Good enough for me, but not for thee

I don’t know about you, but I’m sort of amused by a fan of a Big Ten school telling us Sun Belt denizens to suck it up and play some cold weather bowl games, seeing as it’s the Big Ten which pushed the NCAA to implement a uniform start date for baseball because… wait for it… its teams were at a disadvantage early in the year due to cold weather.



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12 responses to “Good enough for me, but not for thee

  1. Charles D.

    You’ve never seen such a barrage of fat and pail as when Wisconsin plays in the Outback Bowl.

    Those folks plan their year’s vacations around going to a warm-weather bowl.

    It’s moronic to even talk about moving them. The fat and pail would be livid.


  2. Chuck

    Is there a cold weather bowl game? One that has any attendance and pays any money? I can’t think of any. Closest to it might be Music City and we have played there.


  3. Dawgaholic

    For an 8 million payout we’ll send the #3 SEC team to Alaska for a bowl game.


  4. Because baseball and football have the same weather concerns?


  5. Wasn’t the biggest news story in sports this week about the Superbowl being played in cold weather up north, and how it is traditionally played in warm weather cities?

    60 degrees in Tampa or 10 degrees in Chicago? Ummm…..

    The Tangerine Bowl or Citrus Bowl could be renamed the Cheddar Bowl.


  6. Largemouth Dawg

    Personally, I like the hand drawn map. Because yes, I actually do believe it


  7. DawgBiscuit

    They want us to come to their place to play in the cold? I don’t see Big 10 teams lining up to come play at our place in August…


    • Dawgfan17

      Good point DawgBiscuit. I think this is a bigger deal to the fans than the players. If you polled the Big 10 players I bet most of them love the bowls being in warm weather areas.