Money where their mouths are, 2010 edition

Over the holiday weekend, the FSU blog Tomahawk Nation published the first 2010 college football Conference & Division odds I’ve seen.

You can read them all there, along with last year’s list for comparison, but I thought I’d post the SEC odds for you to check out:


3631 Alabama +100
3632 Arkansas +800
3633 Auburn +500
3634 Florida +250
3635 Georgia +650
3636 Kentucky +3000
3637 LSU +800
3638 Mississippi +3300
3639 Miss State +5000
3640 South Carolina +800
3641 Tennessee +800
3642 Vanderbilt +10000

SEC East

3651 Florida +125
3652 Georgia +300
3653 Kentucky +1000
3654 South Carolina +300
3655 Tennessee +400
3656 Vanderbilt +2500
SEC West

3661 Alabama -200
3662 Arkansas +500
3663 Auburn +350
3664 LSU +500
3665 Mississippi +1200
3666 Miss State +1200

Two things jump out at me there – Auburn’s odds to win the SEC being better than Georgia’s and Tennessee getting as much love as South Carolina and Arkansas.

What do y’all see?



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9 responses to “Money where their mouths are, 2010 edition

  1. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Interesting that the odds for UGA & SC winning the East are the same (+300), but UGA’s chances of winning the SEC are better +150.


    • marktheshark

      Both are equally likely to win the East but UGA is more likely to beat the Western Division representative than USC would be, therefore making them an overall more likely team to win the SEC.


      • hailtogeorgia

        If they’re both equally likely to win the east, why would UGA be more likely ti beat the western division representative than USC?


  2. DavetheDawg

    I see a guy with waaay too much time on his hands.


  3. Mike

    Tennessee and Arkansas have the same odds for winning the SEC seems a bit odd (as well as USCe). I guess that is reinforcing your perception that Arkansas is a bit overrated. Or maybe it is Tennessee that is overrated


  4. Reptillicide

    I see dumb people.


  5. JC in Powder Springs

    These numbers might be more aptly described as ‘odd’, not ‘odds’.


  6. CLTDawg

    That 10,000 for Vandy might as well be 10,000,000


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