BCS are takin’ everybody for a ride! MAN UP! Let ‘um play for it! F%$#&*G assholes!!!!


  7. Aligator

    bullsiite! bcs bullshiite!


  8. The anger in the HotSeat article was a bit of an overkill. It stinks of the old lawyer adage about when ther law and the truth aren’t on your side bang the table/podium what have you.
    “Oh I’ll say they’re not REAL AMERICANS” and they have to be on my side.


    • Puffdawg

      Voter: “Mrs. Griffin, what are your plans to destroy the monopoly-minded goons at Camp BCS?”

      Lois: “9………. 11”