Oh yeah, you’re pretty good looking…

Bob Stoops thinks “pretty attractive” Oklahoma won’t have any problem getting a date to the expansion prom.


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3 responses to “Oh yeah, you’re pretty good looking…

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Stoops is right. OK isn’t one of the schools that has a potential problem.


  2. Vious

    OK is a big time program but they really aren’t anywhere close to a national program that attracts interest from all over

    Many will look at the school as a power on the football field but that is about it. There really isn’t much more to the school


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually they also have a reasonably good basketball and baseball tradition. Is the place Vanderbilt academically? No, but not many schools are. It’s the state university of an average state in the midwest that wins football conference titles and BNCNCs. That’s pretty attractive. Stoops, the Sooners’ HC, has won 117 games in 11 years as a HC making him one of the few coaches (along with Mark Richt) to average winning 10 games a season.