Michael Johnson, Auburn 2003

This is just one of those plays that you forget about, but is fun to see again.  Everybody remembers Odell Thurman’s 99-yard interception return in the 2003 Auburn game, but this pass from Michael Johnson (!) to Fred Gibson earlier is also great:

Richt called another trick play right after that, and then Johnson came back and caught the TD pass on that drive.

Fun game.


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25 responses to “Michael Johnson, Auburn 2003

  1. NCT

    If there were a Hall of Fame for this series, surely Michael Johnson would be there.

    By the way, how many rivalries have their own HOFs, like the WLOCP?


  2. JasonC

    I didn’t realize Willie did some consulting for the Tigers’ secondary. #49 never looked back on that TD pass.


  3. The Realist

    Michael Johnson was an Auburn killer.

    It appears the SEC officials were getting back at Georgia loooong before the Celebration. Gibson was getting mugged with nary a flag on the field. If it wasn’t for a terrific one-handed grab as he was falling down, that play would have just been a long incompletion.


  4. Russell

    No offense to the new guys, I love them too. But I just realized how badly I miss Munson.


    • SCDawg

      It’s amazing how good a job he was still doing in 2003, and how special it made some games.

      The FL game in 1997 in particular brings back great memories. I watched it on mute and listened to Munson. The cigar line was great. Things just aren’t the same without him.


  5. Ben

    I remember watching this game and having so much fun watching it. Thanks for the video! This could be something to keep the summer days going by until kickoff gets here…


  6. Jason

    David Greene could throw that fade pass and the deep out as good as anyone.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    Great vid, I’d forgotten that play altogether.

    That aside, if Bobo calls 2 consecutive pass plays from inside the 20 this season, I’m gonna puke on the guy in front of me.


  8. Ward Eagle

    I’m firewalled, but assuming that’s the uncalled offensive pass interference play.



  9. Brandon

    People forget about that game but it was a really nice beatdown. It is also the game that spawned the famous failed coup at Auburn involving the Lowder jet and Bobby Petrino. Losing to Georgia makes Auburn fans go crazy, but losing to Georgia and Alabama in the same year…well…then you get stuff like this guy above me who is still sore about a non-call from 7 years ago in a 19 point loss.


    • Georgia student section, UGA/AUB '03

      Pin-to Will-iams
      clap clap clap clap clap


    • Russell

      He needs to just forget about that one. He needs to just ponder and reflect on the fact that we’ve got 4 in a row on them now. And two of them were pretty brutal.


  10. 81Dog

    4 in a row, and 6 of the last 8, isnt it?

    I love the smell of fuming War Chickens in the early evening. It smells like victory.


  11. HamDawg11

    I was between the hedges that fateful day and had a blast with my brother and uncle. We were sitting right on the goal line where Odell got the ball and took it 99 the other way.

    Also, this was Vince’s last home game as A.D. He was recognized at the half, then came out of the box as the clock ticked down. My brother and I were sitting right on the aisle where he walked down and got to shake his hand as he made his way to the field. There were tears in his eyes, as were ours. That game and day will always hold a special place in my memory.

    Dooley = former Marine, great coach, DGD!!


    • dan

      I hate being a stickler for details, but I can’t help it. Dooley’s last home game as AD was Kentucky the following week. I actually remember it because I was scheduled to work that day and wasn’t going to go, but used Dooley’s final game as an excuse to get off and go.
      I should have just let you have your memory. My bad.


  12. Junkyarddawg34

    Dang, that makes me miss Munson. Howard’s good and will make a great announcer, but (and this is a rare thing to miss w/ an announcer) how Munson could seamlessly blend scores from other games into the heat of a scoring drive was incredible. And he always did it.



    • anon

      The bad thing is, it also makes you realize how much Mr. Munson was slipping before he hung it up, it was nearly unlistenable.



      • Macallanlover

        That is a very fair observation. As much as we all miss Larry, and pine over the greatness we recall so fondly, it was definitely time. I hate to see a legend overstay and jeopardize his legacy. The last season+ was painful at times, and provided no additional highlights.