Breaking down Steele’s preseason All-SEC teams

If you haven’t seen Phil Steele’s preseason All-SEC teams (he sets up four), here they are:

A few choice observations, by position:

  • Quarterbacks. I guess Phil’s taken Steve Spurrier’s Garcia message to heart.  I’m a little surprised at Newton’s appearance, but the more I think about it, if you think Malzahn’s system works, then it’s not much of a stretch.  After all, Chris Todd, a far less gifted quarterback than Newton, finished third in the conference in passing efficiency last year.  Bottom line, though:  it’s not shaping up as a great year for SEC quarterbacks.
  • Running backs. I can’t really question the first or second team choices, but I think you can make a good case for challenging the third and fourth team picks.  I like both fourth teamers better than either of the two on the third.  In fact, I don’t really know what Demps is doing on the list at all.  If Steele is basing this on projected production, it’s hard to see how somebody like Tauren Poole doesn’t make the list, as UT figures to be doing a lot of running this year.  And Steele must have a lot of faith in Lattimore’s talent, especially since he doesn’t include a single South Carolina offensive lineman in his top four teams.  Any way you look at it, though, the conference looks to be well stocked at the position in 2010.
  • Wide receivers. Randall Cobb ahead of Alshon Jeffery?  I don’t think so.  Darvin Adams is one of those guys who deserves more attention than he’s gotten; it’s a good decision to place him first team.  Deonte Thompson’s inclusion feels like one of those “you know Florida’s gonna throw the ball, so put somebody on the list” picks.   I’d probably put SC’s Gurley ahead of Bumphis.  And Russell Shepard strikes me as a wee bit of a stretch, given it’s his first year at the position full-time and the state of LSU’s quarterback position.  Still, you know what?  There are a lot of pretty good receivers in the SEC.
  • Tight ends. Hard to argue with any of Steele’s picks here.
  • Offensive line. I like this part of Steele’s projections.  He’s always been good at finding guys who are ready to step up, like Florida’s Xavier Nixon.  I really like the Cordy Glenn second-team inclusion, too.   MSU’s Sherrod is another guy who deserves more attention.  He’s good.  On the other hand, and maybe it’s just me, I think Lee Ziemba is overrated.  I’d switch him with Sherrod.
  • Returners. I’m not sure where Steele came up with his list of punt returners, other than Cobb, who’s a pretty obvious pick.  It’s true that most of the top guys from last season are gone, but why Gilmore and Rainey?  Kick returners are better, but I’d probably put MSU’s Leon Berry ahead of Grandy.
  • Defensive line. Drake Nevis is another one of those guys – he didn’t start for LSU last year, but still wound up as one of the conference leaders in tackles for loss.  Omar Hunter looks like a stretch at second team – don’t get me wrong, he’s hugely talented, but he’s battled injuries and he’s not currently listed first team on Florida’s depth chart.  It’s not a strong year for defensive tackles in the SEC.  The ends are better – look at a guy like DeQuin Evans sitting at third team.
  • Linebackers. This position is loaded.  Ole Miss’ Walker and Cornell are both underrated guys, so kudos to Steele for recognizing that.  I think he’ll regret not squeezing Cornelius Washington in there somewhere, though.
  • Defensive backs. Bacarri Rambo, fourth team.  Way to go, Phil.  Overall, he’s done a solid job with his picks here.  Corey Broomfield is another guy to watch.
  • Kickers. I’d move Byrum ahead of Jasper.  And I’m not sure why Tydlacka makes the punters list and Ole Miss’ Campbell doesn’t.

And some team observations:

  • By far, the biggest overall surprise is how few LSU players appear on the offensive teams.
  • Alabama has three outstanding players to build around on defense, but there ain’t much after them right now.
  • If you want to look at why Georgia should be better than South Carolina in the East, look no farther than the offensive line picks.
  • Steele isn’t buying Arkansas fans’ confidence in an improved defense.
  • How bare is Tennessee’s cupboard?
  • The Florida secondary will be outstanding.

So, your thoughts?


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9 responses to “Breaking down Steele’s preseason All-SEC teams

  1. Charles D.

    I think Greg Childs and Alshon Jeffrey are both better than Julio Jones. They would be on my #1 team with AJ.

    I thought Weslye Saunders was better than 4th team TE, but maybe I am just looking through my Willie Martinez glasses.

    Chris Davis appears to be getting the Longevity Award on all the pre-season teams this year. The guy is a warrior and plays through all sorts of injuries, but I am not sure that he will be starting for UGA much of the season.

    Speaking of Stan White’s, there are a lot this year. In addition to Davis, who is the rare “I cannot believe that he has been on MY team for this long” guy, we have Mario Fannin, Jerrel Powe (who was actually in the same recruiting class as CJ Byrd) and Ryan Pugh, one of the most vile, cheating, piece of sh*t offensive linemen to ever play in the SEC.


  2. ConnGator

    Agree with the comment on Demps. I feel the Florida running backs will break down like this:

    Demps 600 yards
    Moody 400 yards
    Gillislee 500 yards
    Others 400 yards

    Pretty good total numbers but no single 1000 yard back.

    I disagree about Deonte Thompson. This is his breakout year, and if anything he should be on 2nd team.

    If Rainey can improve his fielding he could be a special returner.


  3. D.N. Nation

    I glossed over it, but it would appear as if Bama has as many guys on 1st team offense as UT has total. Yikes. If Dooley can get to a bowl game, SEC COY.


  4. Matt Ross

    What about Alabama’s back-up (Richardson). He has to be better than Lattimore and will get his carries. Similar to Ealey and King


    • D.N. Nation

      Not sure why Richardson’s so low, either, unless Steele thinks Ingram will get 75% or so of the carries.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Steele left off Caleb King who is just about as good as Ealey, IMO. I like him instead of Demps on the 3rd team.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Is Wes Byrum a 12th year Junior? Good God.


  7. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Not buying the Florida secondary hype. I think ours will be better, and have more takeaways. Overall he has pretty good pics, the only Georgia player that I think really got slighted was Rambo, who is way better than the 7th or 8th safety in the conference.



    Caleb King should have been listed; Phil Steele missed it by not listing Caleb King at Tailback ?

    Even after Caleb King said last week that for him at UGA, football is just a grind and no fun.

    2007 Caleb King nothing but hype. He has never recovered from the broken bone in his upper leg, the tibia. Number 1 recruit of all positions in the state of Georgia, and # 8 tailback in the nation. He could not play 2007.

    Now, he is a Redshirt Junior. Can you name what he has done in the big games since hitting our campus 2007 ?

    100 yards rushing his 1st game against 1-AA Georgia Southern. No 100-yard game since except for that horrible run stopping defense of Georgia tek last year.

    1-yard rushing 2008 Florida
    0-yard rushing 2008 Kentucky
    0-yard rushing 2008 Auburn
    1-yard rushing 2008 Georgia tek
    0-yard rushing 2008 Michigan State
    5-yard rushing 2008 Alabama
    18-yard rushing 2008 Tennessee 9 carries
    12-yard rushing 2008 LSU 6 carries
    1-yard rushing 2008 Florida

    This time last year, everyone said therefore how great Caleb King is, based upon his performances.

    Yeah, right.

    Missed the last 4 practices. Held out of the G-Day Game. Not listed on the Depth Chart which did not include Zach Mettenberger.

    What happened then last year ?

    Okie State, he has a hamstring and cannot play.

    LSU we are playing at Home, and Caleb King decides he can play.

    8-yards rushing 2009 LSU 7 carries

    5 big games to date. Alabama, Florida, Georgia tek 2008. Oklahoma State 2009 and now LSU at Home 2009.

    You want Caleb King’s rushing totals for those 5 games ?

    The 7 yards he got against LSU doubled his total.


    14 yards rushing by Caleb King, in the 5 Big Games of 2008 and 2009 so far to-date in this summary of Caleb King as a Running Back at UGA.

    14-yard rushing 2009 Vandie

    At this point, with these 6 big games of UGA with Caleb King a grand total of 33 yards rushing…

    Get ready for it now


    Caleb King.