At least they’ve got some good looking receivers.

I keep trying to figure out whose side I should take here, but damned if I can come up with an answer.

… Moreover, well known sports talk show host Paul Finebaum, who fancies himself a buddy of Spurrier, blasted Garcia recently as the “worst quarterback in the history of the SEC” on his national show broadcast on XM Radio.

Hyperbolic?  Sure.  (I presume Finebaum can remember some of Sylvester Croom’s quarterbacks.  Or, for that matter, Vanderbilt, 2009 edition.)  On the other hand, if Finebaum’s point is to note the resources that Garcia seems intent on squandering, well, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

That being said, what does it say about a team that many think can contend for the SEC East title in 2010 when you can legitimately argue that uncertainty at quarterback isn’t the biggest problem on offense?

… As precarious as that situation appears, the offensive line remains the Gamecocks’ greatest concern. Shawn Elliott is South Carolina’s third different offensive line coach in as many seasons, and he wasn’t working with a full deck this spring. Quintin Richardson was out after undergoing shoulder surgery. The Gamecocks need him healthy at right tackle next fall. King recently had his second heart procedure, but should be back to full go sometime in July. Johnson was one of the SEC’s top freshman offensive lineman last season and started every game at guard. He moved to center this spring. Spurrier thinks a couple of true freshmen could end up playing early, in particular A.J. Cann of Bamberg, S.C. However it shakes out, the Gamecocks will have to make significant strides up front offensively from the last couple of seasons if they’re genuinely going to be in the Eastern Division hunt next season. They don’t need to be reminded that they gave up 37 sacks a year ago and ranked last in the SEC in rushing offense.

New center, true freshmen on the line, new line coach.  I hope Coach Grantham is taking note.


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11 responses to “At least they’ve got some good looking receivers.

  1. S. Orr Spurrier, esq

    Dangit. An offensive line. I knew I forgot something.



  2. dboy

    Sounds like a recipe for not winning the SEC East this year.


  3. Pat Die

    Without question, Finebaum is the worst person is the history of the SEC.


  4. Gamecock Fans

    This is the year! We’ve got a feeling!


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Finebum forgot Quincy Carter.


  6. Vious

    It is funny reading about Garcia

    He doesn’t deal with negativity well
    He doesn’t lead
    He doesn’t work hard in the film room

    Brilliant. I want him as my QB!


  7. Greg

    I would pay to see Finebaum and Skip Bayless play Russian Roulette.


  8. Terry Dean

    I don’t understand why any QB worth a damn would go to South Carolina and put up with the abuse from Spurrier. You cannot even justify it by saying the QB would be learning stuff to make him a more attractive draft pick. It’s not like playing there even prepares you for a pro career because the BS offense Spurrier runs is passe and requires a different skill set from what the pros want. Garcia, you are a decent QB. There are a lot of places you could play. You only get to play college ball one time. You got 2 seasons of eligibility left. Be a man. Stand up to SOS, then transfer to somewhere that appreciates your talent and where the HC and his minions don’t treat you like dirt. I sure wish that I had.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    Hyperbolic? Loving it!