Wednesday morning buffet

You know what Jim Delany said about the beer and brats.

  • This isn’t exactly college football related, but it’s funny enough to warrant a read.
  • The interesting thing about the pay scale of the Florida staff isn’t how much they’re paying the DC.  It’s that no assistant coach makes less than $240,000/year.  I wonder if there’s any other school in the country that has a similar salary structure.
  • A first sign of Mark Richt hot seat meme fatigue.
  • The guys at Barrel of Rum discuss a change in Georgia Tech’s recruiting philosophy in the wake of Giff Smith’s departure.  Maybe it’s me, but in reading that post, I’m sensing that Tech’s attention is shifting more out of state again.
  • Buried in Chris Low’s piece about defense winning SEC championships is a little note that Arkansas’ defensive performance declined in Petrino’s second season.  But that’s all fixed now, right?
  • Paul makes a good point about Georgia’s success with freshmen quarterbacks over the past two decades.
  • Making the case for going for it on fourth down.
  • A list of early season SEC departures shows that Zach Mettenberger has plenty of company… not that you hear much about it.
  • The real reason Southern Cal hired Junior?  “The Trojans, though, are confident that Kiffin will create so much havoc with his social blunders, petty rule violations and assorted lapses of decorum that he will make the world completely forget the ongoing USC scandals involving Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo.” (h/t The Wiz of Odds)


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3 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Rick

    No matter how many of those “go for it on fourth down posts” we see, the idea never seems to gain any traction.

    Why does no one trust that we math and science guys know how to analyze data? We’ve given you so many cool toys.


  2. Charles D.

    LOL at the Beal kid leaving UF. I remember when he committed how pumped all the Gator fans were, and I just sat back laughing.

    That kid is a prime example of how ridiculous recruiting rankings and the Army AA game are. He was supposedly a 5* LB and yet, in the last high school game his team lost in the state playoffs to a RB who ran for over 300 YARDS in the game.


    • Brandon Beal's Dad

      Hey! That RB ran to the other side of the field to get away from Brandon! That’s the only reason he got 300 yards in the game. If he would have run to Brandon’s side he would have gotten 0 yards. Like Corch Irvin Meyers said, I’m the kid’s Daddy and I’m ready to “go at it right now!” You’re a bad man!