Steele’s look at #17 Arkansas

Basically, he sees across-the-board improvement for the Hogs this season.  He’s got their receiving unit as his #1 group in the country (a good call, IMO).

But there’s one troubling thing he mentions without elaboration:

Arkansas benefitted from +15 TO’s and was -36.3 ypg in SEC play (3rd worst).

If that turnover margin slides, so will Arkansas’ chances to win the SEC West this season.

Oh, and one stat for Georgia fans.

The Hogs are 2-7 in SEC openers.


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6 responses to “Steele’s look at #17 Arkansas

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Pretty sure Arkansas has been in the league for more than 9 years.


  2. sUGArdaddy

    The turnover deal is huge. That we managed 8-5 with a -16 and they managed 8-5 with +15 should tell you a little about the programs. So, there was a 31-turnover difference between the 2 teams and we had the same record…and we beat them at their place…and we improved our D-Staff…and we lost our TO machine at QB.

    Mallett will probably be a good pro, but it seems like he is the perfect candidate (i.e. cigar store indian) for Grantham’s boys to find their groove in disrupting the QB.


  3. GreerDawg

    sUGArdaddy just made me laugh. I hope we bust up that Cigar Store Indian. What’s your nickname for Garcia?

    Our defensive backfield could use some big-time pressure in both the USC and Arky games. Those two have the toughest receiver corps we’ll face all year.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    Stephanie Garcia.