Homerin’ ain’t easy.

I bet Pat Dooley hesitated before ranking Mallett ahead of Brantley on this list.


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  1. Scott Sikes

    Typical…could put same stuff Murray got for Brantley….


    • Mike

      You mean other than these facts;

      1.) Brantley has actually played in a college football game. Murry has not. That includes two Florida/Georgia games
      2.) Brantley looked good as a starter in the spring game. Murry did not.
      3.) Brantley is taller, stronger and throws a better ball than Murry.

      Other than that,both are exactly the same


      • Brad

        Did you read the article or what Mr. Sikes said? The article said Murray was an athletic kid with no SEC experience. That could be said for Brantley unless you think mop up duty is the same as starting a game in the SEC. I would think mop up duty is closer to running a scout team which Murray did as a redshirt last year. The article said nothing about Murray’s height or strength or what type of ball he throws, and how do you know since nobody has seen real game action from Murray. Also, Sikes did not say they were the same he said the article’s description of Murray could be used for Brantley, it could also be used for half the list so calm down.


      • ChicagoDawg

        Okay, if we are not going to go on talent projection and we must rely on ‘fact’ based criteria, I guess Greg McElroy, who was undefeated in the regular season, won the SECCG (against GPOOE) and won in Pasadena for the MNC presumably doesn’t measure up to the body of work amassed by Brantley? Got it.


        • Mike

          I did not say that Brantley should be ahead of McElroy. I think the writer got that wrong.

          I was merely pointing out why I think Brantley should be ahead of Murray.

          If anyone can make a fact based argument to support that particular point of view, then let’s read it.


      • Brantley has played in a college football game, but not in a game that actually mattered or one in which the outcome hadn’t already been decided. Charlie Southern, Troy, Hawai’i and FIU ain’t exactly a tough row. Given his remarkable performances against those teams, I can’t help but wonder why Corch Irvin Meyers didn’t start him against LSWho last year. Tim Tivo was miraculously cleared the day of the game. Corch Irvin Meyers showed a ton of confidence in Johnny that day….didn’t he?

        Brantley looked good in the spring game….okay. That’s huge. Your using a spring scrimmage as a reference speaks volumes about his lack of experience as a STARTING QB…..which is what we are talking about right?

        Brantley is taller….okay. Joe Montana and Fran Tarkenton said to tell you “Hi”……

        Brantley is stronger. Really? Can I get a link to the S&C numbers on both? I think your making an assumption on this one.

        Brantley throws a better ball? I think most impartial observers would disagree. I have watched tape of both….can’t pick either one as throwing a “better ball”…..whatever the hell that means.

        Brantley, like most former high school superstars, has a ton of potential. Potential has never won any game I’ve ever watched though.


        • Mike

          I guess the two Florida/UGA games where Brantley played do not count as games that count? 😆

          Brantley is taller, throws a better ball and compared to Murry, has a lot more experience.

          Other than all that, the two are exactly equal.


  2. ugalaw

    Should he add to his Brantley write up, “nor has he ever STARTED a game!?” It isn’t just that he hasn’t played in Knoxville or Tuscaloosa, if my memory serves me correct, he hasn’t a started a game period (he came in to the Kentucky game when Tebow got knocked out).

    If we thought the UF propaganda machine would die when Tebow left, we were sorely mistaken. He might be a great quarterback, but all we have on him right now are practice reports. I have never seen a guy get so much love based on little to no evidence. Scrimmages don’t count.

    Also, he might be a great passer, but since when did Urban design a system that relied on a great passing quarterback? His system values a quarterback that can move and open up holes in the defense with his legs. They have even already said that on obvious running downs, Brantley is going to be subbed out and a second string tight end is going to play QB. Why do we think CUM (Coach Urban Meyer) even knows how to use a QB with Brantley’s skill set? God forbid what would happen to UF this season if Brantley is hurt early in the season.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It’s also worth mentioning that when Tebow got hurt in the FLA-UK game and Brantley came in it was almost the 4th quarter and FLA already had a 24 point lead. It’s not as if Brantley came in and marched FLA down the field for the winning TD. (You may recall that some were extremely critical of Corch for leaving Tebow in a game that was already won obviously to run up the score. It would have been only justice if Tebow had been out for the season but, alas, once again Evil triumphs over Good and Corch escaped his just desserts.)


  3. ChicagoDawg

    While it may be easy to take shots at Pat Dooley personally, no one can argue with the man’s withering logic. Such brilliance typically springs from the mind of master chess champions, so to see it on display from Mr. Dooley is a real treat.

    However, I especially enjoyed his most recent hard hitting expose on Meyer, who we find out is “finally enjoying an ‘off’ season.”


    In this masterpiece, Dooley chronicles the many activities of Meyer the Masters patron and Meyer the Papal subject, all while becoming “fit as a fiddle.” Heart warming.


    • Dog in Fla

      Expect hang down your head Pat Dooley to write next year that Irwin found so much enjoyment because of the temporary retirement, Irwin plans do it each post-season and pre- season like Favre because it goes well with chianti and liver.


  4. Dboy

    How did brantley get ahead of SEC staring QBs with 1 full seasons of game experience (Garcia, Jefferies). They may not have looked great in preseason, but can you rank someone with no experience above a returning starter? To me, the Murray Vs Brantley argument is an academic one, but putting an unprove player above experienced ones is nutty.


    • ChicagoDawg

      How do you put him ahead of a QB who is undefeated with a freaking NC??? I am not blown away by McElroy and Brantley may end up being Dan Fauts, but until he has actually done something it is ridiculous to anoint him as a better QB. Logic can be a bitch though.


  5. Vious

    Nobody is as over-rated as Mallet

    I could easily see Brantley passing him if Urban can get a system down that exploits his positives.

    Mallet will throw INT’s, has little pocket-movement, and will be doomed by a terrible D