The polite way of saying “I don’t have time for this sh*t”

Asked what he thinks when his name appears on media lists of coaches supposedly on the hot seat, Richt said with a smile: “I didn’t know it had. Is that true?”


UPDATE: Here’s the fleshed-out response to the question:

“My mind-set has always been, let’s do what I think we need to do to succeed and try not to be influenced by anything other than the people closest to the program,” Richt said. “I’m trying to do things in a way with a lot of integrity and a lot of character and hopefully we’re still winning games and educating young men. I think you can have it all.”

Honestly, that’s even better.


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8 responses to “The polite way of saying “I don’t have time for this sh*t”

  1. Will

    Another reason to love Richt. He learned well from Bobby.


  2. Bryant Denny

    Hey, Senator. How is Richt’s son doing over at Clemson?

    I know you guys are a little short on depth at QB heading into this season and I got to thinking about how his son may have changed that situation a little bit.

    Have a good day,



  3. Dog in Fla

    Grasshopper Andy Staples learns the hard way today why CMR has a black belt in verbal jiu-jitsu when it comes to answering a question with a question.


  4. Aligator

    This kind of questioning is so stupid at this point, the coach at Vanderbilt is on the hotseat not CMR. Lord Jesus, wipe the mud from all of their eye’s!