Tuesday morning buffet

Awful lot of government stuff today.  Sorry about that…

  • I still don’t think the stuff that Michigan did to draw the NCAA’s ire was a capital crime, but I am detecting a whiff of finger-pointing from both the head coach and the school in their response that’s none too savory.
  • All you did was weaken a country today, Navy football program. That’s all you did. You put people’s lives in danger.
  • A House committee questions medical practices at Texas Tech.  School blames Mike Leach.  Big surprise there.
  • Does the IRS want to know about coaches’ compensation?
  • And the Justice Department wants to take a look at the one-year renewable scholarship.  Good.
  • With all the antitrust talk about the BCS, it’s worth looking at the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday in the American Needle case.  It’s not exactly on point, but the Court did recognize the need for sports leagues to make “a host of collective decisions” that would be beyond antitrust challenge.
  • He said “getting in our behinds”Heh.


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16 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Barstool



  2. You can just smell the contempt emanating out of Ann Arbor. That marriage is over even if RichRod gets them winning this year…


  3. Sefdawg

    “in the American Needle case. It’s not exactly on point”

    Well played, sir.


  4. Senator, that’s a bit of a selective interpretation of the Needle case, since the NFL lost and were NOT going to be able to act as collectively as they wanted to.


    • Hence my “not exactly on point” comment, Muck. The only thing I find significant is that Stevens is clearly stating that there are some things sports leagues can cooperate on such that they do not engage in behavior that violates the antitrust laws.


  5. RE the 1 year scholarship: Good. They need to get rid of those. Those are absolutely horrendous.


  6. 69Dawg

    A lot of over recruiting programs are sweating bullets. If the one year scholly is gone they will just have to force transfers by making the student’s life a living hell.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    So RichRod not only has lost more games than any other Michigan coach in his first two years but now has also gotten that storied program in trouble with the NCAA. The question isn’t whether or not RichRod will stay at Michigan. The question is how soon will he be fired. He may not make it through this season. The over/under on him is down to 1 year, IMO.


    • Russ

      But is RichRod’s seat hotter than Richt’s? That’s what the smart sportswriters want to know.



  8. shane#1

    Did we really think that the billions of dollars generated by major college athletics would escape the notice of the IRS? I do not like the corporate donors that can give a big, one time, tax deductable gift and have all the perks for their fat cat clients. I still can’t get seats at Grant Field after all these years! Hey fat cats, I hope that one fine September day when I am broiling in the hot sun at Sanford the IRS knocks on the door of your skybox!


  9. HirsuteDawg

    ANY disciplinary actions taken by the NCAA right now should be considered fraudulent until they take action against USC – West Coast USC. If they were investigating themselves they would be found guilty of “lack of institutional control”. We all know RR is guilty – but should Michigan be found guilty of anything until the mess at USC is settled?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. The fact that the NCAA has let this West Coast USC thing drag on as long as it has is indefensible .