Saturday morning buffet

Have a nosh and settle back with a few things…


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10 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. Greg

    Arkansas is definitely this year’s Ole Miss. Lots of attitude, lots of hype….never a factor in the conference race.


  2. ChicagoDawg

    Dooley does appear to be crestfallen with this latest offering. It is splitting hairs to be sure, but my money is on this douche as being the bigger sycophant vs. Finebaum and his idolatry of Saban. He has completely lost his way and basically become the Florida SID in Gainesville Sun drag. His body of work over the last couple of years could be compiled into a three volume leather bound Meyer apologetic. It has become quite guilty pleasure to watch each subsequent outrage in the Meyer soap opera get rationalized and explained away. The guy has turned it into high art and I have to admit I am intrigued by his creativity.

    Dooley makes no attempt to hide his personal relationship with Meyer — actually he uses every opportunity to brag about it. What the hell is a paid journalist doing having a ‘personal relationship’ with his primary subject? I guess the musk of Meyer and Saban is too tempting for these jock sniffers who always lusted to be friends with the cool kids. Of course, Meyer and Saban recognize this and exploit it to the hilt.


  3. Reptillicide

    “Everyone is waiting to see Meyer on the sideline for a real game, headphones in place and windbreaker fitting snugly.”

    uhhhhh…. homo?


    • Confidentguy

      I’m glad we have our hard working freshmen qb instead of Mallett. He(Mallett) had a good first half against our soft defense and still lost.

      I honestly think our defense will be confusing enough to cause problems for Mallett. We’ll beat them.

      My bigger concern is if we set the offense loose versus S.C. Same thing with the defense above but I bet TE’s won’t run loose without a helmet on them.

      I am confidentguy though.


  4. Vious

    Arkansas’ SBNation blog has a question asking if a National Title was in the plans of Arkansas 2010 Football team

    Huh? I am not sure if just winning the West is even slightly reachable

    That question is as stupid as Vandy asking if the SEC Title was in their reach next season


  5. Dawgfan17

    Arkansas from year 1 to year 2 under Petrino their defense actually got worse. So the question for Arkansas should not be can they win a national championship but can they improve enough to be a top 75 defense in the country or will they fall out of the top 100 defenses in the country.


  6. Eric

    Here’s a website for Pat Dooley to go to if he ever wants to check on old Timmy in the NFL…


  7. gernblanski

    Basically, what Hinnen’s point should be is that if the NFL believe you have the talent to play in their league, a team is going to draft you or sign you regardless of the type of offense/defense that you have played in at the college level.

    Bradford, Tebow, Okung, did not get drafted high because they played in the spread. They were drafted high because those teams thought they were immensely talented. In fact, they were drafted despite the fact that they played in the spread and the scouts know that they have some work to develop their NFL games.

    The spread “washouts” did not make it in the NFL, because they have less of the natural football talent as those mentioned above. The fact that they played in the spread was probably a negative too, because they did not have the talent or experience in the Pro-style system.

    What would really be the death knell for the spread is if 3-5 years down the road, it becomes apparent that Smith, Bradford, Tebow, Okung and company will not succeed and could not make the adjustments to the pro-style game despite their prodigous talents. All the while guys like Stafford, Moreno, Mark Ingram, etc. are thriving.


  8. gernblanski

    The SEC expansion report is interesting. If the SEC cannot get Texas and Texas A&M, then it really believes that protecting its turf is a better strategy than opening up a new market.

    Based on the Tony Barnhart’s report from this morning, I think this is dangerous strategy long-term because the arms race is not just keeping the Big Ten out of your home turf, but expanding into new markets to expand your revenue base. That appears to be what the Big Ten is doing and they already are paying out at a higher rate than the SEC.