digs into the meme.

I don’t know what I like best about this Sports Illustrated video, the hostess discussing “Mike Richt” being on the hot seat, or the 90-27 graphic that flashes on the screen after she does that.

If this is what passes for an “Inside Report”, I’d hate to see what they do with a casual summary.


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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    What’s with that goofy pic of our mascot? I’m calling John Curry and asking him to please send one of his ABH pics for them to use!


  2. SpenceDawg

    Tough to really trust an inside report when they call our coach, “Mike Richt.”


  3. pcsjax1

    For the first time, I eat some habanero chicken wings last night. As of this writing I am officially placing myself on the “hot seat” for a “work in progress”!


    • BMan

      +2 pcsjax

      This hot seat angle is just incredible. Can’t we start a story that Urban Meyer is on the hot seat? It’s been one whole season since the Gators last won the conference. He’s lost St. Timothy plus several key players on defense, his dedication to the team wavered for five minutes last winter as he pondered being a family manDC left for Louisville and he verbally assaulted a member of the press. C’mon, between Richt and the Corch, which one acts like his seat is hot? Let’s get the rumor mill cranking. We need a member of the press on our side…nudge, wink, Hale…


  4. pcsjax1

    I know what you mean. Ths “red head” was “hoot”!
    “Hey Mike Rick or whatever your damn name is?”


  5. DavetheDawg

    Mike Richt… Mark Rick… Same meme, different day.

    Oh, and I don’t like my sports being presented by market TV market #211 talent, either.


  6. Chuck

    God Dawg, edit it SI. How much trouble could that be?


    • Russell

      They don’t have to edit. They are the World Wide Leaders. They can afford to be lazy, because they are the Ma Bell’s of the 21st century.
      That stuff is so canned I fear botulism.


  7. gernblanski

    I have said it before and I will say it again.

    CMR is closer to the hot seat than we care to admit as UGA fans.

    Each time the “hot seat” rumors are reported/mentioned by legitimate news organizations it lends further credence/substance to the report.

    The story is close to moving from is he or isn’t he on the hot seat to now being “he is definitely” on the hot seat.

    If it evolves to what record does CMR have to have to keep his job, then we have an big time issue.


  8. gernblanski

    No – because our President fired our last coach when it was apparent that our program had plateaued, we had lost to all of our biggest rivals, and the AD could not guarantee that the overall and record against are rivals would improve the next year.

    Richt is just 9-7 to our four biggest annual rivals (UT, UF, AU, Ga Tech) over the last four years. Our overall record the last four years is strong but we certainly have had a share of frustration too.

    While I have been on record that I do not think that Richt is on the hot seat, I also believe that given Adams proclivities for meddling in athletics that it is not beyond him to step in to make a change if he thinks CMR has peaked and we struggle against our traditional rivals. I think we UGA fans would be deluded to think that Adams believes that he is that powerful.

    The problem, as I have stated before (here and other places) is not that we UGA fans believe it. The problem is that coverage and commentary are rapidly moving beyond “is he or is he not” to he is on the hot seat. Its now a “fact” because so many people are writing about it.


    • If what you say is true, why would the powers-that-be (including Adams) agree to Grantham’s contract, one that’s unprecedented in the history of the program?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Gern, you have fallen for the “journalism” trick of the new millennium. Write a false story and post it on the internet. Several other people do the same. Now others write about how all these folks are writing these posts, not whether the content is true or not. The truth becomes irrelevant. It is our responsibility as protectors of truth in this instance to point out that the original premise of the posts is not a fact, but rather, is a lie.


    • pcsjax1

      Great Post! Looking forward to hearing more from you.


  9. pcsjax1

    You Spin Monkeys are a joke!
    1. Your right life in the SEC is different than any other, let me explain it to YOU! Wake up people, it’s the 21st Century! Nobody seems to get it! It’s a high stakes poker game called “Championships Plural”(The National Championship and The SEC Championship) It started at the beginning of the 21st Century. Mark Richt and Georgia were playing at the table with two SEC Championships! Over the past four years “Middle of the Pack Mark” has posted no Championships and is no longer at the table with LSU, Florida and Alabama.
    It’s not about 10 wins (or averaging 10 wins), It’s about winning championships!
    Let me see if I have it straight? 1. Mettenberger was dismissed. 2. A. Murray was given the number one spot after a dismal G-Day performance. 3. Logan Gray is all but “alienated”. 4. Three star recruit Hutson “I’m a Dawg Baby” Mason is the backup QB behind injury prone Murray. WOW! Another great situation to be in courtesy of “Middle of the Pack” Mark Richt.
    2.The only person that can put Mark Richt on the Hot Seat is MARK RICHT! Not me , not you, not the spin monkeys! Duh! Mark Richt got himself into this situation.
    3. Mark Richt makes $2.8 million plus endorsements and bonuses. He said he was on the floor in the motel room in tears praying. I believe he was feeling a lot better when he got up and was even laughing on the way to the bank to deposit that big check. Who is “Middle of the Pack” Mark kidding?
    4.Opportunity Cost is Opportunity Lost! Richt has had 10 years to win the National Championship. Will Muschamp and Kirby Smart, Georgia players and grads, are going to accept Head Coaching positions within the next year to two years. Could Smart or Muschamp do any worse?
    5. Under Richt the salaries paid out to coaches has risen almost $500,000 dollars. He must accept responsibility for that increase! He was the reason . Costs are going up and the direction of the team is going down.