The fine art of hot seat calibration

Mark Bradley lets us in on a secret today – Mark Richt isn’t on a hot seat, but he could be fitted with a nice looking model if his program doesn’t perform well this season.

This is presented as some sort of significant insight, I suppose.

Put it this way: Evans and Adams aren’t paying a first-time defensive coordinator $750,000 just to make this program competitive. They’re paying big money because they want to win big.

Gosh, I had no clue.

Bradley has a point that whatever dismissals Evans and Adams made this week about the media’s hot seat speculation don’t mean much, but that simply begs the question of whether the speculation is valid in the first place.

About which his AJ-C colleague had the following to say, also this morning:

… I’ve tried to be politically correct on this issue and realize there are passions at work here. So let me just put it in language that is a little more to the point: If you think that Richt, who has won 90 games in nine years in the toughest college football environment in the world, is on some kind of hot seat then you are living in an alternative universe that is completely divorced from reality.

Yes, Georgia had a disappointing season in 2009. Changes were made. Very soon it will be time to play another season. Then Richt will evaluate the program again and Richt will be evaluated again. Period. End of discussion.

Not if you’re trolling for blog hits.


UPDATE: I give Bradley credit for one thing.  He’s not afraid to double down on teh stoopid.

… Paul Johnson could lose the next 12 and get drubbed by Georgia 51-7 and punch Dan Radakovich in the face and it wouldn’t much matter. Because Georgia Tech fans love the man. They love him more than they loved George O’Leary, which is saying something. They love him because he’s not only a really good coach but because he carries himself exactly the way Tech people believe a Tech person should.

Which is?

… He acts the way every Tech fan wants to act — aggressive, self-assured, disdaining of critics, in awe of no one. If you were drawing up the ideal Georgia Tech football coach in one of the laboratories at the North Avenue Trade School, he’d be it.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where ass kissing ends and parody begins.


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17 responses to “The fine art of hot seat calibration

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Brown bears shit in the woods. Wow.

    Looking at it from another sarcastic perspective, it’s similar to a politician claiming out of the blue that there’s no truth to the rumor his opponent fornicates with sheep.


  2. Prov

    first-time defensive coordinator?


  3. Looking at that picture of CMR and DE in the Bradley article, I just realized who DE reminds me of. And perhaps it’s just me but he kind of looks a little bit like international soccer star Ronaldo. I’ve never seen the two together. Just sayin’.


    • hailtogeorgia

      Are you sure you’re not thinking of Thierry Henry?

      Christiano Ronaldo is white and has hair, Henry is black and bald. Just sayin’.


  4. Brandon

    Basically everybody in the AJC Sports Department could aptly be called Captain Obvious.


  5. What a douche – don’t click on his crap!


  6. Dog in Fla

    “They love [CPJ] because he’s not only a really good coach but because [CPJ] carries himself exactly the way Tech people believe a Tech person should,” just like when the Iowa defensive coordinator smacked CPJ in the face with a nein man line.


  7. Reptillicide

    They are, after all, an Atlanta rag. And I do mean rag.


  8. Derek

    I guess Paul Johnson is Tech’s lost manhood. I don’t see why CMR isn’t the same “fit” for most Georgia fans. I think he is exactly what Georgia fans want in a head coach as most Georgia fans aren’t insecure like Tech fans are.

    I will say this though, CPJ can be quite entertaining. I read about this interaction with a reporter while he was at Navy a while back. Well before Tech was even looking for a coach. Anyway it goes something like this:

    Reporter: I was talking to a friend of mine who made the observation that it seems like when Navy wins you take all of the credit and when they lose its the players fault. How do you respond?

    CPJ: Tell your friend that I don’t go down to the McDonald’s and tell him how to do his job.

    I’ll tell you what. You get your friend to find one example of that and I’ll kiss his ass at high noon in the center of town and give him 2 days to draw a crowd.

    Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are.


  9. JasonC

    “aggressive, self-assured, disdaining of critics, in awe of no one”
    Sounds like Kiffin, but without the genius and all.


  10. Habanero

    Mark Bradley on Mark Richt:
    “But his is a business predicated on results, not good will.”
    ……or something else!



    Yes. It is Captain Obvious.

    I do not believe that anyone is happy with what has happened to us against SEC East Opponents the last 4 years.

    4-1 vs SEC East 2006 Tennessee
    4-1 vs SEC East 2007 Tennessee
    2-3 vs SEC East 2008 Tennessee
    4-1 vs SEC East 2009 Tennessee
    14-6 vs SEC East Tennessee last 4 years

    5-0 vs SEC East 2006 Florida
    4-1 vs SEC East 2007 Florida
    5-0 vs SEC East 2008 Florida
    5-0 vs SEC East 2009 Florida
    19-1 vs SEC East Florida last 4 years

    1-4 vs SEC East 2006 Georgia lost last 4 in row

    3-2 vs SEC East 2007 Georgia lost first 2 in a row & 6 in a row vs SEC East over end of 2006 & beginning of 2007 seasons. This also includes losing to all 5 SEC East teams in a row.

    4-1 vs SEC East 2008 Georgia

    2-3 vs SEC East 2009 Georgia * half last 4 yrs losing record

    10-10 vs SEC East Georgia last 4 years not winning record

    We are in fact # 3 in The SEC East over the last 4 years.

    Aren’t we ?

    Which explains why everyone including Athletics Director Damon Evans has been critical.


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