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Hey, good looking.

See who’s on the cover of the SEC version of Phil Steele’s 2010 College Football Preview.



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Time for some more Georgia-is-doomed-in-2010 stuff

georgiadogs.com breathlessly announces the inclusion of a number of Bulldog players on Phil Steele’s preseason All-American and All-SEC lists.

Five Georgia football players have been named to Phil Steele’s 2010 preseason All-American teams while 14 have been named to the publication’s All-Southeastern Conference preseason squads.

You can probably guess most of the names that appear in the release, but here’s the significant part:

… Georgia is one of five teams with at least two players named preseason First Team All-Americans. Georgia and Alabama each have two players on the First Team and are the only two SEC teams with multiple players. North Carolina and UCLA leads the way with three players each on the First Team.

The Bulldogs and the Tide also lead the conference with six players on the All-SEC First Team. Georgia and Florida top the league with 14 players listed on all four preseason teams combined.

Say what you will, but the perception is that this team is not lacking in talent.  Whether that talent will be deployed as successfully this season as the Floridas and Alabamas of the college football world manage is the question.


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Thursday morning buffet

No brats today, I’m afraid.  Still, there’s plenty to sample.

  • Two more things to factor into the expansion discussion:  academics and politics.
  • Jordan Jefferson gets the Doc Saturday breakdown here.  He’s definitely one of the biggest puzzles in the SEC now.
  • Shakin the Southland asks what does it take to have a #1 program.
  • Another recruit-has-concerns-about-the-spread story.  Except this one doesn’t involve Florida.  And he’s not a skill position player.
  • The IRS audits Georgia.  Don’t they know who Michael Adams is?
  • Quarterback signee gets kicked off high school baseball team for disrespecting coaches, then physically assaults head coach during a meeting about the dismissal.  In front of his parents. Then believes that Utah will still have a place for him on the team.  In the immortal words of Lt. Walters in Ruthless People, this could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the earth.  Perhaps we should shoot him.
  • Jim Delany thinks he can use conference expansion as a means of getting some recruiting mojo for the Big Ten in sunnier climes?  I thought that’s what global warming was for.


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