Tim James should have hired Phil Steele as his campaign manager.

From Steele’s preview of #15 Auburn, this is almost pornographic if you live in the state of Alabama:

… my main set of power ratings calls for an 11-1 season with an 11-0 vs 11-0 showdown vs Alabama in game 12.



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9 responses to “Tim James should have hired Phil Steele as his campaign manager.

  1. The Dawgs “Should ” make it 5 in a row over Auburn.?.


  2. Ben Rockwell

    I guess I just can’t follow all of this Phil Steele stuff. He’s got so many number going around that he’s got more contradicting stories than a late night gun battle in Gainesville.

    In one place he says UGA is a darkhorse NC candidate who could run the table, but right here his “power rankings” put Auburn and Alabama with an undefeated showdown? Do his power rankings not account for 9 new starters on defense (Bama) and a new QB on offense (Aub)?

    Frankly, I’m glad I’m a casual fan who lets the bloggers do my heavy lifting. No way I could make sense of all of this stuff.


    • Right to Left

      I’m agree about the logical inconsistencies in Steele’s predictions and can only conclude that Steele has decided such hype is necessary to sell product.


  3. The Realist

    One this is certain — Auburn is experienced: 6 Senior starters on offense, 7 on defense, and both specialists. Only three projected starters are underclassmen, and two of those are returning starters.

    Combine that experience with a schedule that includes only 4 road games (@ Miss. State, @ Kentucky, @ Ole Miss, @ Alabama), and I can see why Steele projects them so highly.

    Clemson & South Carolina back-to-back, along with Arkansas and LSU back-to-back sandwiched between two of their road games present potential land mines, but I still think they’ll be a 9 or 10 win team.


    • Will

      They’ll be far better than last year, and I’m not totally sold on our ability to beat them. I don’t know how well their defense will upgrade, but I don’t think the offense will get worse with Newton.


      • Malzahn knows what he’s doing, but the Newton-hype reminds me of this kid’s. Maybe Newton’s polished his game since his Florida days, but he looked awfully raw as a passer when I saw him then.

        As for the defense, I’ll never be sold on Ted Roof. The defensive line has to be rebuilt, the linebacking corps has no experienced depth and the secondary has been injury prone.

        That being said, the schedule and a second-year regime make me think Auburn improves its record this season.


        • Macallanlover

          Defense is definitely the key to Auburn’s success in 2010, and I see no reason they will be much improved.

          I will give them the benefit of the doubt on offense, although they are weaker than UGA at OL, RB, FB, and pretty much equal at QB. So even if Malzahn works some magic, they might become a push on O and get close on defense. With our ST advantage, I don’t see the homefield in this series given them enough of an edge. I think we get “one for the thumb” in November. Not betting it yet, way too early, but I like our chances with what I see in early June.


        • Reptillicide

          We know firsthand (and Florida fans can attest) that offense doesn’t win championships….. defense wins championships.

          Truer words have never been spoken and I agree with you, I don’t expect them to improve much on D, not with Ted Roof, and not with what they’ve got there right now. They’ll play us tough like they do every single year, but I like our chances to make it 5 in a row.


  4. phocion

    And when the season is over (with quite different results) they’ll still be Auburn.