Wednesday morning buffet

Plenty to put on your plate today…

  • DeLoss Dodds sounds like the proverbial cat who swallowed the canary.  Which isn’t particularly good news for the future of the Big XII.
  • Mississippi State has a big home field advantage?  Who knew?
  • I’m not sure if Ryan Myerberg has the timeline of Coach Grantham’s hire totally correct, but you’ve got to love this bit about him:  “He’ll be aggressive; fast and furious, not read and react.”
  • Tony Barnhart may have hit on the one approach that might move college football to adopt an early signing day for recruits:  “The biggest plus to an early signing period is that schools don’t have to keep spending money in January just to “babysit” players who already want to sign. A ton of money is spent just making sure guys who have committed don’t change their minds or have their minds “changed” for them by aggressive recruiting down the stretch.”
  • The eyes have it.
  • More Garcia love from his head coach.
  • Texas Tech may have stiffed Mike Leach on a good-sized chunk of his 2009 guaranteed salary?  Color me shocked, shocked.
  • And you think there are too many bowl games(h/t The Wiz of Odds)


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7 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Dawgfan17

    In the link to Tony Barnhart it again mentioned the AL schedule. Let me ask a different question on the subject. Would Saban change AL schedule to help out another team in a similiar situation?


  2. Prosticutor

    I know I’ve posted it on here someplace before, but since moving to MS, I’ve been to several games in Starkvegas–and if you sit in the middle of those cowbells, you’ll think you’re in the loudest stadium ever. And your ears will hate you for days.


  3. Anybody else imagine meetings between Garcia and Spurrier are kind of like those really tense family dinners a la the old Will Ferrell “I drive a Dodge Stratus” SNL sketch?


  4. watcher16

    I honestly think Spurrier is trying to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. I imagine Garcia is doing much better than is being let on and they will want to try and catch people by surprise.


    • JC in Powder Springs

      If that’s true, then spurrier must really love fulmer or any of the dozens of coaches or players he’s trashed over the years.


  5. shane#1

    Very good link concerning the eyes and defense. I had not thought of coaching the eyes, but it makes sense. Four things make a good defender, no matter what the sport. Vision, footwork, knowledge of the game, and pure damn hard work. I have thought about footwork in relation to the UGA D a lot lately. It seemed to me that tackling and pass defense were sloppy the last couple of years, both depend on proper footwork. Guys were not squared up on the ballcarrier so there was too much reaching and grabbing. Pass defenders were not in posistion to make a play on the ball. Football and basketball have a lot in common in that area, get sloppy and quit moving your feet correctly and you are in trouble on defense. Hopefully the new staffs emphisis on fundamentals will correct the sloppy play. It may reduce injuries too.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    TTU is probably trying to get Leach in a bad way financially so it will have leverage in negotiations. If Leach really needs the money he may have to settle and TTU may get away with paying him less. This tactic could backfire, though, and really piss off the jury and maybe the judge, too.