Living up to the hype: a Memorial Day GTP poll

We haven’t had a poll in a while, so with Heisman Pundit’s anointment of Cameron Newton as a “possible dark horse candidate” for this season’s Trophy, I thought it might be worth asking which one of three candidates in your opinion has the best chance of living up to his/its preseason hype in this year’s SEC.

Step up and make your pick.


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12 responses to “Living up to the hype: a Memorial Day GTP poll

  1. Chuck

    Looks like Brantley in a runaway. Of course, that has less to do with Brantley than it has to do with the supporting cast around him. In a way, I almost want Brantley to be a big success (except for one game) because it might finally make people realize that Timmy was more of a good story line than he was a quarterback. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?🙂

    • Reptillicide

      I would argue that it won’t be Brantley because of the supporting cast around him. Every key receiver from last year is gone, including TE Aaron Hernandez. Nobody currently in the Gators receiving corps has been a significant part of the offense as of yet. Talented as hell, for sure… but Deonte Thompson is the guys they are counting on, and so far he has been a disappointment.

  2. Uncle Verne

    Glad to see we aren’t limited by the number of votes that we can submit.

  3. I voted Brantley, only because in the last 20 years, Florida can’t seem to do any wrong. Even when they did wrong (picking a sucky coach in the Zookster), they still kicked our asses.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      FLA kicked our asses the last 20 years because they cheated. They got us (particularly because of some of our turncoat alumni) into this situation where we play them as an away game every year plus Spurrier got the SEC to give FLA the week off before the UGA game (until recently) every year for years. On a level playing field the Dawgs would win more than half the time. The Gators are too chickensh!t to play us even. They have to have some sort of advantage.

      • ConnGator

        Impressive rationalization. What about the home-and-home during stadium renovation?

      • dboy

        Mayor, from one UGA fan to another. Don’t cry like there is some conspiracy. This post reminds me of something a tech fan would write about the GT Vs UGA series. Man up. We lost. Move on and lets beat their @$$e$ this year!!!

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          It wasn’t a conspiracy. Spurrier did it. But thank you for pointing out that I am starting to sound a little shrill.

  4. Mike

    Why isn’t Murray on the list?

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