Mad Dawgs and Georgia fans

Good Lord, they’ve scheduled both the South Carolina and Arkansas games for noon starts.  In mid-September.

ATHENS — University of Georgia football games with South Carolina, Arkansas and Florida this fall will be televised as part of the Southeastern Conference television package announced Thursday.

Georgia’s game at South Carolina on Sept. 11 will kick off at 12:00 noon on either ESPN or ESPN2. The Sept. 18 game with Arkansas in Athens is also scheduled for a 12:00 noon kickoff also on either ESPN or ESPN 2. The annual Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville on Oct. 30 will be televised by CBS with kickoff at 3:30 p.m.

There’s no hotter place I’ve been to than a day game in  Columbia.



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33 responses to “Mad Dawgs and Georgia fans

  1. Sanford222View

    Damn you WWL!!!


  2. Ell

    “There’s no hotter place I’ve been to than a day game in Columbia.”

    The upper deck is actually located on the surface of the sun, I’m convinced.


  3. Prov

    Better than a night game in Columbia for a first time QB.


    • How so? Stafford did OK in ’06.


      • Prov

        Night games always seem to have more raucous crowds (of course I have no data to back this up) which seems to intensify things a bit. Stafford did throw 3 picks in that game.


        • He did that during the day that year, too. 😉

          But you’re right. It’s hard to be raucous when you’re broiling to death.


          • Prov

            Hey, you tricked me!! Plus, as someone who will be watching from his recliner, I don’t think the heat will be too bad.


          • hmm

            I could be wrong, but I think there’s a couple of poor memories here.

            1) I’m 90% sure that was a night game. Maybe you’re thinking of ’08?

            2) Stafford didn’t play that hot against scu. I remember at least one pick inside the 20, and I think Danny Ware had the lone TD. Defense had a couple of strong stops too.

            It’s entirely possible I’m wrong on both of these, but someone w/ more free time is going to have to look it up.


            • Prov

              I think he means at other points during that year Stafford played bad in day games. I misread it too.


            • I think you guys misunderstood the point I was making there.

              2006 was played at night.

              Stafford threw some picks in that game, but didn’t get rattled, despite the way he got tossed into the game after Joe T’s injury. He did the same thing in day games that he played in that season as well. (Kentucky, for example.)


  4. Corbindawg

    I guess what Damon wants, Damon gets.


  5. Marshall

    Agreed on both Columbia being the hottest place on earth for a day game but also being glad that it’s not a night game


  6. DawgPhan

    I thought that with the new contract we would be playing the 7:45 slot for now on…kind of glad to have a couple of early games with a baby boy due sept 23…


  7. BooBoo

    Looks like we’ll all be on the “hot seat” for those two.


  8. go dawgs

    The 2004 contest was the hottest day I ever experienced in a wool Redcoat uniform.


  9. Brian

    The heat might have to do with no trees within a half mile of the stadium to lead up to the cooker aka William Bryce Stadium. Also remember in 02 when it rained and then the sun came out. That was miserable.


  10. Reptillicide

    Pray that it rains the entire game, hard. Because maybe then we won’t get a bunch of cramping or hammies. Also, cocks can’t run the ball, and we can.

    A monsoon would be preferable.


  11. Macallanlover

    Games in the South before mid-October should all be played at night, imo, but I am also glad the SC game is a day game for Murray’s benefit. We are deeper than SC, and the crowd will not be lubricated so that is two points in our favor. Still wish the Arky game was at night though, seems a little early to make that call.

    I am glad the Colorado game is at 2:30 as that will allow time to get up the hill to a sports bar for Bama/UF that night. (Assuming that is 2:30 Mountain Time, 1:00 would have been even better.)


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Agreed that the noon kickoff for the S. Carolina game might actually work to the Dawgs’ advantage because of depth.


  12. Maybe we should pull out the black helmets and jerseys for the Arkansas game?

    I kid…I kid….

    The entire team might spontaneously combust during warm ups.


    • Walker07

      They’re selling some of those black helmets at the UGA bookstore. Well, let me rephrase. They’re trying to sell them. I haven’t seen any missing spots on the shelves yet.


  13. Largemouth Dawg

    This doesn’t mean Pam Ward does it?


  14. gernblanski

    I went to the ’88 SC game in Columbia which was Dooley’s last year. The game started at noon or 12:30-ish on 9/24. Both teams were 3-0.

    I swear it was 90 degrees that day. The stadium ran out of all beverages and ice by halftime. Half of the plumbing would not work so you could not get anything from a water fountain. This was in the days before bottled water so it was miserable.

    Made even more miserable by the fact that we were ranked in the Top 10 and got crushed 24-10. It was not really that close – they were up 17-3 at halftime and we got our TD with 30 sec. left in the game.

    I recall Donnan’s “IWFYTCATTG!” Bulldogs played USC during the day too.


  15. Sep

    Really now, hot is hot whether on the home team or visitors. The team should be in shape by then and our depth is an advantage.

    I think Athens is as hot or hotter than Columbia. I’m not clear on the heat thing so help me.


  16. HirsuteDawg

    Yes, it is hot in S.C., at the game 2 years ago the crowd applauded when a cloud blocked the sun for a few minutes, but, the hottest I’ve been was a game we won in Tuskaloser. I carried water up to my friends and thought they were gonna cry!


    • Macallanlover

      That game in Tusky in 2002 was the hottest college football game I have ever attended…..and that was in October! I was fortunate and had tickets with some Bama friends so we had shade part of the game but I remember seeing the UGA fans in that end zone facing the sun ALL day. I would have had to leave that game if I had been sitting there, or the EMTs would have carried me out. Miserable weather, but what a game.


      • Chris

        Any time hot games are talked about I cant help but think about that game in 2002. I was in the endzone nursing a nasty whiskey hangover and spent the entire halftime in the shaded concourse with a wet towel over my head. Still when Billy made the kick at the end of the game it was all worth it.


  17. I don’t think the time is going to affect the outcome of the game either way. As several of you noted, many classic games in this series have been played on hot days in Columbia, including the one two years ago. Southern players all train to play in this kind of weather, and as any of you that have been to games in Columbia on a hot day can attest, it still gets plenty loud. I can tell you from experience that ‘Cocks fans can get plenty “lubricated” for a noon kickoff. We consider this one of the prime games of the year, and it’ll be loud as long as the game is close.

    Now, for the fans, it does stink. It’s going to be as hot as the seventh layer of hell at about 2:00 in the afternoon.