Thursday morning buffet

Reggie Bush may not care what gets served this morning, but I know you guys do.

  • If Boise State jumps ship for the Mountain West, it will certainly make the conference more competitive on the field, but not so much at the gate “Unlike the Big Ten, with its thriving cable network, the MWC isn’t likely to see a huge bump in interest for its channel, the Mtn., or its overall broadcast package by adding Boise, the nation’s 112th-largest television market.”
  • If there’s one sure thing in the college football blogosphere, it’s that it’s easy to push Heisman Pundit’s button about the South.
  • Georgia’s secondary may have gotten some assistance for the Colorado game.
  • Dave Curtis, you’ve got to be kidding with your #1 pick.
  • Barrett Sallee, of all people, dismisses the Richt-on-a-hot-seat meme.
  • Dennis Dodd, in writing that Southern Cal would avoid any serious penalties from the NCAA, actually put this forth as his reason:  “Someone as smart as Lane Kiffin wouldn’t willingly take a job on a sinking ship.” Hmm… that must explain why Oakland is such a well run franchise.
  • Texas Tech acknowledges it’s only paid Mike Leach a portion of the outside income called for in his contract, because “His mistreatment of an injured student-athlete was a breach of his contract and ultimately resulted in Mike Leach’s termination. When he breached his contract, he no longer was entitled to further compensation.” In other words, this really is all about the money.  (h/t The Wiz of Odds)


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18 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. RusDawg

    I am just curious. What did the Georgia helmet look like before they had the iconic G?


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Plain silver helmets.


      • Vindexdawg

        That might be an interesting idea, to break out the throwback unis and helmets , say, in 2012 during the 60th anniversary of our first National Championship. But obviously, in view of the last two seasons’ experience, the game for it would have to be selected with some care, not in the heat of the moment “because the players want it.” Final regular season home game vs the GnaTs would probably be ideal, however. They were #1 in the Nation when we played them the last game of 1942 and beat them 34-0.


    • NCT

      Scroll down. And then wander about the site. It’s fun.


      • MT

        +1, good link.

        I think a true throwback uniform, as opposed to an interpretive “blackout” uni would be more in order and circle us back to some of the great traditions we have. The 1942 team is definitely deserving of some sort of tribute (with Charlie Trippi in attendance of course)


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Someone as smart as Lane Kiffin.” Huh?

    Re Mike Leach, I wonder how much it’s going to cost Texas Tech to avoid paying his contract. I’d be willing to bet they spend 10 dollars to save 9 before this is over, even if they win a jury verdict.


  3. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Interesting note in the CO article. Game will be televised on FSN and local start time of 2:30 …


  4. Vindexdawg

    Dodd and Stewart Mandell are the twin idiots of CFB punditry. Attributing a combination of intelligence and claivoyance to Lane Kiffin is only one example. Actually, it would be more logical to assume that he accepted the USC position precisely because he knew that something bad would happen to their program and provide him with the perfect cover after he is there and applies his customary lack of achievement. Oakland and Tennessee were both in a mess when he took those jobs; but Southern Cal, despite last year’s embarrassments, still has a huge array of talent and if he performs there as he has in his previous jobs, they’ll be calling for his head in a hurry – unless he could poiont to probation, lack of schollies, TV or bowl bans as an excuse. Just business as usual for him.


  5. MWO

    Has anybody heard official word on what Ole Miss is going to use to replace the Rebels as their mascot? Someone in Mississippi told me it was going to be either the Bears or the Redbirds. I thought Pirates would be better, but no one asked.


  6. Reptillicide

    Speaking of bad #1 picks, did everyone see that Buck Belue has Florida as his pre-season #1 pick? That’s a questionable enough pick even without it being a Georgia man making it. Kindnof makes you wonder where Buck’s head is these days.


    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      Heard him talking about it … His rationale was that a SEC team is the best in the land. Bama is great but winning back to back in the SEC is rare. As such, he went with UF.


      • Reptillicide

        But you can’t make a good argument for Florida being better than Alabama at this point. And where’re or not he thinks an SEC team is the best in the land, a 2 loss SEC champion would not play in the title game this year unless another 2007 scenario happened


  7. JC in Powder Springs

    Wow, seems like other programs let players get away with far more than Dawgs allow. Wonder if that Colorado WR will make Hawkins a grandpa while he’s still on campus?


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Leave it to an Auburn alum (Sallee) to sound like a voice of reason re: Richt.