To be fair…

Today, Tony Barnhart asks the musical question “Where is it written that the BCS is SUPPOSED to be fair?” It’s a good response to Orrin Hatch’s socialism (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Here’s his money point:

But to say these conferences are the victims of “revenue discrimination” (I’ve got to write that one down for future use) is to presume they had a pre-existing claim to the BCS money pool that is somehow being denied.

That is a totally separate issue from whether dear ol’ Mid-Major U deserves to play for the national title.  We’ll have a much more sensible national playoff debate when more folks recognize that.  Not that I’m holding my breath – for a lot of people, the playoff debate is merely a cover for directing increased revenue distribution to places like San Diego State.


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6 responses to “To be fair…

  1. Chuck

    I think it is actually ironic – as opposed to a coincidence – that Solid Republican Orrin Hatch has an axe to grind for his own entitlement program. 😉


  2. Normaltown Mike

    “Revenue discrimination”? Hmmmmmm.

    Kinda like how the large companies give millions to King & Spalding to represent them and I make mere hundreds representing meth dealers from Arcade. Curse them and their revenue discrimination.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If “fair” means money distribution based on what you put IN, the SEC needs to get more not less. Also, if you want to talk “fair” distribution, how can Vandy and Mississippi State ever justify getting a full share from the SEC? They hardly ever play in a bowl and have never played in a BCS bowl.